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The US Navy is moving to put more ship-killer missiles on submarines | Defense News

The US Navy is looking to invest more in anti-ship cruise missiles on submarines in the Pacific, as confirmed by the head of U.S. Navy Submarine Forces. The submarines are packing with longer-range weapons like the Maritime Strike Tomahawk. It is one of three Block V variants of the Navy’s stalwart cruise missile currently in development. With the rising threat from China, ... Read More »

The Artsakh War brought about Armenia’s first all-women military unit | We Are the Mighty

The Artsakh War brought about the first all-women military unit formed in Armenia. It was spearheaded by Anna Hakobyan, the wife of the Prime Minister where she believes that there must be more opportunities in the military for women alike. Hakobyan created an elite unit of 13 females called the Erato Detachment. It is named under Armenian Queen Erato, who ruled during the turn of the Common Era. The Prime Minister of Armenia ... Read More »

‘We don’t want history to get lost:’ Fort Bragg soldier proposes way to preserve veteran photos | Stars & Stripes

Fort Bragg soldier Sgt. 1st Class Ashely Savage has proposed a new way for veterans, soldiers, and family members to share and save photos. Savage is a public affairs officer with the 3rd Special Forces Group and her idea started when veterans and organizations would send in photos to the military police brigade. “I realized the corps could use a ... Read More »

Teraanga: The word that defines Senegal | BBC Travel

Senegal is a country in West Africa where they always practice the culture of ‘teraanga.” Teraanga emphasizes generosity of spirit and sharing of material possessions in all encounters, even with strangers. The country is known as the “Land of Teraanga” as you would meet people spreading good vibes of looking up to their neighbor and sharing food. This is the Senegalese’s way of life and the true meaning of hospitality is embedded in their identity. ... Read More »

Is the new COVID tech consumer here to stay? | Medium: Steve Sinclair

The behaviors of consumers have dramatically shifted since COVID-19 happened. From online shopping to online grocery deliveries, we experienced an economy dependent and adapted to technology. It is observed that consumers are trying new technologies and brands and spending more on e-commerce over the past several months. This holds a promising future what these innovations can do to make our ... Read More »

Yosemite climber becomes first woman to free climb harrowing, 3,000-foot route in under 24 hours | San Francisco Chronicle

Emily Harrington inspired many women to chase a goal of what seems impossible. She is the first woman to climb the vertical rock formation of El Captain in Yosemite Valley in less than a day. She is up for the challenge to free climb the 3,000-foot granite wall beating a record in the climbing route called the Golden Gate. “The ... Read More »

The theremin: The strangest instrument ever invented? | BBC Culture

The theremin is an electronic musical instrument invented in the 1920s by Léon Theremin. Its’ futuristic sound involve the manipulation of electromagnetic fields around two antennae. The instrument is played without physical contact and players control sounds by moving hands and fingers around the antenna to raise or lower the tone, and up or down over a looped antenna to ... Read More »

Pentagon grappling with AI’s ethical challenges | National Defense

As the US military starts to transition from artificial intelligence with some of its capabilities, there is also an urgent concern to craft new policies to mitigate risks in inventing new technologies. “This is a technology that is increasingly intelligent, ever-changing, and increasingly autonomous, doing more and more on its own,” Peter Singer said. The Defense Department rolled out a ... Read More »

Do NASA’s lunar exploration rules violate space law? | Scientific American

However, different interpretations need to be resolved as some claim that this may have undermined the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. “The Artemis Accords are an attempt by the Americans to walk softly to legitimize their deviation from the Outer Space Treaty,” says Stephan Hobe. Other countries like Russia and China are not participating in this project as they believe ... Read More »

Scilly: Britain’s Mediterranean-like isles steeped in myth | BBC Travel

The Isle of Scilly in England is where is where King Arthur is rumored to be buried. This archipelago with 145 islands is surrounded by developing tourist spots with its vast nature and beaches. Colin Taylor decided to move and shared his story in his book, The Life of a Scilly Sergeant.  Scilly is part of the Duchy of Cornwall, ... Read More »