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Tired of Gmail? Try a privacy-first email provider | Wired

It is your place located in the virtual world that collects all your information and online presence in one place. It is important that your email is a place that is secure as things like log in information, purchases and flight information gets sent to. Wired has found a privacy first email provider that you might consider switching over to. ... Read More »

IS prisoner issue a ticking timebomb for the West | BBC News

Part of this is due to the capturing of so many IS militants. Those who belong to the terrorist group are being arrested in large numbers. However, some predict that escaped prisoners have started to regroup and are going to retaliate. This has become a huge security problem with no solution. Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-53428928 Read More »

2 couples who have turned vans into tiny homes share their best tips on how to get started in vanlife — and how to make a tiny space feel big enough to live in | Business Insider

In 2017, Sara and Alex James started living in their self-converted sprinter van. The couple made it into business and is now working with clients transforming their vans into a tiny home.  Sara shared that the most important thing about designing a camper van is ensuring that it is functional for your lifestyle. Picking the right van and prioritizing having ... Read More »

Scientists discover new penguin colonies from space | Science Daily

Images from the European Commission’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite found out that there are nearly 20% more emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica. These birds need sea ice to breed and they found out several colonies located up to 180 km offshore. Their habitat would provide a great indication of studies relating to the climate change globally and for monitoring the emperor ... Read More »

This is the first photo ever of a stealthy Black Hawk helicopter | The Drive

An unpublished photo was found about a heavily modified EH-60 electronic warfare and signals intelligence variant of the Black Hawk. This can be a clue relating to the Black Hawk helicopters used on the Bin Laden raid and stealthy Black Hawk design concepts dating back to the 1970s. The helicopter’s most notable features are the modifications to the nose, the ... Read More »

How the Oreo cookie went from unknown knock-off to the world’s most popular cookie, as a result of a sibling rivalry between baker brothers | Business Insider

Oreo was born out of a sibling rivalry between two baker brothers, Jacob and Joseph Loose. The tension deepens that they ended up running rivalry bakery companies. It was developed by Joseph’s company, Nabisco, which was inspired by the Hydrox cookie of Jacob’s company, Loose-Wiles Biscuit. Hydrox was thriving to consumers but in the 1950s, Oreo relaunched with better marketing strategy. Nabisco ... Read More »

Scientists develop new way to deliver more drugs through the skin | Science Daily

New research by scientists from Nanyang Technological University discovered applying “temporal pressure” to the skin of mice can create an alternative way to deliver drugs. The method used two magnets brought together to pinch and apply pressure to a fold of skin leading to short term changes in the skin barrier and form “micropores” underneath its surface. This allows drugs ... Read More »

Russian power lifter fractures both knees while attempting to squat nearly 900 pounds | CNN

A video was posted by the WRPF on Facebook shows Sedykh in a lot of pain after he drops the 900-pound weight competing in the 2020 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WPRF) Championship. The competition was held in Russia near Moscow. Sedykh had to undergo 6-hour emergency surgery after fracturing both of his knees. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/13/world/alexander-sedykh-squat-injury-trnd/index.html Read More »

Don’t go to the dentist just yet, warns the World Health Organization | SFIST

According to the World Health Organization dentist offices might be a hot spot to catch COVID-19. This is due to all the face to face interaction and the difficulty of safe social distancing. WHO is warning people not to go to the dentist unless it is an emergency because of the risk. Source: https://sfist.com/2020/08/12/dont-go-to-the-dentist-just-yet-warns-the-world-health-organization/ Read More »

Agnes Chow: Hong Kong activist hailed as the ‘real Mulan’ | BBC News

A Hong Kong activist, Agnes Chow, is getting an influx of support as many compare her to the real-life Mulan for her heroic actions. She is one of the many being arrested for standing up to the government about the recent harsh new laws that prohibit freedom of speech. She was arrested for colluding with foreign forces, but now is ... Read More »