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Amid devastated economy, job mentorship crucial for veterans, report finds | Military.com

Veterans are facing continuous problems on underemployment where they find work unsuited for their skills. Adding up the distress brought by the pandemic, veterans have a harder time coping with entering the workforce. A report shows a recommendation for a corporate mentorship program at American Corporate Partners (ACP) in which civilian business leaders would advise a veteran once a month for a year on navigating the job market. ACP mentors will assist veterans on how to “translate ... Read More »

This helicopter is the predecessor of the stealth Black Hawk from the bin Laden raid | We Are the Mighty

An online photo was released over the internet of what looks to be an image of a forerunner of the stealthy Black Hawk from Osama Bin Laden raid. According to an anonymous source, the aircraft is a YEH-60A at Edwards Air Force Base in 1989 or 1990. The source mentioned that the aircraft was nicknamed the “Black Blackhawk”. Even though the modern aircrafts flown by the 160th SOAR are not seen with any stealth kit, the release of ... Read More »

Does this river hold the key to life on Mars? | BBC Travel

Spain’s Rio Tinto, the Red River, was believed to have its strange rust-red hue as a result of polluted runoff from large-scale excavations that ended in 2001. Researchers recently found out that the source of the river’s color is from its chemical makeup similarly related to the planet Mars. The Red Planet and Red River both contain Jarosite and large quantities of methane gas. Digging deep under the river’s acidic base, scientists ... Read More »

U.S. Special Operations to order XM1162 armor-piercing ammunition | Defense Blog

Black Hills Ammunition Incorporated will be awarded by USSOCOM a one time, sole-source supply to meet the requirements for the .338 Norma Magnum ammunition. The XM1162 is an advanced version of the .338 Norma Magnum cartridge developed for the Advanced Sniper Rifle System. The new rifle sniper cartridge with an armor-piercing bullet is used against exposed and sheltered enemy personnel and light armored vehicles when fired from long-range precision sniper ... Read More »

True size of prehistoric mega-shark finally revealed | Science Daily

Jack Cooper together with colleagues from the University of Bristol and Swansea University reveals the estimated size of the legendary giant shark Megalodon who lived from 23 to around three million years ago. The new study shows it is twice the length of a Great White Shark with fins that are as large as an adult human. The reconstruction of the size of Megalodon’s body parts may ... Read More »

Austal USA delivers US Navy’s EPF ship | Naval Technology

This Expeditionary Fast Transport (EFP) ship helps operate in shallow waterways that can be used in disaster relief, support for special operations forces, command and control, and primary medical operations.  Austal USA has delivered the 12th EPF ship, USNS Newport (EPF 12), to the US Navy. The EPF features a 1,800m² cargo deck, medium-lift helicopter deck, and can accommodate over 300 seated embarked troops. Source: https://www.naval-technology.com/news/austal-usa-delivers-us-navys-epf-ship/ Read More »

US withdrawing nearly half of its troops from Iraq | Task & Purpose

The U.S. will be withdrawing about 2200 troops from their total of about 5200 overseas. Troops were deployed in order to defend against the Islamic State militant group, but the U.S. is confident that Iraq has obtained the ability to defend mostly by themselves. Marine General Frank Mackenzie, the head of U.S. Central Commands says “The U.S. decision is a ... Read More »

More than a million troops to get temporary pay hike with payroll tax deferral — but there’s a catch | Military Times

Troops earning less than $8,666.66 a month will receive an increase in their pay by a little over 6%. This increase was put in place by President Trump and will come from a Social Security payroll tax deferral. The repayment period will begin on January 1st and must be repaid over a span of four months. Currently, the increased pay ... Read More »

Physicists create city-sized ultrasecure quantum network | Scientific American

The need for a secure network is essential for military cyber defense. There has been a development over quantum cryptography to establish a fully encrypted network. Instead of building a quantum network in which nodes are physically connected to all the other nodes, the researchers created one with a central source that sends entangled photons. There are still issues that need to be reviewed like including distances larger than ... Read More »

The daring nun who hid and saved 83 Jewish children | BBC News

Ninety-year-old Hélène Bach shared her story of how she survived the Holocaust because of a fearless nun who saved her life when she was twelve years old along with her sister Annie. Sister Denise Bergon hid 83 Jewish children from the German occupation in her convent. The children were kept safe in the chapel floor under a trapdoor for five days. Sister Denise Bergon, who died at age 94 in ... Read More »