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Special Operations Forces News

Counter-Terrorism: Tracking Baghdadi | Strategy Page

Confirming Baghdadi’s location was the vital piece of information that allowed the raid to take place in October. ISIS and Baghdadi had made numerous enemies with other terrorist groups and people, making the process to locating him easier. Russia and Syria had been slowly taking back territory held by the HTS terrorist group throughout the year, causing more ‘trustworthy’ terrorists ... Read More »

Special Forces of the Colombia Navy train command of the Dominican Republic Navy | Maritime Herald

Colombia and the Dominican Republic conducted a training exercise at the Las Calderas Naval Base throughout the month of August 2019. With special forces from the Colombian Navy training their counterparts, the goal was to increase the capability of the Dominican Republic’s command to combat threats. Chief of command of the Dominican Republic Navy, Corvette Captain Francisco del Rosario SĂĄnchez, ... Read More »

Oamaru SAS hero who led daring hostage rescue dies | Otago Daily Times

In 1980 Tom MacDonald led a team of snipers to rescue hostages trapped in the Iranian Embassy. He served in the parachute regiment and SAS for over 30 years before retiring and moving to Oamaru where he passed away at the age of 71. MacDonald recalls the assault on the embassy in Iran when 26 people were taken hostage, and ... Read More »

Canadian military wants spy ‘role players’ to help train special forces surveillance, counter-surveillance | National Post

The Department of National Defence has sent out notice that they are looking for role players to act out as spies. These actors will be working in scenarios to help train special forces, both acting as a target and attempting to extract information from the soldiers. While looking much different than what most people consider a normal training exercise, these ... Read More »

In 1968, North Korea commandos launched a raid into South Korea | National Interest

In January of 1968, 31 troops from North Korea slipped over the border into South Korea in the cover of the night. Dressed as soldiers from South Korea, their mission was to “cut off [South Korean president] Park Chung-hee’s head and, after that, to shoot his important lieutenants to death.” Soon after breaking through the fence, the militants came into ... Read More »

[Updated] Somali terrorist group attacks Manda Bay Airfield, Kenya, destroying U.S. shadowy surveillance aircraft | The Aviationist

Known as “Camp Simba,” Manda Bay Airfield in Kenya was attacked by the Somali terrorist group organization al-Shabaab on Sunday, January 5. The militants claimed to have destroyed 7 aircraft and 3 army vehicles. Initially stating that the attack was repelled, the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), later confirmed that there was an attack on the ... Read More »

Special Operations: New Generation Gunship | Strategy Page

The newly improved AC-130J gunship got to see combat in Afghanistan and spent 1,380 hours in the air within the first 130 days. Known as Ghostrider, the aircraft has become especially popular with SOCOM and other special operations troops. SOCOM is largely in charge of major decisions regarding the weapons systems and electronics used on the aircraft. Compared to the ... Read More »

91-year-old Royal Marines veteran completes final Dartmoor Challenge | Forces Network

Retired Royal Marine, Colour Sergeant Peter ‘Knocker’ White has completed his final Dartmoor Commando Yomp. He has taken part in the challenge for the last 40 years. He has seen over 7,000 coveted Green Berets presented to Royal Marines recruits and young officers. The challenge is a 30-miler test that requires Royal Marines to carry 40 lbs of equipment and ... Read More »

US-trained Somalia’s Danab forces kill dozens of Al-Shabaad militants | Garowe Online

The Danab, Somalia’s Special Forces, has launched their first major attack against Al-Shabaad militants. Ismail Abdi Malik has commented upon the success of the attacks involving reclaiming numerous villages and dwindling the terrorists’ numbers. Danab forces have been trained by the United States and often get sent out on missions all across the country. Analysts have said that despite some ... Read More »

Rescue Mission SAS move into Iraq on standby to evacuate Brits as tensions continue to rise following assassination of Qasem Soleimani | The Sun

In the wake of the assassination of Iran General Qasem Soleimani, SAS troops are being sent to the Middle East to assist and evacuate Brits if tensions continue to rise. 50 SAS members will be deploying, in addition to the Special Forces Support Group in Iraq and the Navy’s Special Boat Service. As part of Operation Shader, which is a ... Read More »