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US Special Forces operator killed in Afghanistan after failed peace talks | Independent

American flag with flowers

The soldier is the 17th American service member to die during combat operations in 2019, already marking this year’s death toll as the highest since 2014.  This comes a little over a week after the Taliban promised more American deaths after Donald Trump declared that he had called off previously unannounced peace talks with the organization at Camp David. Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-soldier-afghanistan-pentagon-peace-talks-a9107936.html Read More »

Special Forces destroy one of the biggest bomb-making factories of Taliban in Ghazni | Khaama Press News Agency

Military Tank with a Soldier aiming his gun

The Afghan Special Forces discovered and destroyed one of the biggest bomb factories of Taliban during an operation in Ghazni province.  They also confiscated and destroyed 165 improvised explosive devices, along with  a large amount of vehicles, firearms, and ammunition. Source: https://www.khaama.com/special-forces-destroy-one-of-the-biggest-bomb-making-factories-of-taliban-in-ghazni-04043/ Read More »

Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes | BBC

Fires in Saudi Arabia

Two major Saudi Arabia oil facilities were set ablaze by drones Saturday. Saudi Arabia is said to be shutting down around half of its oil output.  Though the two fires have been controlled, it is unsure the extent of the damage and whether it will impact oil prices but Saudi Arabia is said to be shutting down around half of ... Read More »

Afghan special forces fully clear 2 districts of Taliban militants in Farah and Takhar | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan Special Forces Soldiers

The Afghan Special Operations forces fully cleared two districts of Taliban militants in Farah and Takhar provinces, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants. Source: https://www.khaama.com/afghan-forces-fully-clear-2-districts-of-taliban-militants-in-farah-and-takhar-04032/   Read More »

Airstrikes kill 12 Taliban and ISIS-K militants, destroy multiple caches of weapons | Khaama Press News Agency

US fighter jet

The security forces carried out a series of airstrikes against Taliban and ISIS Khurasan militants in five provinces killing at least 12 militants and destroying weapons caches. Source: https://www.khaama.com/airstrikes-kill-12-taliban-and-isis-k-militants-destroy-multiple-caches-of-weapons-04029/ Read More »

U.S. airstrikes inflict heavy casualties on Taliban militants in Paktiya province | Khaama Press News Agency

US fighter jet

Heavy casualties were inflicted by U.S. forces with a series of airstrikes in Paktiya province and Aab Band district of Ghazni province, killing at least 17 Taliban militants and wounded 13 others.  Gul Nazar, Qari Jamal alias Fedayee and Najeeb, the three local commanders of Taliban in Paktiya were also killed. Source: https://www.khaama.com/u-s-airstrikes-inflict-heavy-casualties-on-taliban-militants-in-paktiya-province-04021/ Read More »

Special Forces kill, detain 11 militants in latest raids against Taliban, ISIS groups | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan special forces soldiers standing in a semi circle

The Afghan Special Forces killed at least 9 Taliban militants during an operaiton in Giro district and detained 2 Taliban militants during an operation in Nerkh district of Wardak province.  Special Forces also destroyed a cache of weapons belonging to Taliban in Baraki Barak district and a drug cache of ISIS terrorist group during a patrol in Chaparhar. Source: https://www.khaama.com/special-forces-kill-detain-11-militants-in-latest-raids-against-taliban-isis-groups-04006/ Read More »

US-led coalition hits ISIS ‘infested’ island in Iraq with 80,000 pounds of munitions | ABC News

Aerial view of airstrikes

80,000 pounds of munitions were dropped on Quanus Island by U.S. F-15 and F-35 aircrafts to disrupt ISIS fighters. This was followed by Iraqi Special Forces ground clearance to destroy a major ISIS transit hub.   Source: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/us-led-coalition-hits-isis-infested-island-iraq/story?id=65510568 Read More »

Afghan forces recapture Yamgan district of Badakhshan after almost 4 years | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan military tanks

The Afghan forces recaptured Yamgan district of Badakhshan province after almost four years.  According to a statement released by Ministry of Defense, the security forces conducted airstrikes and ground operations during which they recaptured Yamgan district from Taliban after almost four years.  The statement further added that the security forces also inflicted heavy casualties on local and foreign Taliban militants ... Read More »

19 Taliban militants killed, detained in Special Forces raids in Kabul and other provinces | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan Special Forces Soldiers

The Afghan Special Forces conducted multiple operations in Kabul and other provinces, killing or detaining at least 19 Taliban militants.  Several weapons caches were also destroyed in Jaghatu, Nerkh, Ghazni City, and Khas Uruzgan. Source: https://www.khaama.com/19-taliban-militants-killed-detained-in-special-forces-raids-in-kabul-and-other-provinces-03986/ Read More »