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Air Force invents new device for swimmers, former PJ instructor believes it could save lives | TechLink

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has produced FISH, an electronic device with numerous working prototypes. Companies are currently being looked at to manufacture and commercialize the product for non-military use. In 2006, a group of airmen participating in pararescue jumper training were tasked with conducting an underwater exercise that required them to hold their breath for over a minute. ... Read More »

Researchers: Are we on the cusp of an ‘AI winter’? | BBC

Artificial Intelligence has been tested over the past decade with advancements, machine learning, and over-exaggerated abilities. These high times for progression are called summers, with the low times being known as winters. Tech companies and the military regularly boasted about having new AI abilities that sometimes resulted in an overstatement of their true abilities, leading to reevaluation. Despite these assumptions, ... Read More »

SpaceX completes emergency crew escape manoeuvre | BBC

The Dragon astronaut capsule fired escape engines during a test run to disengage from faulty boosters at the Kennedy Space Center. 80 seconds after lift-off the capsule containing two Anthropomorphic Test Devices was brought down by parachutes around 30km off the coast of Florida. This is considered the last major test needed in order for NASA to certify the aircraft ... Read More »

What Microsoft and Google are not telling you about their A.I. | Lance Ng

iFlytek is a Chinese technology company and world leader in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in voice recognition. In September 2018 during a tech conference in Shanghai, the company was accused of disguising human translation as machine learning. Bill Wang, an interpreter, was conducting a live translation at the conference. iFlytek used his translations as live subtitles on a screen giving the ... Read More »

A drone’s-eye view of the quick and the dead | Scientific American

Drones have been used after disasters to help first responders locate bodies and map the area. Now, they could have technology discover if the person found is still alive. The technology is being coded to look for signs of movement and life, such as rhythmic breathing movements. Video footage of eight people and one mannequin, all with reflective material on ... Read More »

U.S. Special Operations Command wants to sniff out misinformation campaigns | Defense News

The U.S. Special Operations Command has sent out the call for prototypes that analyze web data and recognize correlations between social media and trending content to discover if it is fake. Misinformation campaigns are becoming a rampant issue, leading the software requirements to include deep-learning and the ability to examine information across all platforms. Machine-manipulated stories and data create pubic ... Read More »

U.S. Air Force could help drive the future of commercial urban air mobility | Ride

Created to speed up the process that commercial air taxi companies go through to receive certifications, the U.S. Air Force’s tech-driven initiative plans to launch and administer a test similar to the DARPA challenge. Security systems and safety is a primary focus in the research challenges related to certifying with the Federal Aviation Administration. The Air Force will work with ... Read More »

How VA is tapping cutting-edge tech for Veterans | Nextgov

Abstract image of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Despite being often slammed for budget issues and having projects with infinite timelines, the VA focused on innovative technology this past year. Artificial Intelligence was one of the focused study points, appointing the first ever Director of AI. Working with IBM and DeepMind Health, the VA produced an app designed to help navigate the online resources and published a paper ... Read More »

What to expect at CES 2020 | PC Mag

CES 2020 will unveil new technology for the decade but will not disclose the next iPhone. Analysts and reporters have compiled a list of what they think will be revealed at CES in Las Vegas this year, with Apple already discussing their appearance only for digital privacy talks. Immersive audio led by Dolby Atmos is expected to be present, with ... Read More »

The coolest (and scariest) military tech of 2019 | Futurism

Extreme international advancement in military technology and astronomically high budgets for these departments were a highlight of 2019. One of the most advanced products straight out of a fantasy book series came in the form of an invisibility cloak. The cloak works by bending light around the target, making it a “broadband invisibility cloak.” Another cool piece of military tech ... Read More »