The Best Cities in the United States | National Geographic

The most exciting travel story in America right now? The resurgence of cities large and small. At Nat Geo Travel, we’re passionate about tales of urban renewal, about communities that have collaborated to improve their Main Streets, about smart cities that have pursued development policies that produce happiness. For this story, we partnered with Resonance Consultancy, a global destination branding advisor, to identify ... Read More »

Is this the world’s oldest tattoo parlour? | BBC News

On a back alley of Jerusalem, you can find what’s believed to be the world’s oldest tattoo parlour – with a heritage stretching back some 700 years. Wassim Razzouk is a Coptic Christian continuing a family business that’s been passed down through generations. Source: Is this the world’s oldest tattoo parlour? | BBC News Read More »

Please don’t kill the blogs | Seth’s Blog

To the gmail team, You’ve built a tool for a billion people. Most of my blog readers use it every day, and so do I. Thanks for creating an effective way for people to connect to the people and ideas they care about. That comes with responsibility. The same responsibility that the postal service has… to deliver the mail. I’m ... Read More »

The four elements of entrepreneurship | Seth’s Blog

Are successful entrepreneurs made or born? We’d need to start with an understanding of what an entrepreneur is. They’re all over the map, which makes the question particularly difficult to navigate. There’s the 14-year-old girl who hitches a ride to Costco, buys 100 bottles of water for thirty cents each, then sells them at the beach for a dollar a ... Read More »

Estonia, the Digital Republic | The New Yorker

Up the Estonian coast, a five-lane highway bends with the path of the sea, then breaks inland, leaving cars to follow a thin road toward the houses at the water’s edge. There is a gated community here, but it is not the usual kind. The gate is low—a picket fence—as if to prevent the dunes from riding up into the ... Read More »

People for sale | CNN

“Eight hundred,” says the auctioneer. “900 … 1,000 … 1,100 …” Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars — the equivalent of $800. Not a used car, a piece of land, or an item of furniture. Not “merchandise” at all, but two human beings. One of the unidentified men being sold in the grainy cell phone video obtained by CNN is Nigerian. ... Read More »

Disastorino | Seth’s Blog

Elections are the only place where marketers try to get fewer people to buy what’s being sold. In many elections in the US, fewer than half the population votes. Which means, of course, that in most elections, not only doesn’t the winner get a majority, the winner wasn’t even chosen by a majority of the majority. We make it worse with gerrymandering ... Read More »

Department of Justice Expands Fight Against MS-13 Street Gang | VOA

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday formally designated the El Salvador-based street gang known as MS-13 as a priority for a Department of Justice program that combats drug trafficking and money laundering. The designation will allow the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces to target MS-13 with an array of laws, from the anti-organized crime law known as RICO ... Read More »