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This is why everyone is hoarding toilet paper | ARS Technica

Once the coronavirus scare picked up and workplaces began to shut down, the toilet paper isle was suddenly empty. Consumer behavior researcher Kit Yarrow has discussed the possible reason behind why people are hoarding toilet paper, something that doesn’t seem to match up with the current issues. First, it is important to remember that panic buying is nothing new, people will ... Read More »

Air Force suspends most Space-A travel | Air Force Times

Air Mobility Command has announced that they are suspending almost all Space-A travel due to the coronavirus. In order to help slow the spread of the virus, only those who are Category I, IV, and VI travelers are eligible for exemption. This includes Wounded Warriors and those on emergency leave. Currently the minimum date for the suspension is May 11th, ... Read More »

Soldiers can apply for hardship, isolation allowance if impacted by stop-move policy | Army Times

Soldiers and their families who are being affected by the halt on all permanent change of duty station moves can now apply for hardship pay. Currently soldiers who were going to be moving to a new installation are stalled for an unforeseen amount of time. “The Army proactively stopped movement to protect our soldiers, preserve our capability and protect our ... Read More »

It’s now OK to ward off grizzly bears with a paintball gun | For The Win

Landowners in the U.S. are now permitted by the Fish and Wildlife Service to shoot menacing grizzly bears with a paintball gun. This was previously prohibited and considered harassment. Previously allowed measures included banging pots and pans, and shooting marbles at the bears with slingshots to ward them off livestock. The new guidelines do require those to clean up any ... Read More »

101+ ideas to keep your kids busy during coronavirus closures | Forbes

Most parents are trying to figure out what to do now that the coronavirus has shut down schools across the countries. Many kids are already stir crazy, and spring break vacations have been cancelled. Forbes has compiled a list of activities and ideas to help everyone stay busy over the next few weeks. First, create a calendar that everyone participates ... Read More »

A Better Way | Azeem Azhar

I think this may be one of the most important reads we have ever pointed you towards on SOFX. Please read it. -Sam Havelock, CEO, SOFX “Was there a better approach to tackling the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19 disease) across Western countries, especially the UK and US?” Read Article: https://www.exponentialview.co/p/-a-better-way Read More »

As Army wastes millions in food allowances, campus-style dining gains traction | Army Times

An enlisted soldier in the barracks only uses about half of their allotted meal entitlements each month as more go off base or cook their meals. With CAC cards being used to purchase the food in the dining facilities, law makers are wanting to know where the unspent money goes. Money not spent at these facilities does not go back ... Read More »

Heat stress may affect more than 1.2 billion people annually by 2100 | Science Daily

If the current greenhouse gas emissions trend continues, in 80 years 1.2 billion people will be greatly affected by the rise in global temperatures. “When we look at the risks of a warmer planet, we need to pay particular attention to combined extremes of heat and humidity, which are especially dangerous to human health,” commented an author on the journal ... Read More »

What animals other than dogs and horses are used by the military? | Forces Net

When someone is asked to picture the use of animals in the military, the image that comes to most people’s minds is a dog or horse. Elephants are often known for their past military presence, but there is still a military that uses them to this day. During the Cold War the CIA launched a $25 million project known as ... Read More »

Hysteria and complex systems | Feld Thoughts

How do you think the coronavirus will impact things? In this Feld Thoughts article, the author delves into how Covid-19 has affected (and continues to affect) people and behavior and compares Covid-19 to a complex adaptive system. In this scenario, contagion, a key attribute, is seen negatively at multiple levels, such as biological and economical. Hysteria is the main level ... Read More »