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Can science and tourism save the reef? | Science Daily

At 20:30 on 27 November 2018, lucky divers and snorkellers in the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef would have borne witness to what is possibly the greatest sex show on Earth. This spectacular phenomenon, when corals reproduce en masse over just a few days each year, is essentially synchronised sex on a grand scale as millions of corals ... Read More »

Jurassic world of volcanoes found in central Australia | Science Daily

An international team of subsurface explorers from the University of Adelaide in Australia and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland have uncovered a previously undescribed ‘Jurassic World’ of around 100 ancient volcanoes buried deep within the Cooper-Eromanga Basins of central Australia. The Cooper-Eromanga Basins in the north-eastern corner of South Australia and south-western corner of Queensland is Australia’s largest onshore ... Read More »

To the ends of the Earth | BBC

Venture to some of the most remote corners of the planetoid find out what it’s like to live there.   Source: To the ends of the Earth | BBC Read More »

Germany’s Completely Car-Free Bicycle Highway | Interesting Engineering

Germany is building a car-free bicycle highway that will stretch to 62 miles, once completed. When finished, it will connect 10 German cities, including Duisburg, Bochum, and Hamm, as well as four universities. It has been built to help minimize car pollution and is projected to get 50,000 cars off the road everyday, once completed. Source: Germany’s Completely Car-Free Bicycle ... Read More »

Smart Aircraft Cabins Will Take the Hassle Out of Flying Within the Next Decade | Travel and Leisure


Airplane makers, aircraft interiors manufacturers, and even in-flight caterers are looking at smart ways to make the flying experience far more user-friendly in the very near future. At Airbus Innovation Days in Toulouse, we were treated to a peek at a self-aware aircraft cabin of 2030. Load-sensitve overhead storage bins will immediately register when passengers stow luggage, so that passengers ... Read More »

3 Eclipses Are Coming to North America in the Next 5 Years — Here’s When and Where to See Them | Travel & Leisure

Everyone’s going eclipse-crazy. The first total solar eclipse since August 2017’s “Great American Eclipse,” Tuesday’s dramatic eclipse in the southern hemisphere reminded many North Americans of the events of that summer day two years ago. This stunning celestial event is a great excuse to travel, but did you know that North America is now in a “golden age” of solar ... Read More »

US special forces veterans are deploying to save coral reefs | True Viral News

Florida is a unique state, a place where humans and alligators coexist tentatively as the seas rise and the ocean encroaches on the coasts that make it a draw to so many. It is home to the only coral reef barrier in North America, one of the largest in the world, a 10,000-year-old live ocean fence extending about 360 miles ... Read More »

Jordan unveils underwater museum of military vehicles | BBC

Jordan has unveiled its first underwater military museum off the coast of Aqaba. At a ceremony on Wednesday, the kingdom sank several military vehicles, including tanks, troop carriers and a helicopter. The vehicles, imitating a battle formation, have been stationed at a coral reef in the Red Sea. Local authorities said the display offers a “new type” of museum experience ... Read More »

‘I’ve spent 22 years searching for silver in a ghost town’ | BBC

Robert Louis Desmarais is the only inhabitant of a Californian ghost town, Cerro Gordo, where he has been searching for a lost vein of silver for 22 years. A 70-year-old former high school teacher, Desmarais used to visit the remote spot in the school holidays to search for ore. But he eventually moved there full-time, to live away from the ... Read More »

Fake Travel Agent Who Scammed People With Bogus Vacations Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison | Travel and Leisure

A Travel agent named Nakesia Washington from Harvey, Louisiana may be out of the vacation planning game for a few years. That’s because she’ll be spending nearly the next decade behind bars after swindling tourists out of $80,000 on bogus trips. According to Nola.com, Washington pleaded guilty to felony theft in 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna after fraudulently selling ... Read More »