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Iran Altering Reactor in Bid for Nuclear Deal

Atomic power engineers in Iran have started redesigning a partly constructed reactor in the northwest city of Arak to limit the amount of plutonium it produces, the country’s top nuclear official said Wednesday, expressing hope that the change would help alleviate Western objections that the plutonium could be used in weapons. The official, Ali Akbar Salehi, the director of the ... Read More »

Russian and Ukraine troops battle in south, prompting fears that invasion has begun

Fighting between the Ukrainian military and what Ukrainian and Western officials say are Russian troops worsened early Thursday, prompting fears in Ukraine that a Russian invasion of their territory has begun. Ukrainian officials say Ukrainian troops are continuing to battle combined Russian and separatist forces on a new southern front around the border town of Novoazovsk, east of Crimea on ... Read More »

‘Geography can be tough’: Canadian Twitter account pokes fun at Russian soldiers’ claims

Reuters reported Wednesday that Russian soldiers have been traveling into Ukraine “by mistake.” But who among us hasn’t accidentally refused to stop and ask for directions and ended up in a war zone…wearing a uniform of an enemy combatant? Right? No? The Kiev government said they had been on a ‘special mission’ “linked to the pro-Russian separatist rebellions in the ... Read More »

NATO Plans More Visible Presence in Eastern Europe

Caught off guard by the crisis in Ukraine, NATO plans to create a “spearhead” rapid deployment force and a “more visible” presence in Eastern Europe to assuage concerns about Russian intentions, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the alliance’s secretary general, was quoted as saying on Wednesday. The United States, Germany and other key alliance members have signaled that they have no plans ... Read More »

More military exercises to kick off amid fears about Russia

Two large multinational exercises will kick off this week amid fears about a resurgent Russia, the Pentagon announced Wednesday. Beginning Thursday, about 160 U.S. troops will participate in Combined Endeavor, an annual exercise that U.S. European Command described as “the largest command, control, communications and computers interoperability event in the world.” The Defense Department could not immediately provide the unit ... Read More »

Russian Soldiers in Ukraine Put Pressure on Putin

With evidence of Russian military activity in Ukraine piling up, how long can Moscow deny its involvement in the ongoing conflict? The frantic appeal to the Russian President came on Wednesday from a cramped and cluttered office in the city of Kostroma, about 200 miles northeast of Moscow, where the relatives of Russian prisoners of war had gathered to wait ... Read More »

U.S., China in Race to Develop Hypersonic Weapons

On the heels of reports that China had successfully completed a second ultra-high-speed missile flight test, the Defense Department announced on Aug. 25 that it had aborted a test of its own hypersonic weapon. The military is investigating the “anomaly” responsible for the test failure, but analysts told National Defense that the incident was not a major setback for the ... Read More »

China and Vietnam Call a Maritime Truce

An ongoing dispute over territorial rights in the South China Sea between China and Vietnam may have cooled, following a Wednesday Beijing meeting between both countries, according to reports in Chinese state-run media. “The visit is aimed at coming up with measures ‘to cool the situation,’” Le Hai Binh, spokesperson of Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a Wednesday statement ... Read More »

Singapore, Australia, US conduct first joint air drill in Northern Territory

Australia, Singapore, and the United States have begun a groundbreaking trilateral air combat exercise in northern Australia. Exercise ‘Tri-Sling’ is an offshoot of Exercise ‘Commando Sling’ between the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the US Air Force (USAF). The exercise, from 25 August to 12 September, is being held outside Singapore for the first time. The drill began ... Read More »

Australia and Indonesia mending intel differences

Australia and Indonesia have reached a new agreement on how they’ll use their intelligence operations in the future, even settling their disagreement on its name. The agreement their foreign ministers are scheduled to sign Thursday on the Indonesian resort island of Bali is designed to mend a rift sparked last November by accusations that Australians tapped the cellphones of the ... Read More »