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Special Operations Forces News

First female commander of 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field says ‘there are no barriers’ | FHN News

Col. Jocelyn Schermerhorn is now leading the operation wing and has a message for women everywhere. On Wednesday, she sat at a roundtable to speak with the press and expressed that she hopes that her accomplishment can show women in the Air Force that there are no barriers. She has been an Air Force officer for 25 years and is ... Read More »

Top Air Force enlisted medic retiring after three decades, praises Airmen | DVIDS

For the last 30 years Chief Master Sgt. G “Steve” Cum has been an example to many by demonstrating leadership, bravery, and healing. It started in the Fall of 2001 when he was deployed in Afghanistan and came in contact with his first combat casualty. That was the moment he realized his purpose in the Air Force and truly learned ... Read More »

Two command teams relieved of duty following report on Hurlburt airman death | Pensacola News Journal

The investigation found that Condiff likely died before his body hit the water after he sustained injuries from hitting the back of the plane and his parachute being ingested by the aircraft’s wind stream. The AIB report said that this was likely due to insufficient knowledge on requirements for a safe departure of the parachute. Condiff was declared dead Nov. ... Read More »

Marine Raider teammates earn Silver Star, Bronze Stars for heroism in Afghanistan | Stars & Stripes

A group of Marine Raiders, whose names are being withheld for security reasons, practiced the true meaning of what being an American hero looks like. One Marine aided a shot Afghan soldier during a 4-hour long gun battle. He is being awarded a Silver Star while his teammates who also showed valor earned Bronze Stars. They were awarded these at ... Read More »

Pilot killed in Tahoe crash aided in Sierra rescue last year | CBS Sacramento

The pilot was 53-year-old Christopher Joas. Joas was known for being part of a rescue team that helped aid and rescue a rock climber who was injured last year in Iraq. He was a surgeon at the Naval Air Station Fallon. The plane crashed on July 7th in California where he was pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger onboard ... Read More »

Special tactics Airmen integrate combat capabilities during exercise Commando Crucible | U.S. Air Force

Airmen have participated in what is called the “Commando Crucible’. This was executed June 18th through July 3rd. 253 participated in different missions preparing the airmen for global access, precision strike, personnel recovery, and foreign internal defense capabilities. Commando Crucible also leveraged around 40 aircrafts throughout the trainings. Source: https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2271555/special-tactics-airmen-integrate-combat-capabilities-during-exercise-commando-c/ Read More »

The Philippines to acquire eight Shaldag fast patrol boats | The Jerusalem Post

This is part of an effort under the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernizations Program. The boats are being brought in to implement more successful maritime patrol, drug trafficking prevention and interception, search and rescue, and anti-terrorism efforts. They will also help defend the key sea lines of communication. The boats were designed by Israeli shipyards and has been ... Read More »

US SOCEUR and Greek SOF Bilateral Training | U.S. Embassy Greece

The NSW completed training missions to help prepare readiness and maintain a capable force. They will partner with forces in the Black Sea and in the Balkans region. They departed into the Aegean Sea on July 6th to begin the bilateral training. Source: https://gr.usembassy.gov/us-soceur-and-greek-sof-bilateral-training/ Read More »

Army’s ‘Captain America’ dies by suicide after nearly a dozen combat tours | Fox News

Master Sergeant Andrew Christian Marckesano’s friends and family are now mourning the life of their real-life Captain America after he took his own life on July 6th. He had just landed his dream job working for the Pentagon. He had a hero’s heart while serving his country and completed six full tours in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne and the ... Read More »

Israel Air Force opens new Special Forces Wing | The Jerusalem Post

The new Special Forces Wing (7) was created to help in the fight against rising tension between Israel and its enemies. Despite COVID-19, Israel has still managed to keep its focus on fighting external enemies. The Special Forces Wing (71) will also help the IDF behind enemy lines, during times of emergency to carry out aerial missions and during routine ... Read More »