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China Reveals Exotic Flying Saucer-Shaped “Armed Helicopter” Concept (Updated) | The Drive

Flying saucer style helicopter

The “Super Great White Shark” is an armed helicopter with a composite wing-body fusion and supposed high speeds. The cockpit is centrally-mounted and appears to have room for two pilots, but it is not clear how the aircraft will operate. The model has two sets of air intakes and exhausts, and also seems to have a fuselage large enough for ... Read More »

Italian Town Bans Google Maps After Bad Directions Lead to 144 Rescue Missions | Travel and Leisure

jeep driving through river

The town of Baunei, known for its rugged seaside mountain landscapes, is located on the island of Sardinia. Unfortunately, when visitors follow Google Maps they could quickly find themselves driving their cars up narrow, pedestrian-only, hiking paths with no way of turning around. Signs are now posted that say, “Do not follow the directions of Google Maps.”  Baunei is not the only town where Google ... Read More »

Snakehead fish discovered in Georgia, sparks warning from wildlife officials: ‘Kill it immediately’ | Fox News 

The northern snakehead is indigenous to the Yangtze River in China, but has recently made an appearance in a pond in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The Department of Natural Resources says that the creature has been spotted in 14 US states, and it is thought that they were introduced through unauthorized release. While the snakeheads look just like regular fish, they ... Read More »

An Army veteran’s family is seeking a proper home for the Nazi flag he brought home from WWII | Task and Purpose

1944 photo of soldiers June 6th

Pfc. Domingo Urioste, who was part of the wave of U.S. soldiers who landed at Utah Beach in the invasion of Normandy, brought a cylinder home with him after WWII which contained a Nazi flag. It is not clear why Urioste decided to keep the flag but now his daughter Lorraine is deciding where such a dark and historical symbol belongs. In ... Read More »

Who Will Build 651 Parachuting Trucks For The Army? | Breaking Defense

Military jeep

The Army has designs ready for the new Infantry Squad Vehicle with the ability to parachute out of a plane and drive cross-country with a heavy load. Three teams are competing to build the vehicle: the Oshkosh-Flyer team who has experience building for the Army, Polaris and SAIC who have defense experience and high-tech competency, and GM defense with no ... Read More »

Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 | RethinkX

This analysis focuses on the new technologies driving the transformation of the food and agriculture sectors and the inevitable implications for the cattle industry in the U.S.  A huge paradigm shift away from today’s world farming economy in favor of superior cheaper and more benign vat grown fermented food products is foreseen that will make conventional beef production non-competitive. “We ... Read More »

This abandoned ‘Forbidden City’ was once the largest Soviet military base in East Germany | CNN

Abandoned statue in city

Once home to around 40,000 Soviet soldiers, this Forbidden City is now abandoned and open to tours in Germany. The last Russian troops left the military complex in 1994. Zossen’s mayor at the time, Werner Lesse, remembers the soldiers “had to leave quickly”, leaving food on the tables and pets behind.  Murals of Communist heroes still line the walls and ... Read More »

Boeing taking $20 million stake in Virgin Galactic, with a vision of commercial hypersonic travel | CNBC

Space hotel

Boeing’s venture arm Horizon X announced that it is going to invest $20M in Virgin Galactic to develop technology that will make hypersonic air travel possible. Virgin Galactic is planning to list on the New York Stock Exchange and become the first public human spaceflight company by the end of the year. Virgin Galactic is looking forward to the partnership ... Read More »

A Crack in the Armor: Surgeons See a Military Hospital as a Shadow of Its Past  | US News

black and white pic of soldiers

The US Military has allowed the unravelling of the world’s biggest wartime trauma network.  Despite experts offering dozens of recommendations to improve the system, the trauma program has lapsed from the highest level of care to the lowest. The staff and infrastructure that had worked before are almost gone now, and the Pentagon is considering if it will even pursue certification ... Read More »

Modular AR alternatives: The world of the SCAR, ACR, ARX, ETC | Guns.com

While AR has seen some versatile guns from Pentagon programs that are easier to maintain and are more reliable, the 21st century has offered modular rifles that are giving AR a run for its money. Some of the best tactical rifles right now come from the FN’s SCAR series which include the 5.56mm NATO Mk 16, 7.62mm NATO Mk17, and ... Read More »