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GySgt Danny Draher: From New York to Force Recon, from Marine Raider to family man | We Are the Mighty

GySgt Danny Draher shares his inspiring life story in the military and now as a family man. He was a seasoned former Reconnaissance Marine and current Marine Raider with more than eighteen years in the Marine Corps. In this interview, he also shares a few tips and advice for someone interested in pursuing the special operations community. Source: https://www.wearethemighty.com/mighty-culture/gysgt-danny-draher-interview/ Read More »

9 of the best survival knives money can buy | Task & Purpose

A solid survival knife must be both durable and versatile. These knives come handy and are designed to assist when outdoors or bushcraft, whether it is hunting, camping, or simply persevering in the wilderness. If you are looking for the best survival knives, here are nine recommendations for you. Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/gear-tech/best-survival-knives-2020 Read More »

What it’s like to get locked out of Google indefinitely | Business Insider

Cleroth, a game developer who asked not to use his real name, shared his experience in the implications of getting locked out of Google accounts. His account was suspended because he was said to violate the terms of service. He lost access to his personal and material information like emails, photos, documents, and diagrams that he had developed. He also lost ... Read More »

Business in discarded US military goods is booming as Kandahar base empties out | Stars & Stripes

With the decision of the US pulling out troops in Afghanistan and shutting down bases as part of a Feb. 29 deal struck with the Taliban, vendors at Kabul’s Bush Bazaar takes advantage of received goods from Bagram Airfield and other bases. They said more items have been thrown out from U.S. bases during the past two months leading to ... Read More »

Pig ear sandwich: An iconic dish of the American South | BBC Travel

The Big Apple Inn is a soul food joint in the Farish Street of Jackson, Mississippi. Their famous dish is their pig ear sandwich. Loyal customers come back with their crispy and tasty pork flavors. Pig ears are an important part of African American cuisine and it was Juan “Big John” Mora’s idea to incorporate these dishes that their community ... Read More »

China appears to be testing a brand-new military exoskeleton | Task & Purpose

China’s military appears to be scaling up and testing brand new exoskeletons to help soldiers in carrying heavy loads with ease. CCTV 7 channel showed footage of People’s Liberation Army soldiers at the country’s Wuxi Joint Logistic Support Centre using powered exoskeletons to carry 80 kg crates. Research analyst Samuel Bendett from the Center for Naval Analyses said to Task ... Read More »

The Pentagon is building a school to teach the force how to defeat drones | Defense News

The Pentagon is making plans in creating a training ground to teach the force in defeating drone threats. Creating a training element toward countering small drones is one part of the Pentagon’s larger effort to develop enduring C-sUAS. The academy is intended to provide basic-level instruction to every joint warfighter and begin the process of codifying “the doctrinal and training ... Read More »

From free tacos to haircuts and lube jobs, Veterans Day discounts and deals are waiting | Military Times

Most businesses are prepping up for Veterans Day to show their love and appreciation for their military service. Due to the pandemic, some restaurants may have protocols before dining in and it is suggested to make sure that you are aware of the changes before you go. Here is a list of discounts and freebies that comes in various sizes ... Read More »

Yokota Ghost Hunter Club members share their paranormal experiences at US airbase in Japan | Stars & Stripes

Yokota Ghost Hunter Club has more than 900 Facebook members who share their personal experiences and evidence of the spiritual realm. The club started when founder Alicia Adachi, found unusual activities in her garden unit, west from Yokota Air Base in 2012. It was a series of bizarre events that led her to seek confirmation from others who experienced paranormal ... Read More »

Soldiers, Marines finish first test of ruggedized ‘do-it-all’ augmented reality goggle | Army Times

The new augmented reality do-it-all goggles have passed the first field test put on by the US Army. Soldiers and Marines put the goggles through a 72-hour training test at Fort Pickett, Va. The goggles were used with mini drones, during a nighttime trench clearing exercise, navigation, and target acquisition. The goggles are built around the Microsoft HoloLens and include ... Read More »