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Special Operations Forces News

Young soldiers are no strawberry generation says the Chief Commando Officer | The Straits Times

Singapore Armed Forces with US Infantry Marine

The Commander of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Special Operations Task Force has commented on his belief that when it comes to training, the younger generation has it harder. Some dismiss them as a “strawberry generation” but Colonel Kenny Tay has observed that they have to wear heavier body armor, train with more powerful weapons, and walk and ruck for longer ... Read More »

Watch Royal Marines hone future role leading United States Marine Corps into battles | Plymouth 

Picture from the Green Dagger training exercise

A mini-documentary has been released displaying the Royal Marines, Army Commandos, and the U.S. Marines in action during Exercise Green Dagger. With the slogan “this is modern warfare” the video displays a spearheaded raid on a simulated desert city. During the exercise, the Royal Marines cleared the way for more troops to come in and finish the attack. A Green ... Read More »

Meet the man who climbed Everest, partied for a week, then climbed it again | The Sportsman

Picture of Mt. Everest at sunset.

The previous record for climbing the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world stood at seven years, eleven months and two weeks, until Nirmal Purja decided to smash the record by six years. A former Special Forces officer in Nepal, Purja completed the 14 climbs in just 189 days. To top it off, he would party for up to a week ... Read More »

A brief look at the NATO summit declaration | Chicago Tribune

A recent NATO meeting saw countries downplaying their differences and reassuring each other of their support. Article 5 was quickly mentioned, saying how the trans-Atlantic treaty was the cornerstone of the alliance. Leaders also pledged to provide more financial support for their militaries, noting how Canada and European countries had been doing this well for the past five years. A ... Read More »

No home for the holidays: 30 military families still displaced by poor housing conditions at Fort Belvoir | Fairfax County Times

Picture of Fort Belvoir headquarters sign.

Mold and rat infestations led to poisoning and other hazardous issues that have made 30 families homeless for the holidays at Fort Belvoir. They are forced to wait for the private military housing contractors to remove the problems. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Sen. Tim Kaine have recently met with two of the families and held a hearing to discuss ... Read More »

SAS on hunt for missiles after US terror drones shot down in Libya | Express

Picture of a military helicopter in the sky with an orange sunset. Picture for decorative purposes only.

UAVs are being utilized in Libya to contain and fight Islamic State troops. The SAS and Italian Special Forces has been called in to search for missiles that shot down two U.S. drones in Libya. U.S. made Hawk surface-to-air missiles are said to have been used by the rebel forces, led by General Khalifa Haftar. An arms embargo continues to ... Read More »

IAF, Special Ops complete joint ‘Game of Thrones’ drill in Cyprus | Jerusalem Post 

Operation Game of Thrones was recently completed in Cyprus by special operations forces and the IAF. Simulated guerrilla warfare tactics were accomplished using drones and helicopters in an unfamiliar area with difficult terrain. Training activities while fighting simulated enemy forces included single-night raids, combat in complex terrain, ground force aerial targeting assistance, and refueling of helicopters. The week long operation ... Read More »

Security threat closes Fort Bragg main gate | Fayetteville Observer

Fort Bragg, Home of The Airborne and Special Operations Forces, main gate.

Fort Bragg, Home of The Airborne and Special Operations Forces, closed Tuesday evening after a driver attempted to enter the installation without proper identification. The unidentified person was driving a Dodge Ram 1500 and crashed through a security arm, setting off additional security devices. The driver quickly left the installation soon after, but to increase security measures, the gate remained ... Read More »

US Official: Iran protest deaths may have topped 1,000 | VOA news

Picture of one of the Iran protests from November.

The body count in Iran continues to rise after protests over a sudden extreme gas price increase has reached three weeks. A U.S. official announced that there are over 1,000 suspected with deaths, with thousands wounded and another 7,000 arrested. Video footage shows forces pursuing a group of protestors before opening fire and killing at least 100 citizens. The clerical ... Read More »

Pentagon chief plans to shift US focus to China and Russia | AP News

Picture of the U.S. Pentagon

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has announced he still wants to shift the focus of our military to China and Russia. This comes in spite of the recent concerns that led over 14,000 troops to be sent to the Persian Gulf. Syria has also become a region requiring more concern after Turkish forces have moved into northern Syria after U.S. troops ... Read More »