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Formlabs Covid-19 Support Network | Feld Thoughts

Brad Feld follows a company looking to use 3D printing in order to create face shields, masks, and respirator parts for hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak. Source: https://feld.com/archives/2020/03/formlabs-covid-19-support-network.html Read More »

Air Force suspends most Space-A travel | Air Force Times

Air Mobility Command has announced that they are suspending almost all Space-A travel due to the coronavirus. In order to help slow the spread of the virus, only those who are Category I, IV, and VI travelers are eligible for exemption. This includes Wounded Warriors and those on emergency leave. Currently the minimum date for the suspension is May 11th, ... Read More »

Soldiers can apply for hardship, isolation allowance if impacted by stop-move policy | Army Times

Soldiers and their families who are being affected by the halt on all permanent change of duty station moves can now apply for hardship pay. Currently soldiers who were going to be moving to a new installation are stalled for an unforeseen amount of time. “The Army proactively stopped movement to protect our soldiers, preserve our capability and protect our ... Read More »

It’s now OK to ward off grizzly bears with a paintball gun | For The Win

Landowners in the U.S. are now permitted by the Fish and Wildlife Service to shoot menacing grizzly bears with a paintball gun. This was previously prohibited and considered harassment. Previously allowed measures included banging pots and pans, and shooting marbles at the bears with slingshots to ward them off livestock. The new guidelines do require those to clean up any ... Read More »

Exploratory Use of Microaerosol Decontamination Technology (PAEROSOL) in Enclosed, Unoccupied Hospital Setting | U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a new report on the effectiveness of PAEROSOL in hospital settings. A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report has stated that an estimated 1.7 million people contract a new infection while at the hospital. This report details the findings of a study done on PAEROSOL and how efficient it was in ... Read More »

New study on COVID-19 estimates 5.1 days for incubation period | Science Daily

A new analysis and study done on COVID-19 shows that 97.5% have a 5.1 day incubation period for the virus. This means that under the current quarantine period of 14 days, only 101 out of 10,000 people would show symptoms after the quarantine period. Cases from numerous countries were used, but many of those outside of China had traveled to ... Read More »

101+ ideas to keep your kids busy during coronavirus closures | Forbes

Most parents are trying to figure out what to do now that the coronavirus has shut down schools across the countries. Many kids are already stir crazy, and spring break vacations have been cancelled. Forbes has compiled a list of activities and ideas to help everyone stay busy over the next few weeks. First, create a calendar that everyone participates ... Read More »

A Better Way | Azeem Azhar

I think this may be one of the most important reads we have ever pointed you towards on SOFX. Please read it. -Sam Havelock, CEO, SOFX “Was there a better approach to tackling the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19 disease) across Western countries, especially the UK and US?” Read Article: https://www.exponentialview.co/p/-a-better-way Read More »

As Army wastes millions in food allowances, campus-style dining gains traction | Army Times

An enlisted soldier in the barracks only uses about half of their allotted meal entitlements each month as more go off base or cook their meals. With CAC cards being used to purchase the food in the dining facilities, law makers are wanting to know where the unspent money goes. Money not spent at these facilities does not go back ... Read More »

Inside the survivalist bunker where some wealthy people hope to ride out coronavirus | Vanity Fair

A survival condo in the middle of nowhere in Kansas that includes a rock-climbing wall, movie theater, and security will cost you between $1.5 and $3 million dollars. With two different size options, 920 and 1,840 square feet, the bunker can allegedly withstand a nuclear blast and protect you from the coronavirus. One person, Tyler Allen, has purchased and is ... Read More »