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Special Operations Forces News

Turkey sends special forces into northern Iraq | Aljazeera

On Wednesday special forces were deployed by Turkey against Kurdish rebels. The operation used artillery and air support. This would be the second operation launched against the Kurdistan Workers Party in recent days according to the news outlet Aljazeera. The attacks seemed to be justified by the Defense Ministry because of recent attacks on federal buildings like police stations and ... Read More »

The 75th Ranger Regiment Permanently Activates RMIB | Shadow Spear

The new battalion will help the regimental commander in decision making and give him more insight about situations by training specialized Rangers on full spectrum intelligence, surveillance, and various types of security including cyber and electronic warfare. The regiment is called the 75th Ranger Regiment and it was officially activated June 16th, 2020. Although, in October 2019 the battalion was ... Read More »

A weapon system ‘raises its hand’ if available under DARPA program | C4ISRNET

The system would offer soldiers and sailors the ability to choose options and see resources that would help them see ways to solve tactical problems. Cynthia Bedell, Director of the Computational and Information Sciences Directorate at the Army Research Labatory’s Combat Capabilities Development Command told C4ISRNET, “There’s so many amazing things that we could if we have the tools that ... Read More »

Guard kills trespassing suspect at military facility used by Navy SEALs on Kodiak Island | Navy Times

Jayson Vinberg died in a shooting late Saturday night after trying to sneak into a building used to train Navy SEALs on Kodiak Island. According to an Alaska State trooper Vinberg was spotted on the windows with a knife and was told to leave. Vinberg then walked towards the guardsman with a knife and was asked repeatedly to stop and ... Read More »

Canada: Armed Forces to leave for Ukraine as military looks to resume mission | Kitchener Today

During the pandemic around 60 servicemen have been running the Fort for the past few months. However, The Canadian Armed Forces are going to resume some of the missions and exercises. Another 90 members will be deployed according to the force spokesperson Captain Lean Campbell. The troops will go through health and safety measures such as a 14-day isolation. Before ... Read More »

Al-Shabaab releases 8th instalment of its propagandist film series | New Delhi Times

The film series is produced by the Al- Keriba media foundation. The episodes reflect attacks that have been made by Al-Shabaab against both the African Union mission in Somalia as well as the Somalian government. The most recent installment shows in attack on the El dash San base that ended up killing 20 Somali government soldiers and leaving 18 wounded. ... Read More »

Decorated commander of Turkey’s elite Maroon Berets, nominated for a senior UN post, brutally tortured | Nordic Monitor

Col. Murat Korkmaz, a highly decorated officer, was lured into a false flag coup and ended up surrendering after he realized it was fake. He was detained in July of 2016. He claimed to have suffered from abuse and torture at the detention center in Turkey. The report explains how the police allowed him to get attacked by an angry ... Read More »

Fayetteville area residents weigh in on whether to change name of Fort Bragg | Fayetteville Observer

In Fayetteville NC where Fort Bragg is located, locals seemed to have mixed opinions on changing the name of the base. Some people see renaming the base as erasing history. The man behind the name was known as someone who was disliked. Others argue that renaming the base after another soldier would do a disservice to those who already served ... Read More »

Head of private security company: Anarchists, neo-Nazis used ‘sophisticated’ tactics to escalate unrest in Twin Cities | KSTP News

The tragic murder of George Floyd brought many out of their homes and onto the streets to get their voices heard about racial injustices and police brutality. According to Michael Rozin, President of Rozin Security, some of those consisted of anarchist and extremist groups. Many watched as looting, vandalization, and arson took place and he believed that some of these ... Read More »

Department of Defense awards Hamilton Lugar School’s Language Training Center $1.26 million | Indiana Daily Student

The US Department of Defense gave Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies 1.26 million dollars in hopes of advancing its language training center program. This school helps train soldiers in new areas of language. The money will be used to hire new instructors with diverse language backgrounds including French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Source: https://www.idsnews.com/article/2020/06/department-of-defense-awards-hamilton-lugar-schools-language-training-center-1-26-million Read More »