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Friday, March 24, 2023

Come Test Your Gear Against Russian Forces, Ukrainians Urge US Defense Firms | Defense One

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Ukrainian special operators have invited US defense manufacturers to bring their equipment to Ukraine to test it against an enemy that is more agile than generally perceived.  

Speaking at a special operations forces conference in Fort Walton, Florida, the Ukrainian officials said that, at least in the electronic spectrum, the war in Ukraine is constantly changing as both sides develop new ideas and countermeasures daily. They described the job of Ukrainian helicopter pilots who have difficulty evading advanced Russian jets, saying that better helicopters such as Black Hawks and Apaches would enable more effective maneuvering. Other requests included attack helicopters, jam-resistant drones, electronic warfare equipment and new night vision goggles. They also want drones that can withstand Russian electromagnetic-warfare attacks and directional antennas to protect drone operators from being detected by Russian forces. Some 31% of the $78.8bn that the United States has awarded to Ukraine has been in the form of weapons and other pieces of military equipment.
Source: https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2023/03/come-test-your-gear-against-russian-forces-ukrainians-urge-us-defense-firms/383605/ 


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