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Measles is spreading in Washington state. Medical misinformation continues to spread too. | Vox

When I came to the United States for medical training after going to medical school in Pakistan, there were certain diseases I was sure I would never see surface here again. Measles was on top of that list. Even though Pakistan is one of only three countries where a vaccine-preventable disease like polio is endemic, measles is very uncommon, especially ... Read More »

Liam Neeson replaced as US chat show guest | BBC

The 66-year-old actor was due to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday night, according to listings published earlier this week. Now, though, the show’s website has Glenn Close as Friday’s sole guest. Debate is raging over the Taken star’s admission in an interview with The Independent that he once wanted to kill a random black man. ... Read More »

How to plan your day to get the best out of your brain | BBC

Our brains are not perfect, smooth-running machines. Our physical responses to the events of the day are not consistent at all times. Intuitively, you are probably aware that you have a dip in concentration after eating. But our neurological responses fluctuate much more than just in a post-lunch slump. How can we look out for signs that our brains are ... Read More »

Meet Japan’s first female bathhouse artist | BBC Travel

For the last six years, Tanaka has been driving up and down Japan in her old white truck, scraping off the peeling paint of faded bathhouse murals of yesteryear and refreshing the tiles in an effort to preserve this age-old art for future generations – and she doesn’t have much time. Since most sento can’t afford to close more than ... Read More »

Trump called for an end to HIV in the US by 2030. That’s totally realistic. | Vox

Many American presidents have used the State of the Union address as an opportunity to make grand pronouncements about beating back health scourges. Barack Obama in 2016 called for a “moonshot” to cure cancer. George W. Bush in 2003 announced his intention to “turn the tide against AIDS” with the creation of PEPFAR, the global health program to fight AIDS. ... Read More »

How Ibiza’s party really started | BBC

The buildings of Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio were boarded up, but as we cruised down Ibiza’s pine tree-lined roads in a 1960s Mustang, it didn’t feel like the off-season. Caroline Lilliehook, co-owner of the car and of Mustang Adventures, Ibiza’s first vintage Mustang car-rental business, was in the driver’s seat and we were on our way to discover ... Read More »

Eating breakfast is not a good weight loss strategy, scientists confirm | Vox

You probably feel guilty when you skip breakfast. Why wouldn’t you? Many of us grew up with parents fussing to make sure we had something in our bellies before we set off for school. Or we were brainwashed by TV commercial propaganda that promised eating cereal would make us lean and athletic, that breakfast keeps our metabolism on track and ... Read More »

Students design $1.25 piece to help prevent B-2 stealth bomber emergencies | Stars and Stripes

One of the world’s most advanced bombers is flying with a plastic switch cover, designed by Missouri high school students, in its cockpit to prevent possible in-flight emergencies, the Air Force says. The Stealth Panthers robotics team at Knob Noster High School near Whiteman Air Force Base worked with pilots and engineers last fall to create and test the 3D-printed ... Read More »


David Gilmour is auctioning off more than 120 guitars from his collection in order to raise money for his charity. They include instruments used on Pink Floyd’s The Dark of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, as well as during decades of live performances. “These guitars have been very good to me,” Gilmour told Rolling Stone. “They’re my friends. ... Read More »

How do you compost a human body – and why would you? | BBC

This is the vision – in an indoor garden, a honeycomb structure lines the walls, and inside each cell, a human body composts. When it’s done, loved ones take home a pot of soil, not an urn of ash. A person’s final resting place could be the foundations of a flowerbed or could feed the roots of a tree. This ... Read More »