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Here’s when you can visit USS Constitution this fall | Navy Times

USS Constitution

“Old Ironsides”, the world’s oldest commissioned warship that still floats and played a crucial role in the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812, will be open to the public for free visits every Wednesday through Thursday. Visitors can walk the ship and walk presentations by active duty Navy sailors who will be on board. Source: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2019/09/29/heres-when-you-can-visit-uss-constitution-this-fall/ Read More »

Future Planes Will Track Lots of Data on Passengers, Including How Long They Spend in the Bathroom | Travel and Leisure

Airplane movie screen showing destination path

Airbus unveiled a new aircraft including technology that contains information about all the passengers. The Airspace Connected Experience comes with high-tech gadgets that analyze everything from how long passengers are in the bathroom to when they are and are not buckled in. Having sensors that take in information will help determine passenger needs more efficiently, and could save them money ... Read More »

New App Aims to Help the Visually Impaired at Airports | Travel Pulse

Inside a busy airport

Chieko Asakawa, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, developed an app to help the visually impaired navigate airports using audio instructions. Being blind herself, Asakawa was inspired to create NavCog to make the airport process easier for people who can’t see. Users can find their way to shops and restaurants with GPS-like technology that describes surroundings. NavCog is already available to ... Read More »

Ski.com Is Hiring 12 People to Travel the World and Hit the Slopes With This Incredible New Dream Job | Travel and Leisure

Skier mid air

Ski.com is looking for just 12 people to send around the world who will ski down some of the most renowned slopes. The 12 chosen people will be documented as they travel, and Ski.com will post footage on their social media. The site has already received 1200 video entries from skiers applying for the job. The sites will be Aspen ... Read More »

Millions of Americans Unprepared for Real ID | Travel Pulse

man holding a passport

REAL ID, an identification program that will begin October 1, 2020, will require that all passengers have an ID that is compliant with the program’s regulations before boarding. 72% of Americans either do not have this type of ID or are unsure if they do, and over half of the public was unaware that the change was coming. If travelers ... Read More »

This Company Will Pay You $2,200 a Month to Go Yachting and Skiing All Over the World | Travel and Leisure

Camera on a ledge with boats behind it

Ski Week and Yacht Week want to hire two creative people to travel the world for an entire year to attend exclusive events and capture content along the way, earning £1,800 ($2,200) a month, travel and accommodations covered. Stops for both events include Canada, Aspen, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, and the British Virgin Islands.  It also includes professional training and ... Read More »

This Continent Has Been Missing For 140 Million Years and You May Have Visited Without Realizing It | Travel and Leisure

Aerial view of the coastline

Greater Adria is a lost continent that was submerged underwater between Spain and Iran and travelers may be able to see some of its peaks without even realizing it. The continent is so large that it took until recently for the discovery to occur; Greater Adria is the size of Greenland and stretches over 30 countries. Geologists have spent the ... Read More »

World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park Opens in the Kingdom of Bahrain | Travel Pulse

Scuba diver in sunken plane

Sustainable tourism is becoming more and more of a hot topic, so Bahrain made sure to be eco-friendly when building their new underwater theme park, Dive Bahrain. Diving enthusiasts can explore submerged ships and aircrafts as well as habitats for the local wildlife. A safe haven has been put in place to grow coral reef and the park will aim ... Read More »

The Incredible Way South Florida Is Using a Cruise Ship to Help the Bahamas After Dorian | Travel & Leisure

cruise ship at sunset

West Palm Beach community leaders are responding to Hurricane Dorian by raising $1M to perform relief missions using a cruise ship. The Bahamas Relief Cruise is a grassroots collective effort that runs a ship between Palm Beach and Freeport and brings volunteers with supplies to those in need. The first mission reached 1,100 evacuees, and the second mission aimed for ... Read More »

New Syrian Refugee Guided Berlin Tour from Contiki | Travel Pulse


The travel expert company Contiki just added a tour into their services that takes travelers through Berlin and is guided by Syrian refugees. The aim is to focus on humanitarian issues while also offering travelers an enriching experience. Contiki partnered with Refugee Voices Tours to make the trips possible. During the tour, parallels between Berlin’s dark history and modern Syria ... Read More »