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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

College Wasn’t for Me: Apprenticeships Should Be Seen as a Legitimate Alternative to College | Builtin

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Many people believe the best pathway in America is a college degree which in turn leads to a successful career. However, for many young people, the best learning method is hands on and organic. With the average Student debt at $37,000 dollars, there is only more encouragement for many young people to find alternative, untraditional pathways to achieve their career goals. However, today’s job makes it extremely difficult for self-starters to find work, as most entry level jobs not only require a college degree, but also relevant work experience. Landing apprenticeships should not be up to luck and chance as they usually are today, rather it should be promoted and made mainstream. These apprenticeships offer a range of value, equipping the trainees with tailored skills and abilities to tackle company specific problems. It also opens the ability to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment which in turn fosters innovation.

Source: https://builtin.com/career-development/consider-apprenticeship

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