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Friday, December 2, 2022

Detachment ‘A’ Special Forces Berlin reunion in Beaumont | The Examiner

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PSSE and Detachment “A,” two of the top six covert American military groups, reunite.

Between 1956 and 1984, clandestine leaders of the renowned Green Berets fought communism east of the Elbe River and behind the Iron Curtain before being replaced by PSSE (Physical Security Support Element), or Green Berets trained in counterterrorism.

Until they were both declassified—Detachment “A” in 2000 and PSSE in 2016—both units were among the top six secret units in the American military. This year, the roughly 30 people who made up the 90-man battalion will assemble from September 8 to 11 at the Holiday Inn East Medical Center to exchange life stories and pay tribute to the deceased.

Source: https://www.theexaminer.com/news/detachment-special-forces-berlin-reunion-beaumont


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