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New Syrian Refugee Guided Berlin Tour from Contiki | Travel Pulse


The travel expert company Contiki just added a tour into their services that takes travelers through Berlin and is guided by Syrian refugees. The aim is to focus on humanitarian issues while also offering travelers an enriching experience. Contiki partnered with Refugee Voices Tours to make the trips possible. During the tour, parallels between Berlin’s dark history and modern Syria ... Read More »

Fall Equinox Is the Perfect Time to See the Milky Way and Northern Lights | Travel and Leisure

Ricky horizon at sunset

The Fall Equinox is coming up which means that on Monday the Northern Lights and the Milky Way will be visible. The best place to see the astronomical sights is in North America during dark hours when the moon is down. The Northern Lights will be the strongest in Alaska, northern Canada, southern Greenland, Iceland, northern Scandinavia, and northern Russia. ... Read More »

Air Combat Command goes ‘back to the future’ to re-learn large-scale deployments | Air Force Times

Navy Jet

The Air Combat Command is being reshaped to prepare for a power conflict which involves finding a different way to deploy airmen overseas. Instead of rotating small teams of airmen as they return home, the plan is to have the ACC deploy larger units and full squadrons. This tactic is nothing new but resurrecting those skills, which used to be ... Read More »

Dominican Republic Tourism Minister Assails Reporting of Tourist Incidents | Travel Pulse

Domincan Republic hotels along the beach

The Dominican Republic minister of tourism reported sensationalized media about deaths and incidents involving US vacationers, leading to a sharp decline in travel to the Caribbean.  The country has suffered a 28 percent year-over-year decline in U.S.-based visitors between 2018 and 2017.  It is believed to be due to these sensationalized media stories.  The minister is ensuring his country will ... Read More »

Adventures With Navy Seals In Paradise Could Be Your Dream Vacation | Forbes

Helicopter on the beach

Trident is a high-quality diving and guide company focused on water sports and unique adventures that is owned and operated by former U.S. Navy SEALs.  They offer a Navy SEAL for a Day package that includes tactical shooting, scuba diving, and helicopter skydiving, and  jumping. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2019/09/15/adventures-with-navy-seals-in-paradise-could-be-your-dream-vacation/#17f2323b195f Read More »

Man Caught Attempting to Smuggle Dozens of Tarantulas in Luggage | Travel and Leisure


A polish man was in possession of nearly 100 spiders, including 38 adult spiders, some 50 adolescent spiders, and dozens of egg-filled cocoons in Paris. Believe it or not, incidents like this aren’t as rare as you think.  Read more below: Source: https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/polish-man-smuggles-live-tarantulas-in-luggage-cayenne-felix-eboue-airport-french-guiana Read More »

No phones, no wi-fi: The Viennese cafés that force you to talk to strangers | Adventure.com

hands holding coffee at a table

Space and Place is a non-profit group that runs monthly conversation gatherings at Vienna coffeehouses, pairing people with complete strangers to chat for two hours.  No wifi, no phones – just people taking a risk and connecting. Source: https://adventure.com/vienna-viennese-cafes-conversation/ Read More »

Start-up Jobs Are Perfect for People Who Want to Travel the World | Travel and Leisure

person with laptop, passport, and glasses

In this day and age, with advanced technology, more jobs can be done remotely.  63 percent of companies have remote workers and start-ups are on the forefront of this change. These young, up-and-coming companies have positions abroad, travel-heavy roles, and fully remote jobs — and they’re well-aware that travel flexibility is a major perk. If you’re ready to join the ... Read More »

The First Commercial Space Hotel Plans to Have a Low-gravity Basketball Court and Views of Earth From Bed | Travel and Leisure

Space hotel

While visiting a space hotel may sound like a far-off fantasy that only exists in movies, it is becoming a reality with the Von Braun Rotating Space Station. Due to be complete in 2025, the space hotel will likely be the first of its kind. It will offer different modes of gravity for certain activities like basketball and rock climbing, ... Read More »

American Airlines sabotage saga | USA Today

American Airlines Airplane

An American Airlines mechanic was arrested for allegedly sabotaging a plane at Miami International Airport an hour before take off in July spark.  Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani blocked a key computer system to force the delay or cancellation of the flight.  His motivation?  Stalled contract negotiations that were hurting him financially. Scary as a disabled computer system on a plane about ... Read More »