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The Danger of Abandoning Our Partners | The Atlantic – General Joseph Votel

Soldiers with guns

“The abrupt policy decision to seemingly abandon our Kurdish partners could not come at a worse time. The decision was made without consulting U.S. allies or senior U.S. military leadership and threatens to affect future partnerships at precisely the time we need them most, given the war-weariness of the American public coupled with ever more sophisticated enemies determined to come ... Read More »

US troops come under fire from Turkish artillery in Syria | American Military News

Military soldiers running through fire, superheroes

US troops in the vicinity of Kobani in Syria faced an explosion caused by artillery fire. Turkish troops aimed just a few hundred meters away from the Security Mechanism Zone where they knew US soldiers to be present. While no troops were injured or withdrawn from the area, statements have warned Turkey not to pull the US into defensive actions ... Read More »

What happened when the VC attacked a Special Forces base  | We are the Mighty

Black and white photo of The Civil Irregular Defense Group compound at Loc Ninh.

It was a small airbase on the border with Cambodia that bordered a town of 6,000 that survived on the proceeds of local rubber plantations, a town targeted by the 9th Division of the North Vietnam regiment to humiliate its president-to-be. The airbase was guarded by a few hundred South Vietnamese regulars supported by 11 U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers. ... Read More »

Who Are the ISIS Fighters in Custody, and How Can They Be Repatriated? | Homeland Security Today

Isis prisoners

What to do with terrorist fighters held in SDF territory is certainly a pressing issue.  The SDF has been struggling with ill-equipped and overcrowded prisons and is facing threats of an invasion from Turkey. If SDF is attacked by Turkey, it leaves room for the prisons to be vulnerable and for terrorists to escape. Leaders in Syria say they are ... Read More »

Turkey unleashes airstrikes against Kurds in north-east Syria | The Guardian

A fire from a bomb

Turkey just launched an attack into north-eastern Syria aiming for US-backed Kurdish forces, but civilians were caught in the middle of the airstrikes. Video footage shows towns covered in smoke, and reports say that seven civilians have already been killed. The attack was triggered just after president Trump said he would withdraw troops from the region, and the UN security ... Read More »

Major al-Qaida leader killed in joint US-Afghan raid | Military Times

Two soldier pointing guns in smoke

The main intelligence department of Afghanistan, the National Directorate of Security, tweeted that a joint US-Afghan raid resulted in the death of the Indian Subcontinent’s al-Qaida leader. A US official confirmed the report to be true, but so far no other details have been released. The NDS said that six other members, one being the courier for the core al-Qaida ... Read More »

Afghan Special Forces kill, detain 19 militants; destroy weapons caches in 4 provinces | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan military tanks

The Afghan Special Forces killed 4 Taliban militants and detained 15 others during the operations in the past 24 hours in Khoshamand district of Paktika, Farah, Giro district of Ghazni and Almar district of Faryab.  They also destroyed multiple caches of weapons. Source: https://www.khaama.com/afghan-special-forces-kill-detain-19-militants-destroy-weapons-caches-in-4-provinces-04202/  Read More »

Korean and American SOF Service Members Demonstrate Unity Through Combined Freefall Jump | DVID

Soldiers standing in field

The jumps were part of a four-day event designed to showcase both Korean and U.S. service members’ equipment and capabilities. The event is one of the largest military festivals in the world and attracts up to a million people each year. “This is a great opportunity for jumps with our Korean counterparts,” said Sgt. First Class Michael Lyons, SOCKOR special ... Read More »

Special Forces Airdropped in Kashmir’s Ganderbal forests after militants sighted on trek route to Srinagar  | Indian Defense News

A massive military operation to locate ‘hiding militants’ is underway in Gangbal forest areas of Ganderbal district in central Kashmir after the killing of two suspected insurgents. Elite Para-toppers of the Indian Army were airdropped in the mountainous region have spread across the mountainous terrain fearing that there might a big group of militants who infiltrated LoC from remote Gurez area ... Read More »

Russian Special Forces setup border crossing in Euphrates River Valley | Special Ops Magazine

Military soldiers running through fire, superheroes

The situation alongside the Euphrates River Valley is about to explode. The river is dividing Turkish and Kurdish forces and, in all that chaos, Russian Special Forces opened a new border crossing in the Valley. Earlier, a KTB media channel released photos and video footage showing the Russian Special Forces observing the construction of the new crossing. Source: https://special-ops.org/52026/russian-special-forces-setup-border-crossing-in-euphrates-river-valley/ Read More »