Abbottabad Revisited | War On The Rocks

Osama bin Laden evaded the world’s greatest manhunt for a decade. The Exile reveals for the first time exactly how. What makes this account unique is the unprecedented access that the authors, the renowned British investigative journalists Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy, secured to bin Laden’s four wives and his surviving progeny; an astonishing array of al-Qaeda commanders, foot soldiers, ... Read More »

Google ramps up efforts to combat online terrorism, recruitment efforts | Fifth Domain  

Google announced Sunday that it is taking additional steps to prevent online terrorism using Google-owned platforms, according to a company blog post. The company denounced the use of its websites to disseminate terrorist recruitment materials, most prominently YouTube, calling on industry to step up and participate in prevention. “While we and others have worked for years to identify and remove ... Read More »

ISIS leader Baghdadi has a history of coming back from the dead | VICE News

Russia announced Friday it may have killed the leader of ISIS in an airstrike in Syria last month. But this isn’t the first time Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been declared dead, and this latest claim is being treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. Russia’s defense ministry said it was working to verify information that al-Baghdadi, one of the world’s ... Read More »

High-tech guru pursues vision to turn Ybor into a cybersecurity hub | Tampa Bay Times

From an office undergoing renovation on the second floor of an old Ybor City hotel, a high-tech visionary is on a mission: Turn the historic Tampa district into a cybersecurity hub and cash in on a growing industry that’s projected to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2025. This mission even has a name, combining the location with the ... Read More »

Amphibious assaults: Antiquated or awe-inspiring? | Stripes

NATO forces completed a mock amphibious assault in northern Poland as part of Exercise Baltic Operations, giving U.S. Marines a rare chance to practice a skill that has languished over the years: a shoreline assault. The Baltic beach landing, conducted Wednesday, showcased Marines in a fast-paced show of force as they moved to secure an area around Ustka, Poland. After ... Read More »

Facebook deploys AI to fight terrorism on its network | MilitaryTimes

Facebook has started deploying its artificial intelligence capabilities to help combat terrorists’ use of its service. Company officials said in a blog post Thursday that Facebook will use AI in conjunction with human reviewers to find and remove “terrorist content” immediately, before other users see it. Such technology is already used to block child pornography from Facebook and other services ... Read More »

Steve Blank Tesla Lost $700 Million Last Year, So Why Is Tesla’s Valuation $60 Billion? | Steve Blank

Automobile manufacturers shipped 88 million cars in 2016. Tesla shipped 76,000. Yet Wall Street values Tesla higher than any other U.S. car manufacturer. What explains this more than 1,000 to 1 discrepancy in valuation? The future. Too many people compare Tesla to what already exists and that’s a mistake. Tesla is not another car company. At the turn of the ... Read More »

Vietnam veteran to receive Medal of Honor five decades later, after an act of Congress | ArmyTimes

Late last year, former Spc. Jim McCloughan was close enough to taste it. After then-President Obama signed a provision included in the annual defense authorization bill, McCloughan was cleared to receive the Medal of Honor. But the White House was in the midst of a transition to the Trump administration, and so McCloughan’s award fell by the wayside for several ... Read More »

Terror Finance in the Age of Bitcoin | The Cipher Brief

Terrorists’ tactics evolve with the times. Just as we have seen an adaption of terrorist methods for sowing fear and distrust, so, too, we have seen their propaganda machines evolve to inspire audiences globally. Gone are the days of printed manifestos, pamphlets, or fuzzy VHS tapes. The internet now facilitates many-to-many recruitment messaging that reaches spectators in real time. The ... Read More »

Can U.S. Spies Reinvent Themselves After the Russia Hacks? | The Daily Beast

In the months after 9/11, America’s spies and intelligence analysts came to realize that they had contributed to a disaster. The lack of focus on terrorism, the inability to share the information they had on jihadis—U.S. intelligence professionals realized they had to change their ways. And so they did, reorganizing and refocusing the intelligence community in large part around the ... Read More »