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Special Operations Forces News

The Army is offering select Green Berets up to $100,000 to stay in the service | Task and Purpose

Six-figures is the price the U.S. Army is willing to pay in order for Special Forces Warrant Officers to stay in. Special Forces Warrant Officers can receive lump sum accession bonuses of $20,000 for six years of service. For another five years of service, there’s a lump sum retention bonus of $100,000. These bonuses are targeted towards senior non-commissioned officers ... Read More »

Trump Admin to send border patrol Special Ops on raids in sanctuary cities | National Review

Officers from special operations unit of the Border Patrol are being sent by the Trump administration to assist in raids by Immigration Customs and Enforcement in “so-called” sanctuary cities. Cities whose local governments forbid law enforcement from working with federal immigration officials include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Officers from BORTAC will be deployed there “in order ... Read More »

Turkey sending special forces, rocket batteries to Idlib border: report | i24 News

As fighting persists in Syria’s Idlib, Turkey increases their presence there by deploying their Special Forces and dispatching rocket launcher batteries to the country’s border. Last Wednesday, the Turkish military said that it “neutralized” 55 Syrian regime troops in the area. Also on Wednesday, Turkey’s President Erdogan said that they were “stepping up” its support for the local armed groups ... Read More »

MARSOC to consolidate all Marine Special Operations at Camp Lejeune by 2022 | DVIDS

The Marine Forces Special Operations Command has announced a plan to move 900 Marines, Sailors, and civilian employees to Camp Lejeune by the end of 2022. “MARSOC has been pursuing numerous lines of effort to increase performance, efficiencies, and capabilities in support of the 2018 National Defense Strategy’s imperatives to build a more lethal force and reform the department for greater ... Read More »

Charleston Chapter of Special Forces Association Inaugural Newsletter | Special Forces Association CH. 63

This is the first Special Forces Association Ch. 63 newsletter. As a monthly newsletter, it will give updates from officers and committees, and details on events and meetings. In February’s newsletter, you will find important information on upcoming events, as well as information on how to get your SFA Green Blazer and items, such as patches, flashes, decals, and more. ... Read More »

Raids net eight ISIS members in Syria as U.S. partners ramp up operations | Stars and Stripes

Backed by U.S. forces, Syrian troops captured eight ISIS fighters and confiscated weapons, equipment, and documents during a large-scale raid. The Syrian Democratic Forces have been working with U.S. Special Operations troops to snuff out a possible Islamic State resurgence in the provinces of Deir al-Zour and Hassakeh. Air Force Maj. Gen. Eric Hill has commented that the SDF have ... Read More »

After decades focused on terrorism, special operations is broadening its horizons | Military Times

With competitors such as China and Russia on the rise, Special Operations will shift their focus from the Middle East to combat new threats. The Global SOF Foundation has stated in a report that the SOF community will need to play a larger role worldwide in the near future, as well as partner with more allies. Retired Brig. Gen. Don ... Read More »

Liberals pull plug on decade-old plan to move elite Joint Task Force 2 unit out of Ottawa | National Post

Member of the Joint Task Force 2 and their families no longer have to speculate if or when they will be uprooted and sent to a new base. After more than a decade the federal Liberal government has decided to cancel their plans to relocate the unit from Ottawa to an area near the Canadian Forces Base Trenton. Defence Minister ... Read More »

Special ops pilot, astronaut receive 2019 Jabara Award | U.S. Air Force Academy

Several thousand cadets were able to witness Col. Nick Hague and Maj. Caitlin Reilly receive the 2019 Colonel James Jabara Award. Hague graduated from the Academy in 1998 and is now an astronaut, and Reilly graduated in 2007 to become a special operations pilot. The Jabara Award was established in 1967 by the Jabara family, the Association of Graduates, and ... Read More »

Trump pays tribute to 2 soldiers killed in Afghanistan attack | Military Times

Sgt. Javier Jaguar Gutierrez and Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez have been identified by the Defense Department as the U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan earlier this week. President Trump and Vice President Pence met with the families of the soldiers before the soldiers’ remains were brought into Dover Air Force Base. National security adviser Robert O’Brien stated that Trump ended a ... Read More »