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Special Finds

The Army is looking for a new machine gun, and the Marines might get a new caliber, too | Military Times

The army is working on a multiyear study on replacing the platoon-level machine gun, the M240. The decision was ‘threat-based’ after it was reported that enemy weapons were outraging the 5.56 mm weapons of the infantry squad in close combat. There are plenty of considerations that need to play into the decision since SOCOM is looking for a machine gun ... Read More »

The Templar hermitage at the heart of the Iberian Peninsula | BBC Travel

The 12th Century hermitage of San Bartolomé de Ucero was built with rich architectural elements of the Templar symbolism. It was said to be the ‘place of power’ for the Templar and also for the Romans in the canyon of Rio Lobos. The design was constructed with Romanesque and early Gothic styles and was believed that the chapel’s interior columns ... Read More »

US Air Force opens new space lab | C4ISRNET

US Air Force opened Deployable Structures Laboratory (DeSel) on Oct 29, 2020, as part of their efforts of a lab focused on developing materials for new deployable space structures. The lab includes specialized equipment and a climate-controlled, vibration-isolated laboratory capable of testing spacecraft structures up to 20-by-15 meters. “AFRL has led the development of high strain composites for deployed spacecraft ... Read More »

You can now rock workout gear in the PX, no matter what your first sergeant says | Task & Purpose

Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that service members are now allowed to wear their PT gear while shopping at base exchanges. This is provided the ‘attire is clean, serviceable and in good condition and appropriately modest’. However, the memo released that “Secretaries of the Military Departments are authorized to make exceptions to this policy for Service members based on mission requirements ... Read More »

The feds just seized Silk Road’s $1 billion stash of bitcoin | ARS Technica

Silk Road and Ulbricht were among the most popular online crime figures in Internet history. Ars reported on Wednesday that a mysterious hacker identified as Individual X transferred close to $1 billion in bitcoin out of a wallet likely associated with the Silk Road crime. The seizure came two days after blockchain analysts noticed the unusual activity. The unknown hacker didn’t return ... Read More »

Who is Christopher C. Miller, the new acting US Secretary of Defense? | Fox News

Christopher C. Miller began his military career in 1983 as an enlisted Infantryman before becoming a commissioned Infantry officer in 1987. He later transferred to Special Forces and served in multiple special operations organizations throughout his career. Miller has now been appointed as the acting US Secretary of Defense, which was unanimously confirmed by the Senate. He will be formally ... Read More »

Navy offers retention bonuses up to $125,000 for eligible special warfare officers | Navy Times

Eligible Naval special warfare officers could receive a retention bonus for $125,000 for three or five years of service. You must have a minimum of 15 years of active-duty commissioned service and an officers with designators 1130 or 1137. Eligible offices must receive endorsements from commanding officers and have it submitted to the Naval Special Warfare Retention Bonus program manager. ... Read More »

Kosovo leader Thaci in Hague detention over war crimes charges | BBC News

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci resigned from office to face war crimes charges during Kosovo’s 1998-1999 independence war against Serbia. He said his resignation would “defend the integrity of the state” while on trial. A special prosecutor accused Mr. Thaci and others of being “criminally responsible” for 100 murders during the war and are now being held in detention in The ... Read More »

US Marines officially training in Taiwan for 1st time since 1979 | Taiwan News

The Marine raiders and the Taiwanese Marines will be working together in training on various skills like assault boats and speed infiltration. To start this new training both had to jump through hoops of making sure it would be safe with the rise of COVID-19. To do this they quarantined for two weeks before being with the Taiwanese troops. Source: ... Read More »

GySgt Danny Draher: From New York to Force Recon, from Marine Raider to family man | We Are the Mighty

GySgt Danny Draher shares his inspiring life story in the military and now as a family man. He was a seasoned former Reconnaissance Marine and current Marine Raider with more than eighteen years in the Marine Corps. In this interview, he also shares a few tips and advice for someone interested in pursuing the special operations community. Source: https://www.wearethemighty.com/mighty-culture/gysgt-danny-draher-interview/ Read More »