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North America

This former Ranger was just nominated to be the next Secretary of the Army | Task and Purpose

Ryan D. McCarthy standing in front of a flag

McCarthy was among the first boots on the ground during the invasion of Afghanistan. After graduating from the Virginia Military Institute, McCarthy went on to serve for five years, deploying to Afghanistan from October 2001-February 2002, and earning three Army Achievement Medals, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Ranger Tab, and Parachutist Badge, among others. In 2017, McCarthy ... Read More »

Female airman becomes first to earn Army Ranger tab | US Air Force

1st Lt. Hibsch getting her Ranger tab

Congratulations, 1st Lt. Hibsch!  Only around 300 Airmen across Air Force Specialty codes have earned the Ranger tab since 1955 and 1st Lt. Chelsey Hibsch is one of them. The Army Ranger Course is one of the Army’s toughest leadership courses, with a concentration on small-unit tactics and combat leadership. The course seeks to develop proficiency in leading squad and platoon ... Read More »

How special ops could exploit information people are already sharing online

Man in a dark room with several computers

With data being broadcasted everyday all over the internet, the US Special Operations Command has dedicated research toward keeping information secure. Researchers are currently looking at the potential for security to be breached  through biometric data such as fingerprints. Not only can it make it easier to identify users of digital media, but what people share on social media can ... Read More »

Passing the paramilitary torch from the CIA to Special Operations Command | Small Wars Journal

USSOCOM military leaders at a table

The American people deserve the most effective, efficient, and robust paramilitary capabilities that the nation can muster, and the U.S. government should compel the CIA and Defense Department to execute this recommended restructuring.  From a capabilities standpoint, U.S. Special Operations Command demonstrates comparable and, in some cases, superior capabilities of immediate applicability to paramilitary activities. Unbeknownst to many is the ... Read More »

Top Navy SEAL admiral fires entire leadership team of SEAL Team 7 | Task and Purpose

Silhouette of Navy Seals

Breakdown of good order and discipline led to the firing of the entire leadership team of SEAL Team 7.  This comes amid high-profile scandals in the SEAL community that has ignited a discussion amongst the senior ranks about ethics and discipline in the small force.  Though Navy Special Warfare doesn’t know if it is a culture problem, there is a good ... Read More »

Oldest player in college football is a CSU running back still on active duty in U.S. Army | The Coloradoan

Josh Griffin standing just outside a football stadium

Josh Griffin is a staff sergeant who has spent most of his 13 years in the Army working in special operations.  He has supported Green Berets and Rangers on missions he’s not allowed to talk about.  He has seen combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He’s also the oldest player on a major college football team in the country this year, nearly ... Read More »

5th Special Forces Group just went old school with their uniforms during a training exercise | Military Times

Military medic carrying a saline bag

Members of the US Army’s 5th Special Forces Group threw it back to the group’s Vietnam War days with an unusual and outrageously cool choice of uniform during a training exercise in Kentucky, back in mid-August. Instead of donning the customary OCP-patterned uniforms, popular with US Special Operations Command, the Legion’s Green Berets were photographed wearing the Vietnam-era tiger stripe ... Read More »

Former Navy SEAL enters Yale as a 52-year-old freshman | ABC News

James Hatch

VALOR comes in many forms.  From his nearly 26 years as a SEAL, the wound that ended his military career, his struggles with PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, to his acceptance into Yale through the Eli Whitney program – James Hatch has a story to tell that will inspire us all. He says heading to class as a freshman at ... Read More »

Air Force PJ receives Bronze Star for fighting off Taliban for hours while twice wounded | Task and Purpose

Sgt. Aaron Metzger receiving shaking hands while receiving awards

VALOR. Overcoming significant injuries from both grenade shrapnel and gunfire to save the lives of teammates.  On April 29th, 2018, Metzger was assigned to a helicopter assault aimed at a Taliban weapons facility. During a patrol before the attack on the terrorist group, members of the Taliban opened fire within a five meter radius. Metzger returned fire and rushed to ... Read More »

He received a Medal of Honor, 2 Silver Stars, 6 Bronze Stars, and 8 Purple Hearts en route to 115 confirmed kills | Military Times

Joe Ronnie Hooper

VALOR. Joe Ronnie Hooper’s service record remains one of the more difficult to fathom combat resumes in United States military history with two Silver Stars, six Bronze Stars, and eight Purple Hearts, among an abundance of other accolades.  One of them being a Medal of Honor Hooper earned for Herculean efforts during the Battle of Hue. Read his incredible story here: ... Read More »