Please Prove You’re Not a Robot | The New York Times

When science fiction writers first imagined robot invasions, the idea was that bots would become smart and powerful enough to take over the world by force, whether on their own or as directed by some evildoer. In reality, something only slightly less scary is happening. Robots are getting better, every day, at impersonating humans. When directed by opportunists, malefactors and ... Read More »

How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago’s Chaos | The Daily Beast

It’s summertime on the South Side of Chicago, and the sirens never seem to stop. In neighborhoods with names like Little Village, Back of the Yards, and Dolton, squad cars and ambulances scream day and night past shuttered storefronts and boarded-up houses. Welcome to the one of the most violent cities in America. There were 764 homicides here in 2016, according to a ... Read More »

HHS grad’s ‘impossible comeback story’ told on Ninja Warrior | Holyoke Enterprise

Did you “witness one American hero’s impossible comeback story” Monday, July 17, as the dramatic, nationally televised commercial for American Ninja Warrior promised? That American hero was none other than Robbie Doman, a 2001 Holyoke High School graduate who grew up in Amherst. Doman, now a special forces Army veteran with 12 years of service under his belt, was seriously ... Read More »

Are You Willing To Jump Out Of A Plane? | Texomas

Bright and early, single file lines, one by one, a few men and women head high into the sky, for an experience unlike any other. U.S. Army- Special Forces, Colonel Raymond Steeley said, “You hear the term all the time, jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft and it’s an experience.” A thrill Laurrel Hayes and her daughter, Natasha Childers, ... Read More »

Striking photos of the ultimate playground for millionaires | BBC

“Dubai is both fascinating and controversial. It has fans and critics. I don’t like to decide what viewers should think when looking at my work; they should fill in the story according to their own visions and knowledge.” Photographer Nick Hannes has just won a Magnum Award for his series Bread and Circuses, which “showcases Dubai as the ultimate playground of globalisation ... Read More »

How to catch a ride on a private plane | BBC

Mike Lewis first became hooked on cut-price private jet trips when he saw a deal offering four seats on a flight from his local airport near Los Angeles on an Embraer Phenom 100 jet for just $500, plus tax. The catch: the trip was the next day. “The jet was going to Tucson, Arizona and I’d never been there,” he ... Read More »

North Korea’s Attempt to Rain on our Independence Day Parade | Global Economic Warfare 

This week as we celebrated on beaches and at barbecues, there were others around the world with entirely different plans in mind. One example was North Korea which chose our Independence Day to demonstrate their progress with InterContinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) capable of hitting our nation. While this was a dramatic contrast, it is just the most recent example of ... Read More »

Three “Warhacks” for Urban Combat | Modern War Institute

The Army does not have a school for learning how to operate in dense urban terrain. Beyond simply training soldiers for such a complex setting, one of the reasons the Army should establish such a school is to create a laboratory for innovation. Units in an urban warfare school, trying to solve this challenging environment’s unique tactical and operational problems, ... Read More »