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Apple to take ‘deeper look’ at disputed borders | BBC

Apple Maps of Crimea and Russia

Apple has commented that they follow all international and domestic laws when creating their maps. Ukraine has slammed Apple for not showing a border between Russia and Crimea, despite Crimea being annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014. New legislation passed in Russia has led to the border decision, and Apple says nothing has changed in regard to the border for ... Read More »

Our gear guy’s favorite multitools | Outside

Outsider’s outdoor and gear man tested four different popular multitools in order to find the most efficient one. He ranked them based on pocket comfort, tool deployment, and overall efficiency. Each was one used in the wild, on the backyard shed, and thrown in the dirt. Taking first place is the Leatherman Free P4 retailing at $140. It has 21 ... Read More »

10 Things in tech you need to know today | Business Insider

Business Insider has provided a list of ten new changes in technology and tech companies that have recently occurred. Facebook has acquired another company. WeChat users are claiming that China is censoring their messages about Hong Kong. Fitbit has been acquired by Google after beating Facebook to it first. Other items on the list relate to social media users and ... Read More »

Soldiers soon to see robotic mules and tougher bomb bots in the field | Army Times

Soldiers will soon be seeing two new robots out in the field designed to help carry heavy loads and assist bomb technicians. The Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport has been in the selection process since 2017 and is deigned to carry 1,000 pounds for 60 miles within 72 hours. SMET can also produce up to 3kw of power to help recharge ... Read More »

Bots outperform humans if they impersonate us | Scientific America

On this episode of 60-Second Science, it’s revealed that robots can outperform humans when they impersonate us. However, when the machine’s identity is revealed, it loses its superiority. This leads to an ethical problem: if the bots stay efficient as they possibly can by impersonating us, they cannot have their identity revealed, meaning humans who interact with the bots will ... Read More »

Huawei: Trouble overseas but boom time in China | BBC

Picture of Huawei sign

The next generation of technology is being released with 5G, a new and faster form of internet. In the U.S.  UK people are skeptical, however, due to the main source for this technology being a company based in China, Huawei. While China thrives off the new tech, the U.S. has banned the use of the equipment due to security concerns. ... Read More »

Tesla cybertruck electrifies the truck segment | CNET

Picture of a Tesla store front. Picture for decorative purposes only.

The newly released Cybertruck is marketed with a 0 to 60 time of 2.9 seconds. While the truck falls within the average pickup truck size range, Elon Musk claims it is built for speed as well as off-road use, boasting a 35-degree approach angle and 16 inches of ground clearance. Distance ranges offered will range from 250 miles all the ... Read More »

What jobs are affected by AI? Better paid, better-educated workers face the most exposure | Brookings

Man in an office holding up a sticky note that says, "A.I."

Implications of artificial intelligence have been difficult to measure in the workplace. Many of the technologies are new and have yet to be fully implicated into the labor market. Recent studies, however, are showing that white-collar jobs and production positions most likely have the highest risk. Research has shown that those who have a bachelor’s degree are four times more ... Read More »

Breach affecting 1 million was caught only after hacker maxed out target’s storage | ars Technica

Picture of a hard disk.

The US Federal Trade Commission has decided to sue InfoTrax Systems for failing to recognize several IT breaches over the span of 22 months. The hacker involved was able to access over one million users’ information and went undetected until maxing out the providers storage system. Since May of 2014, the hacker accessed information on 20 separate occasions and retrieved ... Read More »

Telescope will transform our understanding of the universe | Business Insider

Hubble telescope shot of galaxy fields.

NASA is currently working with other agencies to build telescopes specifically designed to help retrieve answers concerning big questions about our universe. The new technology is designed to help better understand dark matter, universe expansion, and possible alien life. In 2021, the first telescope, James Webb Space Telescope, is set to launch and search the galaxy for clues regarding extraterrestrial ... Read More »