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Special Operations Forces News

Don’t believe your eyes (or ears):  The weaponization of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deepfakes  | War on the Rocks

man staring at a computer screen with information

Deepfakes, which are videos displaying damaging and counterfeited scenarios, are becoming a very real concern with the emergence of apps like FaceSwap. A prominent example came from a Reddit user who swapped a famous celebrity’s face with a woman in a pornography video which turned into a hearing at the House Intelligence Committee. Computer algorithms exist now that can mimic ... Read More »

DSG Technology unveils CAV-X, Supercavitating Ammunition for submerged Special Operation Forces  | Army Recognition

During a Global Special Operation Forces conference, DSG Technology released a new supercavitating ammunition with the ability to create an air bubble around itself while traveling through water. With less friction while moving through water, the ammunition can travel at high speeds and may be used the same way as torpedoes. The CAV-X will be able to hit submerged targets ... Read More »

Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say | MSN

Silhouettes of soldiers

After a destabilization campaign in Moldova, the poisoning of an arms dealer in Bulgaria, and an assassination attempt of a former Russian spy in Britain, it is becoming more clear that these events have been orchestrated by Russia. An elite unit inside the Russian intelligence system specifically meant for subversion, sabotage, and assassination is being used to destabilize Europe altogether. ... Read More »

Polisario-terrorism nexus unveiled once again | North Africa Post

Military Tank with a Soldier aiming his gun

The reward of 5 million dollars offered by the US to catch a former Polisario member and IS leader in Sahel vindicates once more Morocco’s fears of Polisario-run Tindouf camps becoming a target of recruitment by terrorist groups. Adnan Abou Walid al-Sahraoui, who is wanted by the US authorities with a generous price tag, is an ex-member of the Algeria-backed ... Read More »

Hundreds of Russian Mercenaries Now in Venezuela, US Admiral Says | Israel National News

soldiers getting on a plane at dusk

Hundreds of Russian mercenaries are in Venezuela to prop up the “illegitimate regime” of President Nicolas Maduro, who has announced his intention to go to North Korea to break out of the isolation imposed by the U.S. and its allies, Adm. Craig Faller, head of U.S. Southern Command, said Friday. “Russia, China and Iran — they’re there, they’re present, and ... Read More »

Korean and American SOF Service Members Demonstrate Unity Through Combined Freefall Jump | DVID

Soldiers standing in field

The jumps were part of a four-day event designed to showcase both Korean and U.S. service members’ equipment and capabilities. The event is one of the largest military festivals in the world and attracts up to a million people each year. “This is a great opportunity for jumps with our Korean counterparts,” said Sgt. First Class Michael Lyons, SOCKOR special ... Read More »

Special Forces Airdropped in Kashmir’s Ganderbal forests after militants sighted on trek route to Srinagar  | Indian Defense News

A massive military operation to locate ‘hiding militants’ is underway in Gangbal forest areas of Ganderbal district in central Kashmir after the killing of two suspected insurgents. Elite Para-toppers of the Indian Army were airdropped in the mountainous region have spread across the mountainous terrain fearing that there might a big group of militants who infiltrated LoC from remote Gurez area ... Read More »

Russian Special Forces setup border crossing in Euphrates River Valley | Special Ops Magazine

Military soldiers running through fire, superheroes

The situation alongside the Euphrates River Valley is about to explode. The river is dividing Turkish and Kurdish forces and, in all that chaos, Russian Special Forces opened a new border crossing in the Valley. Earlier, a KTB media channel released photos and video footage showing the Russian Special Forces observing the construction of the new crossing. Source: https://special-ops.org/52026/russian-special-forces-setup-border-crossing-in-euphrates-river-valley/ Read More »

ISIS Will Benefit from US Withdrawal, Says Michael Nagata | Defense One

Soldiers waiting for a helicopter

The surprise decision to pull U.S. troops from northern Syria will hurt U.S. intelligence-gathering, erode U.S.credibility, and help ISIS regrow, says retired 3 star Michael Nagata.  Nagata, who retired in August, has served as the Joint Staff’s deputy director of special ops and counterterrorism; commanded Special Operations Command Central, or SOCCENT, and played a key role in the Pentagon’s early efforts to train ... Read More »

Special Forces kill, wound 18 Taliban militants in Ghazni province | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan Special Forces Soldiers

The Afghan Special Forces conducted an operation in Ghazni province during which killed or wounded at least 18 Taliban militants in Deh Yak district  They also conducted artillery strikes in Qayaq Valley of Jaghatoo district and discovered and defused 5 improvised explosive devices during the operations in Ghazni and Paktika provinces. Source: https://www.khaama.com/special-forces-kill-wound-18-taliban-militants-in-ghazni-province-04191/ Read More »