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Special Operations Forces News

SOCOM is eyeing a new armored tactical vehicle | Task & Purpose

A request for information has been sent out by SOCOM for the new Joint Armored Ground Mobility System program. The purpose of JAGMS is to discover a new armored tactical vehicle for utilization by ground troops. Requirements encompassed in the RFI include the ability to accommodate 9 to 11 passengers, be easily transportable by a C-130, and meet the command’s ... Read More »

Air Force elite training site to be renamed for Afghanistan Medal of Honor recipient | Stars and Stripes

Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland‚Äôs Medina Training Annex is where airmen begin special tactics training. It has been announced that the base will be renamed as Chapman Training Annex in honor of Master Sgt. John A. Chapman. Chapman was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in March 2002 during the Battle of Takur Ghar in Afghanistan where he gave ... Read More »

‘Not Black Hawk Down anymore’: US and Somalia team up to fight terrorists | Washington Examiner

Somalia has been moving more towards normalizing their place with the rest of the world and has made numerous recent strides to do so. U.S. security forces are now working with Somalia to conduct antiterrorism training and improve security. The World Bank has also restored their relationship with Mogadishu for the first time in the past 30 years. Currently there ... Read More »

Retired four-star general Stanley McChrystal considers Coco Chanel one of the greatest Leaders | WWD

During the ‚ÄúAlchemy of Leadership‚ÄĚ conference at Carnegie Hall, one of the last people many viewers expected Stanley McChrystal to praise was a fashion designer. When discussing Ranger, SEAL, and Delta teams, McChrystal commented on how the members refuse to get along with others and consider themselves above everyone else. While these teams are often very effective, he believes they ... Read More »

New details of White Island recovery mission shed light on special forces team’s bravery | TVNZ

Four days after Whakaari/White Island¬†erupted, eight members of the Defense Force entered onto the island to search for bodies. Toxic gas and acid in the air required the Chief of the Defense Force, Air Marshal Kevin Short, to sign a waiver that allowed the recovery mission to take place. The soldiers and two medics involved wore protective suits and had ... Read More »

The AFSOC Air-Ground team in action: How Precision Strike turned the tide of battle against ‚ÄėISIS-K Pentagon’ | DVIDS

Maj. Jeffrey Wright has recounted a mission he and his team completed against the Islamic State ‚Äď Khorisan (ISIS-K) in Nangarhar, Afghanistan.¬†In April 2019, his AFSOC Air-Ground team engaged with a group of fighters who had created an installation on the side of a mountain. The enemy had set up fire positions to come from both the floor and ceiling, ... Read More »

British troops are sent to Senegal to provide counter-terrorism training | Daily Mail UK

Troops from 1 Scots Guards and the Royal Marines have been sent to Mali, Nigeria, and the surrounding areas to train more soldiers. Extremist groups such as the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda have continued to grow and create more subset groups that are becoming increasingly violent. Thousands of these fighters have also joined forces in order to occupy land and ... Read More »

Philippine, US elite forces hone counter-terrorism tactics | NST

A joint-training exercise was held in the Philippines amidst the announcement of the end of the Visiting Forces Agreement with the U.S. Over a month long, this training focused on counterterrorism skills and tactics. The U.S. Army Special Operations Forces and the Philippine‚Äôs 18th Special Forces Company were involved in the training. Joint training exercises such as this one aim ... Read More »

Russian Special Forces received new virtual reality simulators ‚Äď What does the training entail? | Communal News

The Russian Special Forces (VDV) have begun to use virtual reality in order to complete paratrooper training without actually jumping. Designed by Man & Technologies Lab, the simulation involves the use of a $1,430 helmet. The Odin helmet has 4K resolution, laser tracking system, and a 110-degree view. Soldiers in the simulation stand on a platform while wearing their gear ... Read More »

America’s newest Medal of Honor recipient is now a sergeant major | Military.com

Master Sgt. Matthew Williams in 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) has been promoted to the rank of sergeant major. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on October 30th for his actions in Afghanistan in 2008. Williams was originally awarded the Silver Star before a review by the Defense Department upgraded the award. “There is not a more deserving person ... Read More »