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North America

Odenton resident apologizes for stolen valor, explains decades of lies about being a Navy SEAL, prisoner of war | Capital Gazette

Odenton resident Bob Pollock hopes everyone can forgive him for decades of lies about being a Navy SEAL and prisoner of war, and that they don’t damage the intent of the military and first responders monument he founded. “It tarnished the whole memorial and I’m ashamed of that because the intent was to honor all branches of the service, police ... Read More »

The 38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance is now available | Gen Berger USMC

The Commandant’s Planning Guidance (CPG) provides the 38th Commandant’s strategic direction for the Marine Corps and mirrors the function of the Secretary of Defense’s Defense Planning Guidance (DPG). It serves as the authoritative document for Service-level planning and provides a common direction to the Marine CorpsTotal Force. It also serves as a road map describing where the Marine Corps is ... Read More »

“Never Leave a Buddy Behind’ | Panama City News Herald

No one close to him knows exactly how Sgt. 1st Class Wilton “Pappy” White was removed from the Ranger Hall of Fame, which honors the best of the elite U.S. Army Rangers. There was, however, enough question about his mysterious removal nearly 20 years ago that the work of fellow Rangers and others in the intervening years got White reinstated ... Read More »

Navy SEAL climbs flagpole to fix American flag in viral video | Yahoo

A video of a Navy SEAL climbing a flagpole in order to fix a wayward American flag has gone viral, and the sign of respect isn’t just touching viewers — the SEAL who climbed the flagpole says that he had to “give it my all” for those who sacrificed their lives for their country. As Navy SEAL Dom Raso was ... Read More »

Last New Brunswick veteran of Devil’s Brigade dies at the age of 98 | Global News

Arthur “Art” Pottle is the last known Brunswicker to have served in a special Second-World-War military unit. Tim Roszell has more. Family and friends are gathering in Saint John to remember the life of Ret. Sgt. Arthur “Art” Pottle. Pottle passed away Sunday at the Ridgewood Veterans Wing. He was 98. He is the last known New Brunswicker to have ... Read More »

Navy SEALs and backpack nukes: US special operators once carried the fury of the atom in a sack | Loadout Room

Thanks to decades’ worth of cultural pressure on the international stage, most nations view the use of nuclear weapons in war as a reprehensible act. Today’s nuclear nations, by and large, ascribe to a model of deterrence: Put simply, our nukes stop them from using their nukes. Although posturing can get quite a bit more complicated than that, mutually assured ... Read More »

Military studies ‘hyperfit’ women who pass grueling courses | Journal Star

In the nearly four years since the Pentagon announced it was opening all combat jobs to women , at least 30 have earned the Army Ranger tab, two have graduated Marine infantry school and three have passed the grueling initial assessment phase for Green Beret training. Their numbers are small, but their completion of some of the military’s most arduous ... Read More »

‘Only two of us were not shot or dying’: Airman to receive Silver Star for Afghanistan heroism| Stars and Stripes

It was 15 minutes from the first gunshot to the arrival of air support. In that time, as enemy machine gun fire sprayed bullets from 50 meters away, Air Force Technical Sgt. Michael Perolio tended to three wounded soldiers, found a route to safety and called in air and ground support. “He got me out of quite possibly the worst ... Read More »

Crofton man behind veterans’ memorial faked being a Navy SEAL | Capital Gazette

Bob Pollock became known as perhaps one of the most dedicated people around Crofton, committed to honoring those who serve the nation. It only made sense, as the creator of the Two Rivers community monument told neighbors and friends he was a former Navy SEAL and had been a prisoner of war. Except he wasn’t. Pollock dedicated a monument to ... Read More »