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South Bay man, former Israeli naval commando, helped smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel | Jewish News of Northern California

While Netflix subscribers can now get their dose of spies, guns and bare chests (including that of “Captain America” Chris Evans) in the just-released “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” an action-thriller about Israel’s secret mission to extricate Ethiopian Jews from Sudan, a real hero of the story lives right here in the Bay Area. As a former Israeli Navy commando, ... Read More »

Military working dogs are stars of stamp unveiling at Naval Base Ventura County | VC Star

As the U.S. Postal Service unveiled new stamps honoring military working dogs, canines were the stars of the show at Naval Base Ventura County Port Hueneme. During a ceremony Friday at the base’s kennel facility, dogs’ barks mixed with the voices of speakers highlighting a 2019 forever stamp collection that spotlights four breeds: German shepherd, Dutch shepherd, Labrador retriever and ... Read More »

Assault rifle-toting Russians give new meaning to shotgun wedding with realistic prank | ABC News

Creative proposals are common worldwide, but the Russian pranks stand out for their frightening realism and their roughness: in videos of the stunts online, actors almost indistinguishable from real police force people to lie on the floor and go through real questioning; in some, the wife-to-be is pinned with a gun pointed at her. The women proposed to are sometimes ... Read More »

Drop of ancient seawater rewrites Earth’s history | Science Daily

The remains of a microscopic drop of ancient seawater has assisted in rewriting the history of Earth’s evolution when it was used to re-establish the time that plate tectonics started on the planet. Plate tectonics is Earth’s vital — and unique — continuous recycling process that directly or indirectly controls almost every function of the planet, including atmospheric conditions, mountain ... Read More »

The first trailer for the star-studded World War I film ‘1917’ is here, and it’s a must-see | Military Times

Excitement spread when it was announced that the Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes’ return to the big screen to direct the blockbuster World War I film “1917” would be in a partnership with Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Partners, but until recently, details of the plot and cast had been kept under wraps. That changed today with the release of the ... Read More »

Mysterious release of radioactive material uncovered | Science Daily

It was the most serious release of radioactive material since Fukushima 2011, but the public took little notice of it: In September 2017, a slightly radioactive cloud moved across Europe. Now, a study has been published, analyzing more than 1300 measurements from all over Europe and other regions of the world to find out the cause of this incident. The ... Read More »

Diver veterans parachute into shark-infested waters and spend 44 hours battling off predators as they recreate George H.W. Bush’s WWII ordeal when he was downed in the Pacific | Daily Mail

Two adventurers were dumped three miles off land into some of the most shark-infested waters on Earth and told to survive as long as they could. James Glancy and Paul de Gelder parachuted out of a plane into the Pacific Ocean with nothing but their hands to ward off the thousands of sharks in the water below them. They lasted ... Read More »

Here’s one thing military parents should do before their child joins the military | Military Times

As officials sort out the issue of how notes contained in military children’s medical records may disqualify those children from joining the military after they reach adulthood, one possible proactive step parents can take now is to get copies of their children’s records to find out if there are any red flags, said one psychiatrist who is advocating for change. ... Read More »

Climate is warming faster than it has in the last 2,000 years | Science Daily

Many people have a clear picture of the “Little Ice Age” (from approx. 1300 to 1850). It’s characterized by paintings showing people skating on Dutch canals and glaciers advancing far into the alpine valleys. That it was extraordinarily cool in Europe for several centuries is proven by a large number of temperature reconstructions using tree rings, for example, not just ... Read More »

Brain protein mutation from child with autism causes autism-like behavioral change in mice | Science Daily

A de novo gene mutation that encodes a brain protein in a child with autism has been placed into the brains of mice. These mice then showed severe alterations of specific behaviors that closely resemble those seen in human autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. This major finding from a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation “presents the exciting ... Read More »