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Landmark study to transform cancer treatment | BBC

Picture for decorative purposes of microscope.

The Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes Consortium has analyzed the genetic code of 2,658 different cancers and produced a picture of each. Creating a perfect picture of each cancer will now allow doctors to better understand how they work and enable them to diversify treatment to each patient. Dr. Lincoln Stein from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research commented that ... Read More »

Cancer mortality continues steady decline, driven by progress against lung cancer | Science Daily

The largest single-year drop in cancer mortality took place between 2016 and 2017, with the death rate falling by 2.2%. With lung cancer being the leading cancer resulting in death, a decreased death rate since the 1990s has spurred the overall cancer mortality rate to fall. The death rate for men has fallen by 51% and the rate for women ... Read More »

Research identifies changes in neural circuits underlying self-control during adolescence | Science Daily

Toy model of the brain

Researchers from the Lifespan Brain Institute of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have been working to chart brain development throughout childhood and adolescence to better understand executive function and self-control. Learning about the anomalies that affect development can provide a better way to detect mental illness and to discover how to treat them before they ... Read More »

Cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy available on NHS from January | BBC

CBD oil on a counter with other medicines. The focus is on the CBD oil, while others are slightly blurred. Picture for decorative purposes.

Starting January 6th, 2020, doctors in the UK will be able to prescribe Epidyolex for those with epilepsy. The new medication has a cannabis base and was shown to reduce seizures in children by up to 40%. Epidyolex will be used to help children with Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, causing them to have multiple episodes a day. Epilepsy ... Read More »

World’s first ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray for PTSD and depression | Health Europa

Mushrooms growing in the wild. Picture for decorative purposes only.

An Oregon company called Silo Wellness has designed a ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray to make micro-dosing easier for people treating their depression and PTSD. Silo Wellness has roots in cannabis delivery modalities, and where psilocybin is legal, Jamaica, they have developed the nasal spray. The science behind this off-the-wall idea: through the nasal mucus membranes, Psilocybin goes directly into the ... Read More »

Engineer finds way to pull diseases from blood using magnets | Futurism

Picture for decorative purposes of magnetism.

George Frodsham, a British scientist and engineer, has developed a way to remove unwanted cells from blood. This magical tool is a magnet. Frodsham had an idea and empirical question: if you can force magnetic nanoparticles to bind to specific cells, then shouldn’t you be able to do the same with unwanted cells in the blood? In practice, this treatment ... Read More »

VA announces plans to study military toxic exposures, connection to veteran illnesses | Connecting Vets

PIcture of a soldier silhouette with a fire in the background.

Whispers of birth defects, uncommon cancers, respiratory problems, and other illnesses have always floated throughout the military community. Doctors are often baffled at how a healthy and physically fit soldier can suddenly come down with a major disease that kills them quickly. Toxic exposure has always been a theory, which may now be proven to be true after the VA ... Read More »

Literacy might shield the brain from dementia | Scientific America

Older man reading a book. Stacks of books are in the background.

Members of Manhattan’s Washington Heights recently participated in a study based on the effects of literacy and dementia. Results showed that reading and writing may help deter the forgetful symptoms compared to not reading and writing. Jennifer J. Manly, the senior writer on the paper, said those who couldn’t read and write developed dementia sooner than those who could and ... Read More »

Best practice treatment guidelines help doctors identify, treat vaping-associated lung injuries | Science Daily

Picture for decorative purposes of a man vaping.

Researchers at Intermountain Healthcare have developed a successful treatment method to combat the harmful effects of vaping and e-cigarette use. Lung injuries had been found when researchers studied over 60 patients, leading them to search for a treatment plan. Shorter courses of moderate-dose steroids have been recommended for outpatients and higher doses for those in critical condition. With a standardized ... Read More »