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China unveils ‘strategic emerging industries’ plan in fresh push to get away from US technologies | South China Morning Post

China has released that numerous emerging technology sectors will be heavily pursued in order to compete with the United States. They have vowed to “build a complete strategic industrial system via state planning and state investments.” Some of the areas of interest include 5G network, biotech, green technology, and robotics. This is similar to previous plans released by China, such ... Read More »

The Army wants to build a brand new exoskeleton to help soldiers ruck faster and harder | Task & Purpose

Army Futures Command is drafting out formal requirements for an infantry exoskeleton in November as confirmed by Ted Maciuba, deputy director of the robotic requirements division for Army Futures Command. This will allow Army Futures Command to pursue rapid prototyping of a brand-new exoskeleton to help soldiers become more effective with better capabilities. Army Futures Command is soliciting ideas from ... Read More »

From Princeville to the Pentagon; SGM reflects on prosperous career | DVIDS

Sgt. Maj. Edward A. Bell Sr. concludes his 33 years of service in the Army during his retirement ceremony last Sept. 18 at the Lee Club. Bell was the senior enlisted advisor in the Pentagon office that helps shape sustainment policy and plays a key role in managing the large portfolio of programs and projects. Lt. Col. Denis Fajardo said ... Read More »

He buried a treasure in the mountains, and someone found it. Or did they? | The Guardian

Forrest Fenn, an eccentric millionaire, started a treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains. He self-published a memoir in 2010 containing clues to the treasure and many people had sought to find the chest. Fenn died of natural causes last Monday at the age of 90.  Brave souls have come unaccomplished that some went into accidents, or worse, death. The approximate worth of the treasure is around $1M – $3M.  On June 6, Fenn announced ... Read More »

USS Montana: Meet the U.S. Navy’s latest stealth submarine | National Interest

A Virginia-class submarine USS Montana (SSN 794) is expected to be delivered to the US Navy late next year. Construction of the submarine started in 2015, which is being assembled by more than 10,000 shipbuilders from Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding Division and its partner, General Dynamics Electric Boat. It is the second U.S. Navy vessel which is designed as a flexible, multi-mission platform that can carry out anti-submarine, anti-surface, strike, and irregular ... Read More »

Mozambique’s jihadists and the ‘curse’ of gas and rubies | BBC News

Insurgents are increasing in numbers in Mozambique. Mozambican troops are failing to recapture Cabo Delgado, a land with rich natural gas reserves and ruby deposits in Africa, against the Islamic militants. The government has hired foreign mercenaries, while the insurgents are recruiting more members by exploiting the poverty of young people in the north of Mozambique. They are receiving training in ... Read More »

76 years ago, the Allies launched the largest airborne attack ever. Here’s how it all went wrong | Task & Purpose

During World War II, a mission coded as Operation Market Garden was the largest airborne attack in history. This was led by Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery and was undertaken by First Allied Airborne Army with the land operation by XXX Corps of the British Second Army. Their main objective is to secure the bridges in the German territory and to allow a rapid advance by armored ground units to consolidate. But controversial decisions and unfavorable ... Read More »

There won’t be a clear end to the pandemic | The Atlantic

The pandemic has put a hold on many of our personal, travel, or business plans. People look forward to the announcement of a vaccine as the key to start going back to the way it used to be. The post-pandemic period we are longing for will likely be a slow fade into the new normal. As written by Sarah Zhang, “it certainly will not immediately return life to normal;” the availability of ... Read More »

When to stop working from home? How about never, workers say | Bloomberg

Some companies are requiring their employees to go back to the office, but this has become a topic of discussion because workers are being accustomed to the setup of working at home. Surveys have shown that most workers found a positive view from work-from-home and they would only like to have a mix of going to the office at least twice a week. Nearly two-thirds of workers say they are more productive working in this kind of setup, even ... Read More »

‘Steely eyed killers’ no more: What will the Corps’ culture look like under a new force design? | Marine Corps Times

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David Berger proposed a new force design that made retired Marine experts worry that the aggressive warrior ethos of the Corps has been put at risk. The force design plan has led to the Corps eliminating tanks, along with a restructure of Marine Corps infantry to make it smaller, lighter, and more mobile. Mark Cancian, a ... Read More »