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Liberate: A Call to Spy brings little known history to light | Pique

Picture of film. For decorative purposes only.

Sarah Megan Thomas decided to go off the beaten path with her new film, LIBERTÉ: A Call to Spy. Her film focuses on the female spies in WWII, specifically Vera Atkins, Virginia Hall, and Noor Inayat Khan. Being a fan of spy movies and loving James Bond, Thomas wanted to create an accurate spy movie about women that didn’t revolve ... Read More »

Sky high daredevils jump from 11,373 meters to break altitude record for tandem parachute jump | The First News

American Jim Wigginton and Pole Arkadiusz ‘Maya’ Majewski jumped from 11,373 meters in a tandem parachute jump as part of a campaign to raise awareness for thyroid cancer. Wigginton decided to take the leap at age 70 after his wife died several year ago from thyroid cancer. He has set up the Punya Thyroid Cancer Research Foundation and then performed the ... Read More »

Darby–November SITREP | The Darby Project

Everything you need to know from The Darby Project: events, fitness, family fun, transition assistance and critical info on Merrill’s Marauders Congressional Gold Medal Status Link below for the entire newsletter! Source: https://us10.campaign-archive.com/?u=d49ac75ce6d5fffe1a24bdec3&id=60d65ec870   Read More »

Your Kindness Led to the Rescue of 6 Human Trafficking Victims | DeliverFund Newsletter

DeliverFund took part in Operation Labor in Montgomery County, Texas in October of this year. Through the generous donations of their donors they are enabled to make communities safer and bring freedom to victims of human trafficking. In their mission, Operation Labor, they were able to locate 5 women, one 16-year-old girl, and one 2-year-old girl by using top-grade tracking ... Read More »

Prison inmates are training dogs for wounded warriors in record time | We are THE MIGHTY

Picture of a service dog.

America’s VetDogs employs inmates to help them train service canines for wounded veterans. While this enables more service dogs to be trained, the veterans receiving the canines aren’t the only ones who benefit. Working with the service dogs has had a positive impact on the inmates, giving them something to look forward to. Also, this helps cut down the training ... Read More »

The tragic data behind black Friday deaths | The Hustle

Crowded shopping mall

11 people have died since 2006, with over 100 being injured in the Black Friday scuffle. The National Retail Foundation estimates that over 50% of the country’s population will participate in Black Friday this year, nearly 114.6 million people. Each year there is another news story pertaining to the death or serious injury of a shopper crushed by the rush ... Read More »

Mr. Rogers wasn’t a sniper, but the Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood writers know where that myth started | Movie Maker

Mr. Rogers in his iconic red sweater sitting on the set of Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

Fred Rogers, the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, has often been accused of being a sniper. The screenwriters of the recent movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, staring Tom Hanks, think they have found the source and origin of the rumors. One allegation claimed that Mr. Rogers always wore long sleeve sweaters to mask the tattoos regarding his kills on his ... Read More »

Ghost ships, crop circles and soft gold: A GPS mystery in Shanghai | MIT Technology Review

Shanghai City View and Port

Despite numerous ships bringing forth data showing ghost ships and GPS failure in Shanghai, no one knows what is causing the blackouts. Is it hostile intentions from an unknown enemy or sand thieves? Or is it electronic weapon testing by the Chinese state, itself? If it is smugglers or sand thieves, they could be spoofing their own ships to create ... Read More »

Here’s a better way to convert dog years to human years, scientists say | ScienceMag

Picture for decorative purposes of a happy golden retriever

The common formula stating that “one year equals seven dog years” is a myth without any scientific evidence to back it up. A new theory suggests that chemical alterations to someone’s DNA throughout their life create what is known as an epigenetic clock. Dogs and wolves have also been shown to go through these DNA changes. Scientists used the Labrador Retriever ... Read More »

Rare Mercury Transit, the Last Until 2032, Thrills Skywatchers Around the World | Space

NASA photograph of Mercury in it's true color

Mercury scooted across the sun’s face for the last time until 2032, spending about 5.5 hours crossing in front of the sun. Skywatchers across the Americas, Africa and Europe could see at least part of Mercury’s journey, but only with telescopes or high-power binoculars equipped with protective solar filters. Meanwhile, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory provided views of from space.  Transits ... Read More »