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The Marine Corps has launched two investigations into its deadliest AAV training accident ever | Task & Purpose

The recent AAV Marine training accident is now being investigated by the Marine Corps in two investigations. One vehicle docking onboarded a lot of water and sank. 13 other AVV’s joined in on a training with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The investigations are tricky and are estimated to take weeks or even months. The investigations will be conducted to ... Read More »

Could bartering become the new buying in a changed world? | BBC Worklife

With the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, there is a growing opportunity for barter exchange. “The same thing happened during the Great Recession. When times get harder, people turn to barter.” says Shera Dalin, co-author of The Art of Barter. Other people take advantage of bartering time or professional services where barter members can exchange their professional services for barter credit, which they can then use ... Read More »

Microsoft Word Now Does Voice Transcription
And Other Small Business Tech News | Forbes

Microsoft released an Office 365 feature named Transcribe in Word. This enables you to upload various audio files or record your voice commands transcribed into a Word document. This will also be a great benefit for disabled employees and workers. Technological innovations continue as we adapt to changes and develop smarter solutions in our everyday life. Other tech companies have ... Read More »

A 59-year-old Army and Marine vet, who served in Afghanistan, just graduated Army basic combat training | Army Times

Staff Sgt. Monte L. Gould is former Marine and Army Civil Affairs soldier who retired in 2009 to spend more time with his family. However, he later decided to start the reenlistment processes with the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion in Nevada where his son currently serves. At the age of 59, Gould just graduated Army basic training and his ending ... Read More »

Artificial pancreas effectively controls type 1 diabetes in children age 6 and up | Science Daily

A clinical trial on an artificial pancreas done in four pediatric diabetes centers effectively controlled type 1 diabetes for children. 101 children participated in the experiment for four months. The artificial pancreas is also known as closed-loop control where it tracks blood glucose levels using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and automatically delivers the insulin when needed using an insulin pump. This “all-in-one” diabetes management system hopes to replace ... Read More »

Neuralink: Elon Musk unveils pig with chip in its brain | BBC News

Elon Musk is working with scientists on his start-up Neuralink to demonstrate his ambitious plans to create a working brain-to-machine interface. It recently displayed their trial with a pig called Gertrude that has a coin-sized computer chip in her brain. The processor in Gertrude’s brain sends wireless signals showing neural activity in her snout when searching for food. The system ... Read More »

The remote hideout of the World Bank | BBC Travel

Opened in 1902, the Mount Washington Hotel was built by Joseph Stickney during the Gilded Age leisure boom. It stands in Bretton Woods where you can view Mount Washington and the White Mountains’ Presidential Range. The hotel was where the Bretton Woods Conference was held which resulted in the creation of The International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Many government ... Read More »

WWII veteran Richardson Tritt honored on 100th birthday | Cape Gazette

World War II veteran Richardson C. Tritt celebrated his 100th birthday on Aug. 20 at his Dover home. He served as a member of the Marine Corps Raiders during his time from July of 1942 to January 1945. Two legislative tributes were presented for Tritt’s military as well as his teaching and coaching service for men’s and women’s sports. “I would do it all over again,” said Tritt. Source: https://www.capegazette.com/article/wwii-veteran-richardson-tritt-honored-100th-birthday/207325 Read More »

The Marine Corps is still looking for more female officers to attempt its infantry course | Marine Corps Times

The Marine Corps is looking for more female infantry officers, according to an administrative message released in early August. This is in lieu of Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger’s goal of gender diversity among infantry officers. It is also an opportunity for officers to have a lateral move from their current military occupational specialty into the infantry field. This change is in the hopes ... Read More »

Search for WWII soldier who left his name in a Dutch cave turns up some leads | Stars & Stripes

Last month local resident Walther Odekerken discovered an inscription in a cave in Valkenburg that stated “Wm. Thompson,” aka “Gimpy Joe,” from “Pgh, Pa” and was dated 9-17-44. This is the same day that Allie troops liberated the town from occupied Germans. Ever since he has been attempting to discover who the soldier was and reach their family. Currently this ... Read More »