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Special Operations Forces News

Taiwan special forces train to counter Chinese incursions | Taiwan News

There have been attacks made by the Chinese in the past two weeks calling for the Taiwan Special Forces to intact drills. On Friday they played out a drill if the Chinese attacked an airbase. The fictional situation was played out by the Chinese trying to interfere with traffic on an Air Port Base, where the special forces were able ... Read More »

Video: Green Beret Foundation celebrates 68th Army Special Forces anniversary | American Military News

The Green Berets play a crucial role by practicing unconventional warfare, direct action missions, and conducts special surveillance. They live by the motto “Deo Opresso Liber” which translates to liberate from oppression. They first were created on June 19th, 1952 under Col. Aaron Bank who had plans to capture or assassinate fascist leader Adolf Hitler. Source: https://americanmilitarynews.com/2020/06/video-green-beret-foundation-celebrates-68th-army-special-forces-anniversary/ Read More »

Wagner and others. Mercenaries of totalitarian regime | Ukrinform

The narrative of Kremlins private military companies was talked about in relation to how destructive they have become. One example was the so-called Wagner private military company. Vadym Skibitsky, the main director of intelligence of Ukraine, said that using private militaries in the modern world shows the need for regulation internationally. Source: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-defense/3048989-wagner-and-others-mercenaries-of-totalitarian-regime.html Read More »

Nato introduces new curriculum to improve counter-terrorism strategies | Army Technologies

The new curriculum is known as the counter terrorism reference curriculum. It is provided by NATO. It will help advance already existing courses and will work as a foundation for responses to terrorism. The minds behind the new curriculum is provided by more than 100 countries experts. They looked into terrorism trends and the Secretary General Dr. Antoni Missiroli mentioned ... Read More »

USSOCOM leaders talk current, upcoming biotech R&D initiatives | Executive Gov

In order to advance the technologies and education of combat medics the US Special Operations Command is working with the defense health agency as well as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. This information was released by the National Defense magazine. The command is looking at freeze dried plasma to help repetitive low impact blast to exposed soldiers. The army ... Read More »

Senators call on Trump to crack down on Russian private military contractor | Washington Examiner

Headlines emerged after the 2016 election about how the Russians might have influenced it. Currently many Senators are pushing President Donald Trump to investigate the Wagner Group. This group is from Russia and might be Putin’s biggest deniable tool. The Wagner group is a private military contractor with ties to Russia. However, Russian officials have denied connections to the group. ... Read More »

Exclusive: Woman makes history by becoming the first to graduate Special Forces training | SOFREP

Not because of social distancing measures, or masks but because in the crowd of grads, there will be one woman. She has been unnamed for security reasons. However, she has made history as being the first women to pass the Special Operation pipeline. All jobs in the military have been open to women after Barack Obama made it legal in ... Read More »

17 militants killed in Afghanistan | XINHUA NET

According to a report released Friday morning, 17 militants were killed in two different events in the country. The militants were connected to the Taliban. One event occurred in the eastern Paktika province, after an accurate intelligence tip came in and the Afghan National Army conducted a deadly airstrike. The event ended up killing 4 Afghan militants. The Afghan National ... Read More »

IDF hosts virtual conference with militaries to discuss pandemic insights | Israel Hayom

Militaries from all over the globe came together to discuss what the future of defense might look like amid COVID-10. It consisted of people from 19 countries and 45 locations. The meeting was a first of its kind and was held virtually. The meeting was hosted by the Israeli Defense Force. The goal of the meeting was for people to ... Read More »

Living between the scans: Medal of Honor recipient’s legacy of giving | U.S. Army

Shurer has passed away after battling lung cancer after being diagnosed in 2017. He knew in order to fight this battle he had to face it the same way he would on the battlefield, with bravery, honor, and a love for others. According to his wife Miranda, he used his time between treatments to honor those that are still serving ... Read More »