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Special Operations Forces News

Two female airmen reclassify after attempting to complete Special Ops training | Military.com

Since all roles in the military were opened to everyone regardless of gender, very few women have been able to complete training and qualify for a SOF position. In March, it was reported that two women have completed the Special Warfare Prep Course, but the women are now being forced to reclassify after they were not selected to continue during ... Read More »

Army to pay $1.6 million to quiet noise complaints at Stuttgart area range | Stars & Stripes

Locals at the Stuttgart base in Germany have been complaining about hearing Special Operations members training all through the day and night. Complaints have been collected over the years about the noise of gunfire and now the military is having to pay to put up a noise barrier. They will put 1.6 million dollars towards a wall that will help ... Read More »

New facility to treat TBI, PTSD opens at Eglin Air Force Base | Air Force Times

The Intrepid Spirit Center is opening its doors to help active duty servicemembers with PTSD and TBI. This will be the 8th Intrepid Spirit Center to open and the new one is located at the Elign Air Force Base in Florida.¬† It is serving as a multi-care facility with the ability to care for around 200 servicemembers seeking outpatient care. ... Read More »

FSB and mercenaries as forbidden ground? Russian military expert convicted of treason | Belsat News

Neyelove has been accused of treason by a court in Saint Petersburg. He pled partially guilty to giving a German consulting company information in exchange for financial compensation about Russian FSB officers. This case is classified as top secret and the court doors were closed to the public. Source: https://belsat.eu/en/news/fsb-and-mercenaries-as-forbidden-ground-russian-military-expert-convicted-of-treason/ Read More »

Suspects in slay of soldier, 3 others surrender in Basilan | Rappler

Four members of the Barangay peacekeeping action teams surrendered to the 4th Special Forces battalion in Isabela City. They turned their weapons in and let officials know that they are aware of these claims and they are ready to face the consequences of their actions. Government troops are still pushing to find more potential suspects involved in the case. Source: ... Read More »

Navy SEALs testing out a new minisub designed for going toe-to-toe with China and Russia | Task & Purpose

Special Operations Command Maritime Program executive officer released that two 22-foot SEAL delivery vehicle mark elevens have been delivered to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for fleet familiarization. Ten more are going to be built. These vessels will be able to carry two crew members and four passengers. The navigation and payload abilities have also been upgraded. Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/military-tech/navy-seals-test-new-minisub-hawaii Read More »

Behind the top-secret Russian military intelligence unit accused of paying insurgents to kill Americans in Afghanistan | Fox News

Many¬†news outlets have¬†reported¬†that Russia¬†allegedly¬†has been paying ISIS¬†to kill American¬†soldiers. While President Donald Trump claims that this is not true,¬†some are looking¬†into the Russian Clandestine Military¬†Intelligence¬†Unit 29155.¬†This¬†unit is the unit¬†responsible¬†for many scandals, including the recent¬†rumor¬†of being¬†payed¬†to attack U.S. troops. According to analysts, this group is responsible for¬†assassinations¬†and¬†sabotage throughout history involving numerous nations. ¬† Source:¬†https://www.foxnews.com/world/russian-military-intelligence-unit-insurgents-kill-americans-afghanistan¬† Read More »

Germany disbands elite military unit after reports that officers used Hitler salute and privately stocked weapons | Independent UK

One elite military unit known as the KSK, is being¬†rebuilt¬†after many members of the unit were found¬†listening¬†to¬†neo-Nazi¬†music and doing the Hitler salute. Many explosives have¬†also¬†gone missing¬†in recent months. German¬†officials¬†have made it clear that far-right rhetoric and beliefs will not be tolerated. Around¬†600 soldiers are under fire¬†under claims that they are far alt-right.¬†¬† Source:¬†https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germany-disbands-military-unit-used-hitler-salute-private-weapon-stock-a9599461.html¬† Read More »

A quick look at Israeli Air Force participation in Operation Entebbe, one of the most daring hostage rescue missions in history | The Aviation Geek Club

In 1976, terrorists¬†hijacked an¬†air France¬†airbus airline demanding 52 prisoners to be freed in¬†exchange¬†for the¬†hostages. The¬†Israeli¬†Defense¬†Force was able to intervene and storm the¬†terrorist after the¬†plane¬†landed and was being held up by the terrorist freeing the hostages. The¬†mission¬†resulted in two IDF soldiers¬†getting killed¬†in the mission that would be known as Operation Entebbe.¬†¬† Source:¬†https://theaviationgeekclub.com/a-quick-look-at-israeli-air-force-participation-in-operation-entebbe-one-of-the-most-daring-hostage-rescue-missions-in-history/¬† Read More »

Royal Marines unveil new kit in biggest shake-up of fighting force since WW2 | Mirror UK

The Royal Marine new uniform is created in an effort to help expedite their effectiveness in combat. Their previous uniform does not compare as the new one is faster drying and a lighter weight while maintaining a higher tear strength and being more breathable. Major General Matt Holmes, Commandant General of the Royal Marines, mentioned that this new uniform will ... Read More »