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Friday, March 24, 2023

Danish Frogmen: Special Maritime Operators | Grey Dynamics

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The Danish Frogmen Corps (Frømandskorpset) is a Special Forces unit of the Danish Defence Command that focuses on Special Maritime operations.  

Based in Kongsøre, the unit also undertakes airborne and land operations as required. The unit prides itself on its “innovative, deliberative and non-hierarchical culture” where teams strive to maximize operational effectiveness. Established in 1957, the unit quickly gained a reputation for its advanced reconnaissance skills during the Cold War. The Frogmen undergo a grueling selection process and initial training before being indoctrinated into the unit’s ranks. Prospective Frogmen must complete ten months of training that includes long-term oxygen diving, deep-water diving, and diving with weight, among others. The Danish Frogmen Corps is one of the most selective and elite Special Operations forces globally. The unit’s notable operations include their deployment in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and the recent successful mission off the West African coast that apprehended pirates without sustaining any casualties. 

Source: https://greydynamics.com/danish-frogmen-special-maritime-operators/ 


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