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Special Operations Forces News

This Royal Navy Submarine Might Be the ‘Most Capable Ever Built’ | National Interest

The new Royal Navy submarine HMS Audacious is being described as the most capable ship ever built. The 320-feet long submarine is the fourth Astute-class sub completed and it will set sail this month to her homeport at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde. HMS Audacious was built for SUBFLOT to assist in protecting waters near the British Isles from the ... Read More »

Female solider graduates Special Forces Qualification Course | U.S. Army

On July 9th the first women walked the stage and graduated to become a Green Beret and officially receive her Special Forces tab. There have been women before who have completed the course but were never allowed to become a Green Beret due to their gender. Lt. Gen Fran Beaudette, the Commanding General for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, ... Read More »

Has SANDF moved troops into Mozambique following ISIS threat? | The South African

According to officials SANDF has to be careful about legally going about things while not compromising the top-secret nature of the operation. However, there is possible information on a deployment in Mozambique. It is not clear if the deployment is there to deal with ISIS specifically or other threats. Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/mozambique/is-sandf-in-mozambique-fight-isis-threat/ Read More »

Former Green Beret ‘disgusted’ when Kaepernick first protested, talks change of heart | Koin News

As protests have sparked across the nation in this year in the name of racial equality and against police brutality after a series of killings of black Americans by police officers. Back in 2016, NFL player Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem in order to protest racial inequality in the United States after being advised by former ... Read More »

Killer of 3 Special Forces Operators is unlikely to be extradited | SOFREP

Families are now calling for the killer to be placed in a U.S. prison to serve his sentence. In Jordan, the killer would only be serving 20 years despite getting a life sentence because that is normally how the justice system works there. Extradition is very unlikely to happen because Jordan never signed a treaty allowing for extraditions with the ... Read More »

Libya at ‘unprecedented levels’ | Aljazeera

Both sides of the war have been backed up by other countries. Now, the UN Is warning that Libya’s current situation is being operated by various different countries and is reaching unprecedented levels. Some of those fighting Libya’s war include the Russian Wagner group, The United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. Currently the recognized government is being backed by Turkey while ... Read More »

Two female airmen reclassify after attempting to complete Special Ops training | Military.com

Since all roles in the military were opened to everyone regardless of gender, very few women have been able to complete training and qualify for a SOF position. In March, it was reported that two women have completed the Special Warfare Prep Course, but the women are now being forced to reclassify after they were not selected to continue during ... Read More »

Army to pay $1.6 million to quiet noise complaints at Stuttgart area range | Stars & Stripes

Locals at the Stuttgart base in Germany have been complaining about hearing Special Operations members training all through the day and night. Complaints have been collected over the years about the noise of gunfire and now the military is having to pay to put up a noise barrier. They will put 1.6 million dollars towards a wall that will help ... Read More »

New facility to treat TBI, PTSD opens at Eglin Air Force Base | Air Force Times

The Intrepid Spirit Center is opening its doors to help active duty servicemembers with PTSD and TBI. This will be the 8th Intrepid Spirit Center to open and the new one is located at the Elign Air Force Base in Florida.  It is serving as a multi-care facility with the ability to care for around 200 servicemembers seeking outpatient care. ... Read More »