Premium Content: Daily Executive Checklist

I am a strong believer in checklists.

Any process longer than about 7 steps is usually a great candidate for check listing.

When I separated from the military i suddenly had much greater control over the design of my schedule. I began an effort to optimize my time by check listing what it is I thought I was supposed to be doing each day. After much research and experimentation, I eventually settled on a series of program blocks that generally keep me pointed in the right direction. While I still add and subtract items and shift things around a bit, the general checklist has served me well.

Some people (like my wife and daughter) think i am being EXTRA with all the check listing, but if you find your life is complicated like flying an airplane, it makes perfect sense to me to checklist that S#$% where you can. I hope you enjoy this daily life checklist as much as I enjoy referring to it when the A/D/D monster starts taking over.

Download the checklist template below which you can edit to suit your needs.

[emaillocker id=”2167952″] Download Daily Planner for Microsoft Word [/emaillocker]