Vision for VA: Fewer maternity services and cancer docs, more private care options | MilitaryTimes

Future Veterans Affairs clinics could feature fewer maternity services, fewer cancer specialists and more reliance on private-sector clinics for routine or non-military care, under Secretary David Shulkin’s vision for the department. But he insists that doesn’t amount to privatization of VA’s responsibilities. “I am interested in building world-class services in things I know the veterans of this country must rely ... Read More »

Open-Minded Man Grimly Realizes How Much Life He’s Wasted Listening To Bullshit | The Onion

During an unexpected moment of clarity Tuesday, open-minded man Blake Richman was suddenly struck by the grim realization that he’s squandered a significant portion of his life listening to everyone’s bullshit, the 38-year-old told reporters. A visibly stunned and solemn Richman, who until this point regarded his willingness to hear out the opinions of others as a worthwhile quality, estimated ... Read More »

You can teach yourself to be a risk-taker | BBC

It took Binta Niambi Brown several years to walk away in 2013 from the comfortable life she had built for herself as a corporate lawyer. She was going to start her own business, in a tough market that was already flooded. By 2015, she had launched Fermata Entertainment, a production and artist management company based in Brooklyn, New York. Her ... Read More »

Are friends better for us than family? | ScienceDaily

The power of friendship gets stronger with age and may even be more important than family relationships, indicates new research by a Michigan State University scholar. In a pair of studies involving nearly 280,000 people, William Chopik found that friendships become increasingly important to one’s happiness and health across the lifespan. Not only that, but in older adults, friendships are ... Read More »

These Military Vets Have Found A Smarter Way To Fight The War On Terror | HuffPost

During four hard combat tours as a Marine commander, Jake Harriman began to understand why the United States is failing to eradicate violent Islamic extremism. Individual heroics and immense sacrifice over 16 years have enabled American combat troops and special forces to win their battles with the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Islamic State. Those extremist militias are virtually powerless ... Read More »

Heroes First: Veteran Innovators and Entrepreneurs in America | Entrepreneur

For all they do for our country, we often forget that veterans didn’t just serve to protect us. Very often, they also serve among us. You may not believe it, but 9 percent of all businesses in America are owned or run by veterans. This is clearly a powerful showing of the tenacity of veteran entrepreneurs. Even after they’ve served our country, they ... Read More »

VA defends plan to cut thousands from elderly vets’ benefits | MilitaryTimes

Veterans Affairs officials on Wednesday defended plans to strip tens of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits from elderly veterans as responsible reforms to the department’s growing budget, but opponents promised to fight the idea. Included in President Donald Trump’s $186.5 billion VA budget for fiscal 2018 — a nearly 6 percent boost in discretionary spending from this year — ... Read More »

Trump Budget Calls for 2.1% Military Pay Raise in 2018 |

President Donald Trump’s first defense budget proposal Tuesday included a 2.1 percent pay hike in 2018 as part of an overall plan that appeared to fall short of his campaign pledge to fund a “historic” rebuilding of the military. The pay request topped the proposal by the administration of former President Barack Obama for a military pay hike of 1.6 ... Read More »

This Man Helped Save a Thousand Escaped ISIS Slaves | Daily Beast

The Iraqi women who escaped from ISIS had their sights set on a new life in Germany. Where that was, they weren’t sure, but it was far away, they heard, and Dr. Mirza would take them there. His name was invoked all around the city of Duhok, in northern Iraq, from the dusty camps to the unfinished concrete houses where ... Read More »

How Trump Can Attack The Blood-Soaked, Money-Wasting Scandal Of How The Pentagon Develops Weapons | Forbes

What should Kushner and his team do? Tear into this bloodstained, massive mountain of bureaucratic muck on two fronts. First, dig up that Defense Business Board report. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The findings there will give them all they need to mount a sustained, substantive attack that will yield the mother of all government reforms in U.S. ... Read More »