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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Caught in ‘the green beam’: How US Air Force gunship crews let a target know they have it in their sights | Yahoo News

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One of the most capable aircraft used by the US military is the AC-130. The gunship is adored by ground forces for the qualities it brings to the battle, yet it may still be successful without using its huge weaponry. 

The green beam, which Slife referred to as a “giant green laser pointer,” is used by AC-130 operators to direct allied forces to specific locations and to warn enemies that they are in the gunship’s line of sight. Around 2010, Air Force Special Operations Command began mounting the laser on a number of its aircraft. AC-130 gunships and AH-64 attack helicopters provided air cover for forces on the ground during the chaotic Kabul evacuation as they were tasked with the difficult task of evacuating thousands of people who had gathered at the airport to flee the Taliban. 




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