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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Contact lost with Ukrainian troops amid “heavy fighting” at Mariupol steel plant, mayor says | CBS

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As Russia approaches, residents besieged at the Mariupol steel mill have appealed to the world community for assistance.

The mayor of Mariupol, Ukraine’s ruined city, said Wednesday that communication with Ukrainian soldiers holed up in the Azovstal steel complex during severe fighting with Russian troops had been lost. Vadym Boichenko stated: “There are hundreds of people there.” There are youngsters in desperate need of rescue. The Ukrainian military said Tuesday that Russian forces had initiated an attack on the plant’s troops. We prayed to God that rockets would not fly over our bunker.

Because if it struck the bunker, we would all perish, a survivor told CBS News. Mariupol is one of the cities most impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Busloads of people who had been trapped in Soviet-era tunnels under a steel mill are finally escaping.



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