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‘Immersive’ Dr. Seuss Experience Looks Like a Whimsical Dream — and It’s Touring Across North America | Travel and Leisure

Computer desk with Dr. Suess book and. a phone

Don’t miss this sensory-filled and colorful journey through the lens of the iconic writer and poet. “The Dr. Seuss Experience” is scheduled to stop in four cities already (Toronto, Seattle, Boston and Houston), and Kilburn Live promises to announce more tour dates soon. The highlight of the highly Instagrammable experience? An inter-connected maze, filled with thousands of suspended balloons representing ... Read More »

Facial Recognition At U.S. Airports. Should You Be Concerned? | Forbes

Woman walking down a hall with a medical mask on

Face recognition is coming to the top 20 airports in the US in 2021.  It’s part of a plan to protect our country from terrorist activities by scanning international passengers, including American citizens.  Are you concerned? As it stands, facial recognition is already being used in the U.K. at passport stations and subway stations.  In fact it is common to ... Read More »

Afghan Special Forces kill 4 Taliban militants in Kabul, destroy a weapons cache | Khaama Press News Agency

soldier on a truck bed with a machine gun

The Afghan Special Forces killed 4 Taliban militants during an operation in capital Kabul, the military sources said Thursday. The sources further added that the Special Forces conducted the operation in Paghman district of Kabul. Furthermore, the sources said the Special Forces also destroyed a small cache of weapons during the same operation. The Taliban group has not commented regarding ... Read More »

The Best Travel Packages for Adventure Seekers | Forbes

Helicopter landing on snow

If you want thrill-seeking without all of the itinerary-making, you’ve come to the right place. These travel packages will transport you to some of the most beautiful places on earth, including national parks and beach-side resorts, while also taking care of all the lodgings, food, and guides. That way, you can enjoy the scenery to its max. Just don’t forget ... Read More »

Nepal Bans Single-use Plastics on Mt. Everest After Removing 11 Tons of Trash | Travel and Leisure

rushed plastic bottles

Climbing Mount Everest just isn’t what it used to be.  Amid a host of problems is the amount of trash that has been left behind, amounting to around 11 tons. So a ban of single use plastics will begin January 2020.  It prohibits trekkers from bringing and shops from selling plastic soft drink bottles and single-use plastics less than 0.03 ... Read More »

US Extends Ban on Americans Traveling to North Korea | Travel Pulse

a circle with a slash over an airplane to show no traveling

The ban, initially imposed in 2017 due to the death of an American student Otto Warmbier and renewed in 2018, has been extended for another year. Officials believe there are serious risks for American citizens traveling to North Korea, including arrest and long-term detention.  The ban was also instituted after diplomatic efforts between the US and North Korea were stalled. U.S. ... Read More »

The Amazon Rainforest Is Burning — and Experts Say the Fires Could Accelerate Global Warming | Travel and Leisure

A massive wildfire is currently ravaging the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. According to experts, the fire is not only one of the worst on record for the region, but it could also cause a ripple effect with climate change for years to come. The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) reported the fires are burning at the highest rate since ... Read More »

The people policing the internet’s most horrific content | BBC

In this digital self-publishing era people can record and produce their own content, a lot of horrific stuff that clearly breaches websites’ taste and decency guidelines. A growing army of moderators has the unenviable task of sifting through it all, sometimes at considerable cost to their mental health. WARNING: article contains upsetting content. Shawn Speagle worked as an online content ... Read More »

Chernobyl Vodka – Unique Drink Growing out of Exclusion Zone? | Growing Produce

For most, the name Chernobyl conjures up one thought: nuclear disaster. It’s hard to believe the deadly explosion that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukraine happened more than 30 years ago. The popular docudrama that aired on HBO recently put the incident back in the spotlight. But what’s even harder to believe now is that a ... Read More »

Can science and tourism save the reef? | Science Daily

At 20:30 on 27 November 2018, lucky divers and snorkellers in the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef would have borne witness to what is possibly the greatest sex show on Earth. This spectacular phenomenon, when corals reproduce en masse over just a few days each year, is essentially synchronised sex on a grand scale as millions of corals ... Read More »