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Global Rescue CEO outlines protocols for the return of travel | Travel Pulse

Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue, has discussed the necessary first steps to ensure a safe return to domestic and international travel in light of the coronavirus. Travel industry businesses need to make sure their first priority is the health and safety of both their workers and their customers. Emergency action plans and safety protocols should be firmly implemented and ... Read More »

20 affordable trips around the world to take in 2020 | Outside Online

While certain destinations may seem unattainable due to cost or flights, planning and bargain hunting can pull them into reach. Some of the countries with low flight costs that are expected to remain in 2020 include China, Japan and South Africa. If you’re more concerned with how much money you will spend while you’re on the ground in the country, ... Read More »

Trio drives from New York to Los Angeles in 27 hours, setting new Cannonball Run record | CBS News

Person driving a car in the middle of nowhere and on an empty highway.

Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick spent two years modifying their vehicle to make a 2,800-mile journey in only 27 hours and 25 minutes. The drivers managed to beat the record by over an hour and had a total stopping time of only 22 minutes. The trio was able to reach a top speed of 193mph and kept an ... Read More »

Bivona, Sicily is the latest Italian town selling homes for $1 | CNN Travel

Little towns throughout Italy have been competing with each other in order to draw in more people after young folks have left for the cities. In exchange for moving to these towns, you can buy a house for $1. Bivona, in the south of Italy, is offering the $1 houses as well as tax bonuses for those who move to ... Read More »

Unruly airline passengers: Are things getting worse? | CNN Travel

If anyone has ever traveled on an airplane, most know that the experience can be stressful. Whether it be getting passed security on time to board a flight, getting the middle seat, having a flight delayed, or missing the flight all together, the journey can be stressful. In some cases, passengers feel the pressure too much and the result is ... Read More »

Best trips for 2020, according to National Geographic | CNN

Picture of a map with a camera, notebook, backpack on top. Someone is preparing to travel.

National Geographic announces their list of ‘best trips’ for 2020. Are you looking to expand your horizons by going on a ‘transformative’ trip? National Geographic worked with their best editors all over the world, as well as with passionate explorers, photographers and travelers. The list has four categories based on theme and interest, and includes a couple recommendations for new ... Read More »

How to Stay Warm When It’s Freezing Outside | Outside Online

Picture for decorative purposes of a person with a orange winter coat in the snow

Eric Larsen has spent three years camping in Antarctica and on the frozen surface of the Artic Ocean. “Any time you’re colder than comfortable, it can quickly spiral downward,” he says. Layering up is the first and foremost thing he says to do in order to help prevent becoming cold in the first place. From shoulder shrugs to flash dancing, Larsen ... Read More »

‘Helping those who served together, heal together’ | Minot Daily News

people hiking

The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors, The F.E.W., is a nonprofit organization that uses adventure to promote healing by uniting exceptional warriors who served in the military at no cost to the veterans. Exceptional warriors include Special Operations Forces, Ex-Prisoners of War, Purple Heart recipients and any recognized for valor from every era and any conflict. The F.E.W. is open to ... Read More »

Italian Town Bans Google Maps After Bad Directions Lead to 144 Rescue Missions | Travel and Leisure

jeep driving through river

The town of Baunei, known for its rugged seaside mountain landscapes, is located on the island of Sardinia. Unfortunately, when visitors follow Google Maps they could quickly find themselves driving their cars up narrow, pedestrian-only, hiking paths with no way of turning around. Signs are now posted that say, “Do not follow the directions of Google Maps.”  Baunei is not the only town where Google ... Read More »

This abandoned ‘Forbidden City’ was once the largest Soviet military base in East Germany | CNN

Abandoned statue in city

Once home to around 40,000 Soviet soldiers, this Forbidden City is now abandoned and open to tours in Germany. The last Russian troops left the military complex in 1994. Zossen’s mayor at the time, Werner Lesse, remembers the soldiers “had to leave quickly”, leaving food on the tables and pets behind.  Murals of Communist heroes still line the walls and ... Read More »