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Inside Big Navy’s war on beards | Navy Times 

Man getting beard trimmed

The 1950s saw sailors boasting long, flowing beards as part of an effort to evacuate Vietnamese refugees, but the Navy has banned that kind of facial hair for decades now. Recent online campaigns have pushed for beards to come back, but the Navy shows no signs of relenting on the policy. However, on October 8th a new policy was passed ... Read More »

Court Withdraws Opinion Saying Military Retirees Shouldn’t Be Court-Martialed | Military.com

Gavel on a judge's desk

The case of Stephen Begani is currently being reconsidered as the Court of Criminal Appeals reverses the unconstitutionality of court-martialing military retirees. Begani was charged with attempted sexual child abuse just after leaving the Navy and was arrested. An undercover Naval Criminal Investigative Services agent catfished him into believing he was speaking to a 15-year-old girl, and he was sentenced ... Read More »

Snakehead fish discovered in Georgia, sparks warning from wildlife officials: ‘Kill it immediately’ | Fox News 

Snakehead Fish

The northern snakehead is indigenous to the Yangtze River in China, but has recently made an appearance in a pond in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The Department of Natural Resources says that the creature has been spotted in 14 US states, and it is thought that they were introduced through unauthorized release. While the snakeheads look just like regular fish, they ... Read More »

An Army veteran’s family is seeking a proper home for the Nazi flag he brought home from WWII | Task and Purpose

1944 photo of soldiers June 6th

Pfc. Domingo Urioste, who was part of the wave of U.S. soldiers who landed at Utah Beach in the invasion of Normandy, brought a cylinder home with him after WWII which contained a Nazi flag. It is not clear why Urioste decided to keep the flag but now his daughter Lorraine is deciding where such a dark and historical symbol belongs. In ... Read More »

Former Army paratrooper, car collector led colorful life  | Star Adviser

Men skydiving

Former Army paratrooper Polito “Paul” Olivas recently died at the age of 99 and lived a colorful and fulfilling life. During his youth he made a tandem skydive at Dillingham Airfield from 14,000 feet up that made headlines, and during WWII he was a member of the 101st Airborne Division. Olivas served in South Korea, during the Vietnam War, and ... Read More »

A College For The Cosmos: The Colorado School of Mines Training Its Students To Become Space Colonizers | Forbes

Satellite hovering over Earth in space

The Colorado School of Mines has started training its students to extract materials from the Moon or other planets and eventually manufacture from them. The university offers several “space resources” degrees, many of which talk about building from materials found in outer space and the economic or legal issues that could arise from colonizing outside of earth. The commercial space ... Read More »

Afghanistan security adviser says hard-line Taliban members defecting to ISIS, merging with Al Qaeda |  Fox News

Soldiers waiting for a helicopter

More than 18 years after U.S. forces entered Afghanistan and usurped the Taliban government from power, the country remains a patchwork of progress, pain, and bloodletting. A cause for concern is the notion not only of Taliban members aligning with ISIS, but they are also merging with Al Qaeda more than eight years since the death of its leader in a ... Read More »

US launches airstrikes on al-Shabab in response to attack on US commando outpost in Somalia | Military Times

Air Force fighter jet dropping a bomb

The U.S. military launched retaliatory airstrikes targeting al-Shabab militants following the group’s brazen attack on a U.S. commando outpost, killing 10 fighters and destroying a vehicle after launching two airstrikes and engaging militants with small arms fire. The U.S. has roughly 650 to 800 Defense Department personnel in Somalia, including military and civilian workers.  AFRICOM has carried out 52 airstrikes ... Read More »

Local vet who died without family could have large funeral | SR Press Gazette

Master Sgt. John Stumpf

Sgt. John Stumpf, a retired Air Force Master decorated with a Purple Heart from Vietnam, recently died alone and has no family to attend his funeral. The retired Army 7th Special Forces Group has been working through social media to gather a crowd for the ceremony at the Bonifay City Cemetery. Green Beret Terry Boswell and his friend Chipley contacted ... Read More »

Scientists detect the ringing of a newborn black hole for the first time | Science Daily

Black Hole

Albert Einstein theorized that when a black hole is born, there should be a “ringing” sound from the aftermath and that the sound should be a signature of the black hole’s mass and spin. Physicists from MIT recently heard the ringing for themselves for the first time in history, and were able to predict the mass and spin of the ... Read More »