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Friday, December 2, 2022

Doctor Marty which is the best option for my dog? Kibbles or Uncooked Eggs? | Dr Marty

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How to keep your dog healthy and extend its possible lifetime

Dr. Martin Goldstein, a veterinarian in practice for more than 45 years, shows how to maintain your dog healthy and offer it the most extended potential lifespan. Foods that claim to be healthy, organic, and natural may cause illness, sadness, digestive problems, joint discomfort, and even cancer in your dog if they decrease its lifetime. Typical dog food offered in every pet shop in the United States lacks an essential nutrient your dog needs for a healthy heart.

Butylated hydroxytoluene, often known as BHA, and propylene glycol are the substances you should avoid if they appear on the label of dog food. I also recommend avoiding is builders, which can be described as anything dog food manufacturers add that is harmful to your dog. Corn is an incomplete protein that includes gluten and is one of the most allergenic dietary items, particularly considering that almost all corn is genetically modified.

To replicate a natural diet, decent dog food will include a small number of vegetables and fruit. However, you will never see a wolf munching on an ear of corn. Many people ask me whether it’s chicken or turkey. Fresh turkey meat from a butcher in Hobart is excellent for your dog. Organ meats are a nutrient-dense meal that dogs like, so if you haven’t given them to your dog yet, they are in for a treat. Omega-3 fatty acids are the following open nutrient your dog will adore you for since they are vital for excellent health.

Source: Dr. Marty (dogfoodexposed.com)


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