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North America

Statement by Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire | DNI.gov

Joseph Maguire

Statement by Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire today issued the following statement: “I have sworn an oath to the Constitution 11 times in my 36 years of public service and view it as a covenant with every American that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of my office. In ... Read More »

This hero airman saved a child’s life on the way to pick up an award for doing a bunch of other heroic things | Business Insider

US Air Force Tech. Sgt. Kenneth O'Brien

Tech. Sgt. Kenneth O’Brien, a special tactics section chief assigned to the 320th Special Tactics Squadron at Kadena Air Base in Japan, was named one of only a dozen “2019 Outstanding Airmen of the Year,” for a reason. O’Brien served as a member of President Donald Trump’s security detail for one of the summits with North Korean leader Kim Jong ... Read More »

Second World War heroes’ poignant return to Grafton Underwood airbase | North Hampshire Telegraph

World War II vets standing by a memorial

Former tail-gunner Henry Kolinek, 94, who flew 35 missions with the 544th Squadron; Henry Sienkiewicz, 97, who as a navigator was the bomb aimer flew 35 missions with the 545th Squadron, and 94-year-old Leonard Estrin, a ball-turret gunner who flew 17 missions with the 546th Squadron returned to the airfield to place wreaths in tribute to their fallen colleagues. All ... Read More »

1st Female Airman to Earn Ranger Tab Is Now Training for Disaster Response |  Military.com

1st Lt. Hibsch getting her Ranger tab

1st Lt. Chelsea Hibsch’s encore to being the first female airman to graduate from the Army Ranger School: training for short-notice disaster response and combat zone airfield prep worldwide. Hibsch’s accomplishment has resonated throughout the Air Force. On Monday at the conference, Lt. Gen. Jim Slife, commander of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), said: “That’s the caliber of airman” AFSOC is seeking. ... Read More »

SOCOM leaders want to reduce the load on operators to create ‘hyper-enabled’ operators | C4ISRNET

Military Tank with a Soldier aiming his gun

One of the most relevant SOCOM programs that could significantly benefit from machine learning and AI is the Hyper Enabled Operator concept.  In a May speech, Gen. Richard Clarke Clarke, the new head of SOCOM, described how machine learning and AI can provide operators with tactical advantages by increasing situational awareness, reducing cognitive loads and improving the decision-making process. For ... Read More »

What if operators stepped aside when it comes to leading across special operations? | Military Times 

Old school special operations forces guys sometimes recoil at the idea of injecting diversity into formations, but it’s necessary to keep the organization evolving and adapting to what comes next.  That might look like opening up recruitment from a wide range of military occupational specialties or letting a non-operator head up a task force. A service member has to hit ... Read More »

Mental health care is the key to keeping spec ops forces ready for the next fight | Military Times

Silhouette of Navy Seals

Lawmakers are warning that support for special operations deployments should not go away, and even more investment should be made in mental health care for special operations forces, other troops and veterans, and their families. If families truly start to break, the force starts to break.  Too often, there are no good options when SOF troops come home.  They survive ... Read More »

AFSOC Aims to Build Force-Wide Expeditionary Warfare Skills | Air Force Magazine

Air Force fighter jet dropping a bomb

AFSOC is traditionally seen more as a US Special Operations Command component than a piece of the Air Force, but that will change.  The new head of Air Force Special Operations Command says the niche organization will get closer to other parts of the service so the Air Force can wage war from austere locations across the globe—a traditionally special-operations ... Read More »

Navy SEAL acquitted of war crimes files lawsuit against ex-lawyers and military legal nonprofit | Baltimore Sun

Eddie Gallagher acquitted of murder in a closely-watched war crimes trial this summer filed a lawsuit against two of his former attorneys and a military legal defense non-profit. In the complaint, now Petty Officer 1st Class Edward R. Gallagher says his former attorneysalong with the nonprofit United American Patriots, failed to defend his case properly. Instead, the attorneys attempted to ... Read More »

JTAC to Get Air Force Cross for Valor in Deadly ISIS-K Firefight | Military.com

Special Ops Tech. Sgt. Daniel Keller doesn’t think his brave dash into the open during an ISIS firefight to help dead and wounded comrades is exceptional.  He believes it’s just what you do. Keller is set to receive the nation’s second-highest award for valor, the Air Force Cross, on Friday for his heroism in helping to medevac fallen troops during that ... Read More »