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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Choosing An AR-15 Long Range Scope | Shooting Illustrated

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Magnification is Important for Long-Distance Shooting and Hunters

With the AR-15’s 60th anniversary approaching, the platform has never been more popular. Regardless of the target’s distance, proper placement, trigger control, follow-through, sight alignment, windage, and elevation are equally important. At 400 yards, for instance, the wind and elevation adjustments for a carbine with an 11.5-inch barrel may vary from those for a 20-inch barrel. For reliable outcomes, the basics of marksmanship must be followed wisely in both circumstances. Magnification is essential in a long-range scope for several reasons.

Additionally, sufficient magnification makes it simple for the shooter to see the effects of the last shots. A lack of elaboration might hinder a shooter’s ability to be precise. There are no universal answers for all shooting situations. Individual shooters are better suited to determine the performance envelope of their weapon and ammunition. A functional scope reticle should have an aiming point that provides a precise sight image to the shooter.

This aiming point should be more acceptable than bolder to avoid obscuring targets at greater distances. Additionally, the reticle should include a grid or “Christmas tree” design that generates a network of evenly spaced reference points. These reticles provide fast feedback after the previous shot, allowing the shooter to know what to change, dial-in immediately, or hold over for the following image. Inadequate elevation adjustment in the reticle, the scope’s turrets, or both might impede the accuracy of a shot if the optic is under magnified or lacks a reticle. Fortunately, most AR-15 long-range contents on the market designed for precise shooting include sufficient internal adjustment and large enough reticle grids to offset these concerns.

Source: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/content/choosing-a-long-range-ar-15-scope/

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