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The UK Is Prepping Its Special Forces to Fight Russia’s “Little Green Men” | National Interest

The core of Britain’s special forces is the Special Air Service (SAS) regiment, the Special Boat Service (SBS) and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), which carries out covert surveillance. The SRR’s mission would expand under the new plan. Britain is giving its vaunted special forces a special job: fighting little green men, gray wars and black ops. All these colors ... Read More »

‘He was so lonely’: D-Day veteran who struggled in the US finds new home in Normandy | Stripes

D-Day vet Charles Shay was living alone last year on Indian Island, Maine, struggling through a rough winter, long stretches of isolation and declining health. A friend from across the Atlantic was worried. “I told him you can’t continue this way,” said Marie-Pascale Legrand, 57, of Bretteville-l’Orgueilleuse, a village in Normandy. “I asked his tribe to help and nobody did ... Read More »

Russian Troops Will Be Getting Tactical Bomb Drones | Defense One

Having learned from ISIS attacks in Syria, Russia is rushing to put armed drones on the front lines. Following in the footsteps of U.S. Marines and Special Forces, the Russian military is looking to outfit soldiers with small multi-rotor drones armed with explosives, the Russian Defense Ministry told Russian news site Izvestia. “It is planned that the new flight vehicles ... Read More »

Gosberton’s World War II Auxiliary Unit specially trained to resist Nazi German invasion during Second World War | Spalding Today

The search is on to uncover a “secret army” of resistance fighters specially trained to stop Gosberton falling into Nazi German hands during World War II. Researchers are trying to find out more about Auxiliary Units set up by wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, including one in Gosberton that was made up of six men who were ready to act ... Read More »