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Naval Special Warfare operating Jet Skis | Forbes

Ever wondered how the Navy would pluck wounded special forces operators from an enemy beach, fast? Getting off an exposed beach in one piece, under incoming fire, is surely one of the most dangerous operations imaginable. It requires speed and great confidence in the personnel and machines involved. Surprisingly perhaps, commercial off-the-shelf water scooters, similar to the personal watercraft used ... Read More »

A new, more secure GPS signal could be ready by 2020 | C4SRNET

A fix that will allow military ground systems to receive a highly secure, military signal from GPS III satellites is on track for early 2020, according to Lockheed Martin executives. The news comes on the eve of the Air Force launching the second GPS III satellite into space. Liftoff is scheduled for the morning of Aug. 22 following a delay. ... Read More »

As face-recognition technology spreads, so do ideas for subverting it | Economist

Powered by advances in artificial intelligence (ai), face-recognition systems are spreading like knotweed. Facebook, a social network, uses the technology to label people in uploaded photographs. Modern smartphones can be unlocked with it. Some banks employ it to verify transactions. Supermarkets watch for under-age drinkers. Advertising billboards assess consumers’ reactions to their contents. America’s Department of Homeland Security reckons face ... Read More »

The U.S. Navy Wants To Build the World’s Largest Robot Warship | Popular Mechanics

The U.S. Navy is calling on industry to present ideas for its Large Unmanned Surface Vehicle (LUSV) ship. The Navy wants ten LUSV ships in five years. The ships would function as scouts for the main battle fleet, carrying sophisticated radar and sonars or floating magazines packing extra anti-air and cruise missiles. Above all, the ships will do what proponents ... Read More »

Texas university to build $130M complex to test Army’s combat tech | Defense News

A Texas university will be home to a $130 million combat development complex used by Army Futures Command. Texas A&M University System’s RELLIS campus in Bryan will be the new home to accelerator space, laboratories and offices for the four-star command. The announcement was made in a news release Thursday after the board of regents authorized the contract. The building ... Read More »

The network tech that U.S. Special Operations Command likes | C4ISRNET

Connectivity is key to the success of U.S. Special Operations Command, so SOCOM wants cutting-edge technologies to help ensure safe and seamless communications. New tools allow leaders to better manage network traffic and help to meet the need for near-real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data. This in mind, SOCOM is exploring the potential for new radios and new tactical networked ... Read More »

How uncertainty in the cyber domain changes war | Fifth Domain

Uncertainty clouds the cyber domain. The ability to blur where attacks originated raises questions about how to strike back, while cyber weapons are changing the theory of deterrence. Discussions swirl throughout the globe about whether cyberattacks constitute acts of war and whether they warrant a military response. In 2011, the Pentagon decided that they would. “It’s very easy to say ... Read More »

A ban on Chinese tech is on the books. Are feds ready? | Federal Times

Federal agencies have less than a week to update their upcoming and in-process contracts to include provisions that prohibit telecommunications equipment or services — or components of equipment or services — that are produced by Huawei Technologies Company, ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company or Dahua Technology Company. The interim rule added to the Federal Acquisition ... Read More »

Lockheed space exec talks future space endeavors | C4ISNET

Lockheed Martin is intricately tied to the Pentagon’s future space endeavors. The giant defense contractor has deals for the Air Force’s next-generation missile warning satellites, it’s new batch of GPS satellites and the current generation of protected communication space vehicles. But the national security space community is changing fast. Space is now viewed as a war-fighting domain, a far cry ... Read More »

SOCOM Plans New Artificial Intelligence Strategy | National Defense

Advancements in technology are spurring Special Operations Command to examine how it can improve its artificial intelligence capabilities on a data-driven battlefield. “We really wanted to focus on growing the discipline,” David Spirk Jr., the organization’s chief data officer, said during a speech at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association. This “applies to ... Read More »