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Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say | MSN

Silhouettes of soldiers

After a destabilization campaign in Moldova, the poisoning of an arms dealer in Bulgaria, and an assassination attempt of a former Russian spy in Britain, it is becoming more clear that these events have been orchestrated by Russia. An elite unit inside the Russian intelligence system specifically meant for subversion, sabotage, and assassination is being used to destabilize Europe altogether. ... Read More »

4th Global Special Operations Forces Symposium in Europe | Army Recognition

Global SOF Foundation Logo

Organized in Brussels by the Global SOF Foundation, the event gathered an impressive array of participants, both from the Special Operations world and the defense industry. Speakers ranged from the Secretary General of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. David Hobbs, to Rob de Wijk, the founder of The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. Take a look at some of the key ... Read More »

Irish Special Forces to begin deployment to Mali in coming days | Irish Times

Irish Special Forces Soldiers with gas masks in training

Deemed as the most dangerous UN mission in the world, members of the Army Ranger Wing, the special forces arm of the Irish Defense Forces, will depart in the days ahead on a deployment to Mali. Minister of State at the Department of Defence Paul Kehoe, who met the Army Ranger wing personnel on Friday ahead of their departure, said ... Read More »

SAS mothballs its state-of-the-art base and reduces training schedule | Daily Mail

A helicopter taking off

An overstretched defense budget has forced the Special Air Service to mothball its state-of-the-art base and reduce its training schedule.  The camp has effectively been closed by limiting helicopter flights to and from the barracks, as well as having civilian workers take their summer leave at the same time as soldiers.  Thousands of computers and lights were disconnected.  Accommodation blocks, ... Read More »

1 serviceman dead in raid to seize ex-Kyrgyz president | Yahoo News

Kyrgyz forces were reported pulling out of a village after an unsuccessful raid to try to arrest the country’s ex-president at his residence in an operation that left one serviceman dead and more than 40 people injured. The raid at former president Almazbek Atambayev’s residence south of Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek began Wednesday evening and continued into the pre-dawn hours. ... Read More »

French Foreign Legion marksmen win US Army Europe sniper contest | Stars and Stripes

After a week of grueling physical tests and precision marksmanship, sharpshooters of the French Foreign Legion emerged as the winners of the U.S. Army’s 2019 European Best Sniper Team Competition. More than 30 teams from 17 countries participated in the annual competition, hosted by the U.S. and Latvian armies. During the event, the teams had to hike 12 miles with ... Read More »

“Win and come back!”: The legendary Alpha Special Forces is 45 years old | Teller Report

45 years ago in the USSR the legendary group “A” was formed, which is now better known as “Alpha”. The founding father of the special forces is considered the chairman of the KGB, Yuri Andropov. The decision to create it was taken on the eve of the 1980 Summer Olympics to ensure security in the territory of the Soviet Union. ... Read More »

Full gear of Ukraine’s SOF troop costs $15,000, while in U.S. it’s $100,000 | Unian

Full gear of each Ukrainian Special Operations Forces serviceman costs US$15,000, that’s according to SFO Commander Ihor Luniov, who compared it to the American analog costing up to $100,000. Speaking at a Kyiv briefing on Wednesday on the 3rd anniversary of SOF founding in Ukraine, Luniov noted that, as of today, the SOF had all Soviet-type SSO sniper rifles replaced ... Read More »

Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces to phase out Soviet weapons in next few years | Kyiv Post

he Special Operations Forces (SOF) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are planning to integrate into NATO’s collective security system in the next three or four years, over which period they will abandon Soviet weapons and ammunition, SOF commander Ihor Luniov said. “The tasks set for the short- and medium-term… We will definitely implement measures on our further integration into the ... Read More »