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Thursday, December 1, 2022

China’s Nightmare: What If The U.S. Military Sent Troops To Taiwan? | 1945

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Over the previous five years, worries of a cross-strait confrontation have only increased. President Joe Biden has made strides against the long-standing uncertainty in U.S. policy towards Taiwan, which has prompted discussion over the specifics of deterrence. 


This dynamic has been demonstrated in NATO, where American support for the Baltic republics has progressively increased as worries about Russian aggression have grown. Although under quite different tactical and political conditions, the US military has previously stationed personnel in Taiwan. U.S. naval forces positioned themselves between Formosa and the mainland in 1949 to avert an assault similar to the one that took Hainan Island when the Chinese Communist Party and its army rolled over mainland China. On the bright side, Beijing would be convinced that conquering Taiwan would result in a protracted battle thanks to the American forces’ strategic placement. The consequences of this strategy include the possibility of sparking a significant war and upsetting one of the most crucial economic alliances in the world. We can only hope that a future US administration will carefully consider such a step.



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