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Chilling similarity: Two veterans at same VA facility killed themselves while sitting on their military records | Washington Examiner

American flag with flowers

A total of 35 suicides have taken place on VA property in the past two years. At Bay Pines facility, two veterans both took their own lives while sitting on their military records. The most recent case took place at the beginning of October, where the Vietnam veteran identified as “Mark” shot himself in the cemetery. This is much like ... Read More »

Senior US counterterrorism official says ISIS has a ‘deep bench’ | WGN9

US Army Solders, 19th Special Forces, Utah National Guard

The U.S. national counterterrorism chief calculates that ISIS will select a new leader within the next two weeks. Russel Travers called the death of Baghdadi a substantial loss, but that the group has a deep bench. Travers also states that “the United States and the coalition overall has had tremendous success in eliminating leadership over the years of both al ... Read More »

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: US releases first images of raid on compound | BBC

aerial view of ISIS compound

Footage has been released showing troops attacking the complex where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was hiding, and later the explosion destroying the compound. Video shows troops firing at militants as they run towards the compound. An undetermined number of fighters were killed, along with four women wearing suicide vests. Baghdadi absconded into a tunnel along with two of his children where ... Read More »

Working like dogs: Canadian special forces quietly build up canine units | CTV News

Dog with soldiers

Attention has recently been brought to the use of canines in military operations after a dog, Conan, was injured in the blast that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In recent years, Canadian special forces have been developing their canine units without releasing much information. During Canada’s war effort against Afghanistan canines became a vital resource used, however these dogs were owned ... Read More »

Special Forces kill, detain 38 Taliban militants in Daykundi and Wardak provinces | Khaama

Afghan military tanks

The Afghan special forces recently organized raids that resulted in 33 militants’ deaths and five being detained. 30 of the militants were killed in Gizab district of Daykundi and a weapons supply was destroyed. In Sayed Abad district of Wardak, three more fighters were killed along with four others being apprehended. Another cache of firearms was found and demolished. Source: ... Read More »

Army general awards medals to Nigeriens who fought, died alongside US soldiers | Army Times

Soldier pinning medal to anther soldier

Four surviving Nigerian soldiers and four killed during an ambush near the village of Tongo Tongo have been recognized by the U.S. Special Operations Command as six medals were awarded. The honors include two Bronze Star Medals, three Army Achievement Medals, and one Army Commendation Medal. Four U.S. soldiers were killed along side the fallen Nigerian fighters. The absence of ... Read More »

Putin was ‘Conscientious and Disciplined’ Spy: KGB Documents | VOA News

Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin worked for the Russian secret service from the 1970s till 1990. He was posted in Dresden, and later East Germany while the Soviet power was failing. Declassified KGB documents displayed in Russia describe Putin as a “conscientious and disciplined” spy at the beginning of his career. The released document also depicts the future president as “constantly raising ... Read More »

US Military Strength Rated ‘Marginal’ as China, Russia on Move | Daily Signal

Marines with a helicopter

The 500-page report done by the Heritage Foundation ranking the overall U.S. military strength was released with a painful ‘marginal’ rating. This equates to a three out of five on the scale ranging from ‘very weak’ to ‘very strong’. The Army came through with a ‘very strong’ rating for readiness, but still had a complete score of marginal. The Marines ... Read More »

7-hour gunfight, 100-foot cliff and now this second Medal of Honor: Green Beret talks about Battle of Shok Valley | Army Times

Soldier pointing a gun

The Green Berets were sent to apprehend a target of the Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin insurgent group in conditions that involved jagged terrain and sheer, snow-capped cliffs. The helicopter they rode could not land which forced them to jump into fast-moving rivers or straight into rock. Afghan Commandos accompanied the Green Berets while carrying heavy weapons, but the team underestimated the ... Read More »

Special Forces kill, detain 13 Taliban militants in Daykundi and Paktiya | Khaama Press News Agency

Afghan military tanks

According to reports from officials, the Afghan Special Forces killed 8 Taliban militants and arrested 5 others during their operations. In the Gizab district of the Daykundi province, 7 were killed and one weapons cache was destroyed. Two separate raids in Sayyid Karam of the Pakitya province had another militant killed and 5 arrested, and 2 more weapons caches were ... Read More »