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Friday, December 2, 2022

Does Your Strategy Have a Spine? | HBR

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Developing a strategy spine is the most straightforward approach to constructing a business strategy.

Executives often have difficulty defining and communicating strategies to their staff. Leaders should establish a concise document known as a strategy spine to determine their strategy and strategy-related communication. They should begin by picturing their firm five years into the future as if they were an independent reporter. The strategy spine document consists of the following six components. Sources of income:

Who will give you with funds? Using what vehicles? What business model are you using? This will shape the remainder of the paper; thus, it is crucial to be clear about this. Key Objectives within your time frame:

Specify your stakeholders’ measurements to assess your progress toward your primary goals. The next stage is to specify the investments required to provide a comprehensive product for each revenue generator. These are the investments you must make to function and the investments tailored to a particular aspect of your business plan. You want your stakeholder to comprehend the relationship between future income potential and current assets. The exhibit The Strategy Spine depicts what it may look like when completed.

This is a live document that incorporates elegant working ideas into strategy. It enables you to understand, in a straightforward style, how all the various income and investment components work together.

Source: https://hbr.org/2022/06/does-your-strategy-have-a-spine


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