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Special Operations Forces News

Elite commandos to face new obstacles at UAE Swat Challenge 2020 | The National

A five-day special operations competition in Dubai will see hundreds of police commandos from around the world compete in the UAE Swat Challenge. Boasting a grand prize of $170,000 and daily winnings of $10,000, the obstacle course consists of tactical, assault and rescue skill testing elements. The US and UAE police departments will be making up the jury this year ... Read More »

China has been watching America and now has Special Forces of its own | National Interest

Despite tension with China regularly being found in the news, their special forces never seem to come up even though the U.S. and Europe have well-known elite fighting units. Efforts to create a top unit in China have begun to produce results after an exercise focused on assessing special forces, Ingenious Special Operations Soldier-2018, took place. Their first special forces ... Read More »

Ranger combat medics won’t leave a fallen comrade behind | Connecting Vets

A special operations Ranger raid force conducted a helicopter insertion on a dark night in Wardak province in Afghanistan last summer. The task was routine, however, on that night it included cutting edge, lifesaving medical procedures that were never done in combat. The assault force received accurate Ak-47 machine gun and other small arms fire from the enemy. Returning fire ... Read More »

Inside the gates: 2,000 rescue missions and counting | KTVA

Operating in frigid temperatures that can drop more than 20 below zero Fahrenheit, the Air National Guard in Alaska is often completing rescue missions in dangerous environments. The Alaska Air National Guard’s 176th Wing completed their 2,000th rescue mission on January 4th when a PA-18 Super Cub pilot was in distress near Mount Susitna. After the pilot turned on his locator ... Read More »

York hockey team sees the benefits of ‘almost absurd’ Army Ranger training | Chicago Tribune

The York hockey team decided to forge deeper bonds among players by taking a taste of U.S. Army Rangers training. Dressed in military uniforms, sleeping in tents and participating in strenuous activities, the team spent a week together forging bonds that usually take months to build. Their coach, Marc Kapsalis, said “I think it’s just a life appreciation course. I ... Read More »

How the Navy SEALs wound up buying 450 counterfeit radio antennas | Quartz

Navy SEALS on top of a submarine with a helicopter above them. Picture for decorative purposes only.

In May of 2019, a scamming small business in California used fake radio antennas to fill a Department of Defense order. In April 2019, the Naval Special Warfare Command was looking for bids to purchase 450 VHF/UHF antennas for use by Navy SEALs. A company based out of New York that normally supplied the product no longer qualified as a ... Read More »

Grassroots Kadena exercise tests base defenses, expeditionary capabilities | Air Force Mag

More than 50 U.S. aircraft from three U.S. bases were used in a joint exercise where the largest USAF base would be under a simulated attack. Called the WestPac Rumrunner, the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, and airmen and aircraft from Kadena were all involved in the exercise. The mission focused on a defensive counter-air scenario but included water rescue ... Read More »

Indian Army conducts biggest airborne exercise ‘Winged Raider’ with over 500 Special Forces troops | Defence Aviation Post

Comprising of more than 500 special forces troops in the North-Eastern theatre, the Indian Army conducted its largest airborne exercise. Called ‘Winged Raider,’ the exercise was conducted on January 10th and had the soldiers parachuting from C-130 Hercules and C-17 globemaster transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force. Intensive preparations preceded the exercise, as well as “seamless” integration between the ... Read More »

Pole-vaulting Over Every Shot – There are Better Ways to Investigate Our Own | COL Steven “Randy” Watt, USA (Ret.), LTC John Taylor, USA (Ret.), & Lt Col. David G. Bolgiano, USAF (Ret.)

Recently, the Secretary of the Navy ordered a comprehensive review of the Navy and Marine Corps Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC). The Army and Air Force JAGC should also be included in such reviews as the issue of virtue – moral courage, competency, self-control and fairness – should be the hallmark of those entrusted with enforcing discipline in the force. ... Read More »

Jaish terrorist plotting assassination of 5 Kashmiris killed in encounter | The Print

Adil Gulzar with the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist group was killed by security forces in South Kashmir’s Budgam district. Gulzar had begun to be tracked after intelligence discovered that he had planned the assassination of five Kashmiris, two security guards, a journalist, a professor and a BJP spokesperson. The raid was conducted in Brahmpora village during a cordon and search operation (CASO). ... Read More »