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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

CEOs, Here’s How to Lead in an Era of Constant Change | HBR

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The Secret Weapon CEOs Need to Accelerate Future Change is Scenario Planning.

The CEO of the (near) future must concentrate on accelerating transformation and bringing their employees along. CEOs correctly identify the impending changes and acknowledge the necessity to navigate them. To be successful in this changing climate, a CEO must not only transform their firm but also be adept at guiding people through transformation. Too many priorities are the enemy of concentration and increase the danger of doing several tasks badly or “just acceptable.” Leaders must effectively prioritize what is most important to their constituents.

Leaders may equip their business to pivot swiftly in a new direction when necessary by engaging in scenario planning around significant challenges. Some CEOs are “looking in the mirror” to reevaluate their established plans and execution outcomes to avoid becoming an activist’s target. Leaders may deter activists by asking pointed and clear questions such as “Are our outcomes as strong as those of our competitors?” It takes time, purpose, and concentration for a chief executive officer and their leadership team to become adept at driving change and establishing difference.

Source: https://hbr.org/2022/06/ceos-heres-how-to-lead-in-an-era-of-constant-change


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