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Friday, December 9, 2022

Customary Barbarity: Britain’s SAS in Afghanistan | Intpolicy Digest

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A report by Judge Paul Brereton on the Afghanistan Special Operations Command 

The belief that there is a noble, less cruel, and less terrible way to wage war has always been the defining characteristic of civilized armies. A report by Justice Paul Brereton of the New South Wales Court of Appeal on the alleged deaths of Afghan noncombatants was an ice bath for moralists who claimed to be waging the good fight. In no little part, the study was inspired by the work of consultant Samantha Crompvoets, who in 2016 performed a “culture evaluation” of the Special Operations Command. Her research highlighted pervasive behaviors, including corpse count contests and deploying the Joint Priority Effects List (JPEL). 

One unit is reportedly responsible for the deaths of 54 persons. Behavioral patterns are very comparable to those of the Australian Special Forces. With these accusations come significant obstacles to accountability. The British government has been busy making prosecutions more challenging than ever. Any action taken against military personnel requires the approval of the Attorney General. 

Source: https://intpolicydigest.org/customary-barbarity-britain-s-sas-in-afghanistan/


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