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We’ve got the vaccine, says Pentagon-funded company | Defense One

The CEO of Canadian company Medicago, Bruce Clark, says that his company has a cure for COVID-19 and it is awaiting FDA approval. He believes the company will be able to produce up to ten million doses a month once they are given the green light. However, even if these hurdles are passed, the cure won’t be ready until November ... Read More »

Joint statement by Colorado high-tech companies on COVID-19 | Feld Thoughts

35 companies including Quizlet, Ibotta, and Velocity Global have released a joint statement regarding COVID-19. The companies are working to slow the spread of the virus and keep employees safe. Those who can work from home are encouraged to do so, and for others to limit office space time as much as possible. Work travel is also being restricted and ... Read More »

Heat stress may affect more than 1.2 billion people annually by 2100 | Science Daily

If the current greenhouse gas emissions trend continues, in 80 years 1.2 billion people will be greatly affected by the rise in global temperatures. “When we look at the risks of a warmer planet, we need to pay particular attention to combined extremes of heat and humidity, which are especially dangerous to human health,” commented an author on the journal ... Read More »

COVID-19 appears less severe in children | Science Daily

The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal has been studying the effects of the coronavirus on the world’s population. Similar and previous coronaviruses that have caused similar respiratory symptoms share the trait that children do not seem to be nearly as affected. While children are still just as likely to contract the virus compared to adults, they are more likely to have ... Read More »

What animals other than dogs and horses are used by the military? | Forces Net

When someone is asked to picture the use of animals in the military, the image that comes to most people’s minds is a dog or horse. Elephants are often known for their past military presence, but there is still a military that uses them to this day. During the Cold War the CIA launched a $25 million project known as ... Read More »

Delta, American slash flights amid coronavirus travel slump; United warns of first-quarter loss | Forbes

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have announced that they will be cutting back on the number of flights offered due to the coronavirus. Delta is reducing system capacity by 15% and American Airlines will cut back during their summer season by 10%. United Airlines also shared recent data showing that the number of flight bookings in the U.S. has dropped as ... Read More »

Second patient cured of HIV, say doctors | BBC

Adam Castillejo from London has now been cured from HIV for over 30 months, making him the second patient cured from the virus. In 2011 Timothy Brown was declared cured after three and a half years of not having the virus following similar treatment. Both men received stem-cell treatment transplants that worked by replacing the patient’s immune cells with the ... Read More »

Boeing shares plunge on coronavirus, 737 MAX wiring bundle setback | Reuters

Boeing shares have dropped by over 12% as of Monday following the increasing spread of the coronavirus and a wiring bundle issue with the grounded 737 MAX aircraft. U.S. regulators have recently disagreed with Boeing on the safety of the wiring bundle after multiple aircraft crashes led the company to ground the jet. Shares have not been this low since ... Read More »

Your phone can carry the coronavirus for up to 9 days | Men’s Health

The CDC and other health officials have released information on how to correctly wash your hands, and that it needs to be done often. While washing your hands is the best defense against the coronavirus, sanitizing your phone is a must as well. A cellphone can carry a virus on it for up to nine days, even if you’re keeping ... Read More »

Oil prices plunge by a third after Saudi Arabia launches output war | Reuters

Saudi Arabia has increased output in the oil industry in order to increase their market share in light of the coronavirus. The official selling prices have been slashed, and crude oil output is set to increase. Value has already fallen between 22% and 33% for Brent and U.S. West Texas Intermediate. The low prices are expected to last for a ... Read More »