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Special Operations Forces News

Senate passes bill to honor World War II Army Rangers | Union Leader

Sens. Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen sponsored the bill to award the Army Rangers of World War II that has passed in the Senate. The service members who served will now be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest honor that Congress can bestow. “The Army Rangers of World War II valiantly put their lives ... Read More »

Pentagon to decide if it still needs Green Beret Crisis Response Forces | Military.com

A source from inside U.S. Special Operations Command has reported that the story told by news source SOFREP about the disbanding of the Green Beret Crisis Response Force is not entirely accurate. The source stated that while the CRF is not being used to their full capacity, they will not be disbanded, only considered for more flexible roles. Defense Secretary ... Read More »

Special military operations exchange on among Bangladesh, UK, US | Dhaka Tribune

Operation Monogram is coming to a close after almost a month of training completed between the U.S., U.K., and Bangladesh. This was the first exercise to take place between the three countries with SOF members from each, as well as elements from the Bangladesh Navy. The exercise aimed at increasing collaboration between the countries in response to threats, terrorism, and ... Read More »

Long-lost bunker belonging to ‘Churchill’s secret army’ discovered in Scottish forest | Live Science

Forestry workers in Southern Scotland discovered a door in the ground while felling trees. The door led to a secret WWII-era bunker created for the secretive and elite British Auxiliary Units. The Auxiliary Units, also known as Churchill’s secret army, was created to defend against Nazi attacks using guerilla warfare. Hundreds of tiny bunkers were scattered across the countryside, designed ... Read More »

Plans to move tankers, special operations wing from Mildenhall to Germany are put on hold | Stars & Stripes

Refueling tankers and the special operations wing from RAF Mildenhall in England were supposed to be moved to Germany. RAF Mildenhall was approved for closure in 2015 by the Pentagon but has now been put on hold. A reassessment is now in process by U.S. European Command to determine if closing the base is in the best interest of the ... Read More »

Two local veterans inducted into Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame | Crestview News Bulletin

Two local veterans, former Army medical officer Dr. Eddie Zant and the late Air Force Col. Michael Flynt have been inducted into the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame. Retired Air Force Col. Michael Flynt who passed away in 2017 was inducted due to his service and for helping found the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance. The nonprofit works to ensure clean waterways ... Read More »

Egypt, UAE establish Libya naval commando squad to fight Turkey | MEMO

A naval commandos unit made up of Libyan fighters is going up against Turkish support of the Government of National Accord in Tripoli. The forces have gone to Egypt to training and are working to block water routes used by Turkey. The UAE has also been providing aid to Egypt and will have their forces train there before going under ... Read More »

MARSOC identifies marines killed in combat in Iraq | DVIDS

Picture of the American flag

The Marine Forces Special Operations Command has released the names of the two Marines from the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion who were killed in action in Iraq. Both age 34, Gunnery Sgt. Diego D. Pongo was a critical skills operator and Capt. Moises A. Navas a special operations officer. They were accompanying Iraqi Security Forces during a mission against an ... Read More »

Winter exercise underway in northern Finland with soldiers from seven nations | Barents Observer

740 troops from numerous European nations including Sweden, Poland, and the UK are currently training inside the Arctic Circle. This year the U.S. and France only sent observers and is not actively participating in the training. Exercise Northern Griffin 2020 is run by the Finnish Defense Forces’ Utti Jaeger Regiment with the intent to create stronger partnerships under extreme weather ... Read More »

Advisory board created for elite Scout Rangers’ transformation and reform programs | Manila Bulletin

Brig. Gen. William Gonzales, commander of the First Scout Ranger Regiment, has initiated the creation of the FSRR’s Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board. This board is designed to investigate and deal with the harsh conditions the Scout Rangers and their families are forces to live in. Gonzales cited years of seeing his soldiers having to live in unsafe conditions as the reason ... Read More »