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Special Operations Forces News

Pentagon’s special ops directorate selects EnforceAir C-UAS platforms | Jane‚Äôs

The US Department of Defense’s special operations and low intensity conflict directorate has selected the sole provider for UAV radio capabilities. Israel-based D-Fend Solutions was selected in January for operational-assessment to work with units for tactical counter unmanned aerial systems missions. The company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Zohar Halachmi commented that the win puts the company in a good ... Read More »

Zuma, Dlomo turned SSA special ops into ‚Äėparallel‚Äô intelligence, security unit | Times Live

An SSA member testified at the state capture earlier this week to the actions of former President Jacob Zuma and Mr. Thulani Dlomo. Going by ‚ÄėMr. Y,‚Äô the SSA member claimed Dlomo turned the SSA into a personal protection unit for the former president and his allies. During this time over 200 recruits were pulled from KwaZulu-Natal before receiving intelligence ... Read More »

New joint special forces training centre in Europe | Overt Defense

Poland‚Äôs Ministry of Defence has announced the plans to build a new joint special forces training center for all of their special forces’ branches. The center will be located in Lubliniec, Poland, and U.S. instructors have offered to help design the complex. Up until the announcement members only had training opportunities within their unit, and each group had a different ... Read More »

India, UK begin Ajeya Warrior joint counter-terror Army exercises | Economic Times

Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 began last week for British and Indian armed forces. A joint counter-terror exercise, the two countries are aiming to learn from each other‚Äôs personal experience and increase collaboration. ‚ÄúExercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 can be termed as the shining example of long-standing strategic ties between India and United Kingdom,‚ÄĚ commented India‚Äôs defense ministry. Drills and operations will ... Read More »

Iran-backed group launches attack near small garrison in Syria housing American special operators | Military Times

Maghaweir al-Thowra tweeted on Sunday that an Iranian-backed group launched an airstrike into a neutral zone. The anti-ISIS group claims they held off the attack and called the attacking group “rogue Iranian proxy.” There are also reports that Russian warplanes were conducting airstrikes on the rogue group just outside the deconfliction zone. Officials have not commented on the presence of ... Read More »

Russian secret service played ‚Äėcentral role‚Äô in Berlin murder, say media reports | Yahoo Finance

In August, a Georgian exile was shot while at a park in Berlin. Numerous media sources have now reported that Russia‚Äôs Federal Security Service was involved in the murder. The suspected assassin, Vadim Krasikov, was a previous Chechen rebel commander and had been in contact with former members associated with the FSB spetsnaz (special) forces months before the murder took ... Read More »

Remembering the Silent and Unseen: commemorations mark 79th anniversary of first operation by fearless wartime fighters | The First News

Poland‚Äôs elite special forces unit is celebrating the 79th anniversary of their first combat jump. The Cichociemni jumped into Nazi-occupied Poland on February 15-16 in 1941 to defend their homeland. They trained in Britain before 316 soldiers jumped into the country throughout 1941 and 1944, including one female, ElŇľbieta Zawacka “Zo.” The last surviving Cichociemni, Major Aleksander Tarnawski, was unable ... Read More »

Afghan forces facing an increase in insider killings | Army Times

On February 8th, the 7th Special Forces Group was waiting for a helicopter in the Sherzad district of the Nangarhar province. While they waited, an individual wearing the Afghan Army uniform opened fire on the U.S. and Afghan troops with a M-249 light machine gun. One ANA soldier was killed alongside Sgt. 1st Class Antonio R. Rodriguez and Sgt. 1st ... Read More »

Marines seek training agreement with Destin | NWF Daily News

Marine Forces Special Operations Command has proposed military training to take place in Destin over the next five years. The operations would include raids, surveillance, and helicopter operations. The training would be based at Eglin Air Force Base, but low-visibility training would be incorporated into the surrounding areas. Staff Sgt. Rob Safford of the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion commented that ... Read More »

America’s elite special operators want a huge mock enemy bunker complex to train in | The Drive

U.S. Special Operations Command has asked for $14.4 million to build “complex, hardened facility targets” to be used in training for JSOC. This would consist of a massive complex of underground bunkers, tunnels, and heavily fortified sites. Numerous countries outside of the Middle East use these types of fortifications to house weapons of mass destruction and to protect a command ... Read More »