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Hope for the warriors and Mortalis outdoor adventures provide two-day hunting retreat for U.S. Army Veterans | Hope for the Heroes

Retired U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Ryan Kuperus and retired U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Jeremy Austin founded Mortalis Outdoor Adventures early last winter with the goal of helping provide an outdoors outlet for fellow veterans. Consider it “mission accomplished” after the veteran owned company hosted its first veteran hunt through a partnership with Hope For The Warriors and its Outdoor Adventures ... Read More »

Spartan Ultra World Championship: The $1m race designed to ‘break the world’s best’ | BBC

The race begins at midday with a 5km prologue through the small town of Hveragerdi, 28 miles east of Reykjavik. It’s a hive of geothermal activity. Pillars of steam rise from hot springs. There is one runner who qualifies for the top prize. Englishman Jon Albon will become a millionaire overnight if he wins the race and reaches 100 miles ... Read More »

Military Pharmacies May Change List of Free Over-the-Counter Drugs Offered | Military.com

On-base military pharmacies worldwide may soon change or reduce their offerings of free over-the-counter (OTC) medications as Tricare administrators standardize the list of what’s available. Currently, military retirees and other beneficiaries can receive certain medications for free and without a prescription through a long-standing OTC medication program. How the program is administered and how many medications each user can get ... Read More »

Missing in action: Classic green Army men still have no women figurines and this B6-year-old is not having it | Military Times

Young Vivian Lord of Arkansas recently acquired a set of the instantly recognizable plastic green Army men figurines, iconic toys the 6-year-old had been pining after for weeks. Excitedly, the little girl from Little Rock sifted through the combat-ready green men, each figure contorted into one of an array of well-known fighting positions, but she couldn’t find what she was ... Read More »

HIV eliminated from the genomes of living animals | Science Daily

In a major collaborative effort, researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) have for the first time eliminated replication-competent HIV-1 DNA — the virus responsible for AIDS — from the genomes of living animals. The study, reported online July 2 in the journal Nature Communications, marks a critical ... Read More »

Someone made a massive Marine Corps Air Station out of Legos and it’s absolutely glorious | Task and Purpose

If you’re like me, then you might have memories of walking through toy stores as a kid and going ape shit over those massive box sets of Legos — you know, the ones that cost as much as a car payment and require half a kitchen table to stage — before your parent drags you to the other end of ... Read More »

Purple Heart trail run brings civilians, combat veterans together | Idaho Statesman

Many kids dream about becoming a doctor, athlete or ballerina. Aaron Butler wanted to become a soldier. He enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard on April 10, 2008, while still in high school. He began the Special Forces training program in 2014, and graduated with honors on Jan. 14, 2016. And on Aug. 16, 2017, Aaron succumbed to injuries ... Read More »

Twins killed together to be buried together | Navy Times

The remains of twins who joined the Navy together in 1938 have been returned to Lincoln for burial, decades after their deaths on a battleship at Pearl Harbor. Two ceremonies will be held in succession Saturday at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery for Rudolph Blitz and his brother, Leo Blitz. There will be two caskets, two 21-gun salutes, two invocations, and two ... Read More »

WWII veteran reunited with his dog tag lost in the Pacific | Army Times

A 97-year-old U.S. Army veteran from Bismarck has been reunited with a dog tag he lost in Papua New Guinea while serving in World War II. A stranger found Ed Boger’s dirty, rusted dog tag about five years ago while digging a hole for a school flagpole in Lemieng, Papua New Guinea, The Bismarck Tribune reported. Kenneth Muo knew that ... Read More »