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Special Operations Forces News

VA Secretary says he can’t help toxic exposure veterans without Congressional action | Connecting Vets Radio

Currently, Secretary Robert Wilkie is pushing for new legislation that would help ensure that those involved in more recent conflicts in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan do not have to go through the same thing. According to Wilkie, veterans that were exposed to toxicants after 9/11 are not getting the proper support. However, congress not having passed certain legislation ... Read More »

Retired Army Master Sergeant gets heroism medal for stopping shooter on Kansas bridge | Military.com

An active shooter on a bridge was quickly stopped after retired Master Sgt. David Royer ran the shooter over with his car. This week he was awarded for his heroism in the intense situation. He was given the Soldiers Medal, which is the highest award given for non-combat heroism. Royer was given the award on Thursday at Fort Leavenworth Kansas. ... Read More »

Afghan forces destroy 20 underground tunnels of Taliban in Helmand | The Khaama Press

The Afghan forces dismantled and destroyed recently discovered Taliban built tunnels. The tunnels were believed to be used in an operation to launch attacks in Sarband and Deh Adam Khan areas. Twelve explosive devices were found and dissolved by Afghan Special Forces. Four militants were injured during the operation and the Taliban has not yet commented on this information. Source: ... Read More »

Professor examines ethics of biomedical research on soldiers | UML University

Asst. Prof. Nicholas Evan has received a $209,749 grant from an independent bioethics institute, The Greenwall Foundation, to research ethics of biomedical enhancement on soldiers. His research titled, “The Ethics of Warfighter Enhancement Research”, will try to dissect the ethical framework being deliberated by the Department of Defense over implications of a possible imprint of a brain chip or use ... Read More »

How the Green Berets got their name | Army Times

The honor of being a Green Beret was not recognized until John F. Kennedy acknowledged their distinction in the U.S. Special Forces in 1962. The idea came from Special Forces’ founder Col. Aaron Bank where they were called “the unit with the greatest combat potential in the armed forces” in the 10th Special Forces yearbook from the time in the ... Read More »

Outgunned: Is US losing the sniper war? | Asia Times

China and Russia are swiftly adapting to train skilled snipers and upgrade their equipment while the Pentagon finds itself outmatch and far behind as reported by Jared Keller of Task & Purpose. The first challenge is a matter of advances in equipment since the Russian military has developed several rifles including the Chukavin sniper rifle and Orsis T-5000 Tochnost rifle. ... Read More »

Military parachutes: Observations on Army and Marine Corps acquisition programs | U.S. Government Accountability Office

The Army and Marine Corps are looking to spend around $150 million to replace their freefall parachutes as new options come into play. These parachutes are largely used by special operations and reconnaissance troops and usually have a service life of up to 15 years. Both are on track with implementing these new changes, with the Marine Corps having 2025 ... Read More »

US Marine task force participates in Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School | DVIDS

Marines and a Sailor from the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force – Southern Command are participating in Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School located in Mississippi. A total of thirteen participants are exchanging knowledge and sharpening their skills regarding naval terminology, riverine tactics, and immediate action drills. “We will carry the skills we’ve gained and lessons learned ... Read More »

From Berlin to Vietnam, a Green Beret on combat and espionage during the Cold War | Connecting Vets Radio

The ability for foreigners to blend in was a skill that an American just could not possess. Bob Charet joined the Det A as a Green Beret and served the United States. He described his missions that he did in Det A as being a “Poor man’s James Bond”. His first deployment happened to be in Vietnam where he watched ... Read More »

U.S. Army releases a video of Green Berets training alongside Taiwanese forces in Taiwan | War History Online

Taipei has been trying to set boundaries between the Chinese government and themselves, which has caused numerous threats coming from China. The United States has previously shown support by sending them aircrafts, warships, and conducting arm sales. Recently a video has gone public of U.S. Special Forces anad Taiwan’s Navy SEAL comparable, the 101st Sea Dragon Frogmen, participating in a ... Read More »